Get Your Kids Involved in the Kitchen {You Can Do This! Bonus Tip}


I am very excited that so many of you are taking part in our You Can Do This! The First Five Steps To a Real Food Kitchen eCourse!

As an added bonus – for those of you who are participating in the course and for those who aren’t – each Monday for the next few weeks, I plan to share a Bonus Tip to encourage you along in your Real Food Journey. Remember though, these are just bonus tips. If you take the eCourse, you’ll get loads more information, guidance, downloads, recipes, and worksheets – all for just $5! (Click here to purchase if you are interested.)

Today’s tip is to get your kids involved in the kitchen with you. This will help them learn how to cook, and learn how to make healthy choices.

Just by helping me in the kitchen, my kids have learned how to adapt a recipe to use healthier ingredients. Case in point…

Elias got a new cookbook in his stocking – and all of the recipes are for yummy desserts, his favorite!  Simply by looking through the recipes, he can  figure out how to make dishes and desserts using healthier ingredients. He’s only 11. 


This it not because I’ve spent countless hours drilling my kids on how to cook and how to adapt recipes. It’s because they learn simply by being in the kitchen with me, and because truly, adapting a recipe to make it healthier is not really very difficult! (Read more about how to do this here.)


Elias and Malachi (age 8) chose a Mint Chocolate Bar recipe and got to work, with very little help from me. They used sucanat in place of sugar, whole wheat flour in place of white flour, and real butter in place of vegetable oil. These are all one-to-one substitutions. See? not hard at all!

Their special treat turned out delicious. And I love knowing that I’m preparing my kids for a healthy future. (Because yes, they do know how to cook more than just desserts.)  :)

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  1. says

    Great tip, thanks! My son has little interest in cooking, unless it’s dessert or something else exciting :) I guess this is normal. Do you have any success getting your boys to make dinner type foods?


    Laura Reply:

    Yes, mainly because I just need their help putting meals together so they don’t really have a choice. ;) When they make dinner foods on their own, it is usually some sorty of “fun food” but I’m okay with that, because it’s still giving them good kitchen experience!


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