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I haven’t attempted to turn a cartwheel since I was in my early twenties. I actually almost pulled a muscle just picturing myself turning a cartwheel today. BUT, I am so excited about the next two weeks I really am tempted to do some flips. After a lot of emailing, planning, organizing and brainstorming, I have a lot to tell you about. Where should I start?

First maybe I should explain what Funky Fresh Kitchen is all about.

Fall is almost here. I don’t know if you are like me, but this time of year I’m always looking for a fresh start. I want to get into a nice, organized routine. I want to set new goals for my family and for my kitchen. I want to enjoy all the wonderful, fresh food of harvest time. I want to start baking again as the weather turns cooler. I want to try new recipes. And I want my kitchen to be funky.

Funky? Yes, funky. Functional, if you really want to be technical, but I like calling it a Funky Kitchen, mostly because it makes me giggle. (Obviously, I’m easily amused.)

Make plans to join us here for the next two weeks of Funky Fresh Kitchen fun! I have new recipes to share, I’ll be offering up some challenges (are you ready to get your game on?), I’ve got some incredible giveaways and there will be some majorly discounted items in our shop.

I’ve got so many posts and so much excitement, I’m going to suggest that you may want to subscribe to Heavenly Homemakers and/or join my Facebook page so that you don’t miss anything. Trust me, you don’t want to miss anything.

The giveaways I have lined up? Well, you may just want to join me in the cartwheel attempts after you hear about these. Are you ready?

Cultures for Health has agreed to give away an Excalibur Food Dehydrator!! It’s true. AND (yes, I am screaming here) Paula’s Bread has offered to give away my most favorite Funky Fresh Kitchen item ever:  a Nutrimill!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Let us all pause now for a moment of synchronized cartwheel turning and screaming.)

And don’t forget the new recipes I’ll be sharing. Some are chocolate and some include broccoli and all of them are easy and will inspire you to make fresh, healthy changes in your kitchen. Goodness, I’m so excited while I’m typing, I’m realizing that I have forgotten to breathe. You are all still breathing aren’t you? Okay good. We can’t all pass out before we even begin all the fun.

Share this post with all your friends on Facebook and in your neighborhood and tell your sisters and cousins and friends at church and college roommates and your bff and your bff’s sisters and cousins and everyone you can think of who could and should join us as we pursue our Funky Fresh Kitchens.

funkykitchencoversmTo get us started, we are offering our Do the Funky Kitchen eBook (which is regularly $4.95) for only $1.00. Yes, a buck. Read my favorite tips and suggestions for achieving a funky (functional) and organized kitchen, fresh and clean for fall.  But hurry – our discounted price of $1.00 will only be available for the first 100 purchasers. As of now, you can purchase Do the Funky Kitchen eBook for just $1.50 – available for the next 150 purchasers!! After that, the price will creep up little by little throughout the week. Take advantage of this deal while you can!

Watch for specials and discounts like this for the next two weeks during this Funky Fresh Kitchen feature.

Also:  By leaving a comment on ANY post with the above Funky Fresh Kitchen button featured, you will be entered to win one of five $10 gift certificates good for anything downloadable in our Heavenly Homemakers Shop. Because the button is featured on this post, comments right here and now will be added to the drawing for our gift certificates! Let the commenting, the Funky Kitchen eBook purchasing, the facebooking and sharing begin!

Watch for frequent updates, new ideas and recipes, discounts and giveaways – you don’t want to miss a thing. Thanks for joining me! It’s gonna be a great two weeks!

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  1. Judee Lefler says

    Thank you for the opportunity to be in the drawing….what an awesome prize! I just ordered my Funky Kitchen Cookbook yesterday, and am eagerly awaiting it’s arrival in my Inbox. :-)


    Laura Reply:

    It should have come directly to you after your purchase – if you still haven’t received it, email me (laura at heavenlyhomemakers dot com) and I’ll help you out!


  2. says

    The Funky Kitchen what fun. I can’t wait to tell my kids that we are going to get a funky kitchen. Thanks for the opportunity to be in the drawings for the gift certificate.


  3. Lorinda says

    We’ve been without power for the majority of Sat-Mon. some due to Irene and some from the green transformer box down the road….
    How exicting to have such neat things for give aways as we head into Fall! The flour mill is on my list to order. It would be great to win and then I could use what’s in the envelope for wheat berries!


  4. Kathy says

    We have had a bonanza of tomatoes this season and when they were ripe, my husband would pick, process in the food processor and freezer – last weekend, we thawed and then made and canned 15 quarts of spaghetti sauce —- yum! and we still have 3 gallons of plain tomatoes in the freezer!!!


  5. Trudi says

    Can’t wait to see what new ideas and tips will be shared — this is such a fantastic website! It’s so great to share with like-minded folks. Just finished canning 48 pints of beets (pints are the perfect size for our family — less chance of waste). Will do homemade spaghetti sauce next week and am picking up 40 lbs. of fresh Palisade (Colorado) peaches in a day or two to start canning and freezing. For lack of a better word . . . yum!


  6. Kelly says

    I love your book and am so jealous of the bounty you are preparing for the year. I didn’t have a summer garden this year but I am already planning a winter garden; I love lettuce, spinach, and the like and have always wanted to grow some. You are truly an inspiration :)


  7. Carmen says

    Very exciting. I want to win both of your big prizes (Excalibur Food Dehydrator and the Nutrimill) so I can understand why you were doing cartwheels :). Looking forward to ready all the posts.


  8. Debi Potts says

    It’s time to start eating better and one of the reason’s I avoid my kitchen is that it’s a disaster area. If anything can help me organize, I’m all for it! Sadly, I can’t afford $1.50 until payday … but payday is coming soon! You wouldn’t happen to be giving away a dishwasher, would you? lol. :)


  9. Jean says

    This giveaway and the Funky Fresh Kitchen sounds like it will be fun! I’m just catching up on reading, so I’m late joining in…but I’ll enjoy it anyway! :o)


  10. Donna says

    Hi Laura:
    I wanted you to know how great your funky fresh kitchen e-book is. It has and is going to change mine and my families’


  11. Mandi says

    So I’m way behind…I’d seen your Funky Fresh Kitchen show up, but thought it seemed kind of silly until I just read that Funky = Functional. Now, I think it is great and I’m going to attempt to catch up on what I’ve missed!


  12. Ann Marie says

    So exciting!! I too look forward to the cooler days of Autumn to kick my cooking and baking into high gear! So glad I happened upon your blog through Pinterest last month. I’ve been working to get away from overly processed food for my family of 6 and I am learning so much from you. Thanks!


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