Get a Big Tub of Rice For Just 75¢! (Out of Stock)

**Update**  Fun while it lasted. Looks like we bought ’em out. I’ll keep checking to see if they restock!

I just got a one pound, five ounce tub of Royal Blend Rice for just 75¢. No joke. I checked and double checked, and sure enough, the $5 coupon I found worked on this purchase!

rice coupon 2

RiceSelect Royal Blend, Texmati White, Brown, Wild, and Red Rice, 21 Ounce Jar is priced as low as $5.75 if you have Amazon Prime/Amazon Mom and purchase 4 other subscribe and save items in one month. On that page, you’ll also see a $5.00 off coupon for this item, making it only 75¢!

No guarantees on how long this deal will last – so jump on it quickly!

rice coupon

Not sure how Amazon Prime/Amazon Mom works? Read this post.  Want more Amazon Deals? We’ve got a page full!

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  1. L Nood says

    Using the link above shows that this is an add-on item (so you have to spend $25 for it to ship free). Its $7.19 before the $5. coupon -which makes it $2.19.


    Laura Reply:

    Yep, price just changed, and now it’s out of stock. That went fast!


  2. Tracey says

    I have a question about the subscribe and save thing. Because you line up purchases to be shipped to you the following month, is what I subscribe to then guaranteed to be in stock and stay at that price until it ships? Does that make sense?


    Abbygail Reply:

    In my experience, the price when you bought the first is guaranteed, but I have had one order cancelled because the item was no longer in stock.


    Breanne Reply:

    This has been my hesitation with subscribe and save items. But, if I understand correctly…the price I first pay when I sign up to have that item added to my subscribe and save items is the highest price that I will be charged in the future, right? Basically, I don’t pay $4.00 this month and then next month when that same item automatically ships, I can’t be charged $5.00. Am I understanding this correctly? Thanks for any help.


    Abbygail Reply:

    No the low initial price is only good on the first shipment. Subsequent shipments will be charged the current price. Very easy to cancel after your first order comes though!

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