Get Two Pints of Coconut Oil from Tropical Traditions for $12.50


Now through Thursday, January 31 you can get two pints of Expeller Pressed Coconut Oil from Tropical Traditions for just $12.50!

Expeller Pressed Coconut Oil is flavorless – perfect for those who don’t prefer the taste of coconut.  I love using this oil when I’m frying foods, or in general, when I want the coconut oil nutrients without the coconut oil flavor.  (Virgin Coconut Oil is what I use when I do want the coconut flavor!)

Depending on where you live, the cost of shipping along with this sale price may make the purchase not such a good deal – but I wanted you all to be aware of it just the same.  This is a great quality coconut oil! 


Now this is a great deal!!!!!  Use the code:  28113 at checkout to receive free shipping on your purchase of $16 or more.  :)

First time customers who purchase through the links in this post will also receive Tropical Tradition’s Virgin Coconut Oil Book  for FREE!!


  1. Lynn T says

    How do we claim the oil book? I’ve gone through the process of ordering to the submit phase and I do not see the option.


    Laura Reply:

    My understanding is that the book will come automatically in your order. :)


  2. Rebecca B says

    Just wondering as I know you also order from azure. Is there a reason you like Tropical Traditions over the gallon from Azure? It seems it might be a better deal but just wondering.


    Laura Reply:

    You know, I guess I don’t much better reason than I’ve used Tropical Traditions for longer than Azure, and I absolutely love their quality and love supporting their business. :)


    Rebecca B Reply:

    No that is helpful. I was wondering if coconut oils are all made equal. I have always ordered from tropical traditions too.


    Laura Reply:

    I’m sure Azure’s oil is very high quality – I just never really looked into it. ;)

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