We’ll wrap up our Christmas Brunch by sharing a favorite song played often at our house.   Glorious, by Paul Baloche, is not necessarily considered to be a Christmas song, but I feel it is fitting nonetheless. While the phrase “my eyes have seen the glory of the Lord” is being sung, I always picture Simeon in the Temple seeing and blessing the baby Jesus. It also makes me think about what the shepherds might have been thinking when they saw him, or what Mary and Joseph may have been feeling about the night he was born.

His life was glorious. And because of Him, our future is glorious and filled with hope.

Our prayer for you this Christmas is that you experience the glory of the Lord in your families, in your home, and in all you do. We appreciate all of you and wish you a wonderful holiday.

(Be sure you take advantage of our gift to you this Christmas season.)


  1. Tiffani says

    Laura, can I just thank you for making our Christmas so very special this year. I’ve made many of your healthier treats this year. What a wonderful feeling knowing that I’m not sacrificing my family’s health while enjoying these treats. Thank you for your blog, your time you give to all of us to help us be better wives, mothers, sisters and friends.
    May God bless you during this Christmas season! You’ve given so much throughout the year. Thank you!!!


  2. Dacia says

    Thank you for your ministry, Laura! I sent my husband to look up some details of a recipe and he asked “Who’s site is this?” I said “It’s Laura’s!” and smiled – thank you for being a great friend! Will be wonderful to meet you in Heaven if not before! Praising God for the Season!


  3. Rachel says

    “I will meditate on the glorious splendor of Your majesty, and on Your wondrous works.” Ps. 145:5

    Thank you for sharing this song and all the help you have given through your blog. Merry Christmas.


  4. Cathy B. says

    Wow. What a wonderful, triumphant worship song! I think it would also be great at Easter. Thank you for sharing it, Laura. I have been blessed and encouraged and challenged by your blog. I know it must take significant time to share all you do, and I want you to know that it is appreciated. I have also enjoyed the marriage series you and your husband have shared with us this year. Thank you, thank you!


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