Funky Fresh Kitchen Challenge #5: Try Something New

This is your fifth and final challenge during our month of the Funky Fresh Kitchen. How about that? We’re almost to the end of the month already!

This week, our Funky Fresh Kitchen Challenge is to try something new

I suppose I should clarify by letting you know that my intention with this challenge is that perhaps we all try a new recipe or two. But if you really want to take the challenge beyond my original intent, you are welcome to try sky diving, or walking backwards everywhere you go, or learning to speak Swahili.

Me? I’m going to try my hand at Whole Wheat Pita Bread. (Besides, I already speak fluent Swahili and had a lovely time sky diving with my family yesterday.)

Oh, I am so stinkin’ hilarious.

And boring

It is a fact that the idea of trying to make Whole Wheat Pita Bread makes me get all excited and jittery inside. But you couldn’t pay me a million dollars to sky dive. And I think we already know how many languages I speak. (Owhay aboutay uoyay?)

So, just supposing you also have already mastered the art of speaking fluent Swahili, how would you like to join me in trying a new recipe this week? 


Is there something you’ve thought about trying but just haven’t had the motivation to get it done? Now’s the time. Maybe you’d like to try making a Homemade Salad Dressing? Or how about Homemade Donuts? Whole Wheat Bagels


How about trying your hand at Homemade Yogurt, Buttermilk, or Kefir? Or Alfredo Sauce? Or Cheeseburger Macaroni?

Oh, the list can go on and on. Take a look at all of the recipes I have posted on Pinterest. Or simply look through my huge recipes lists on the drop down Recipes link at the top of my site.

Or, of course, you’re welcome to try a recipe from another Website or cookbook. Try anything new that you think your family would like which will take you another step in the direction of having a healthy and Funky Fresh Kitchen.

I’ll report back on Friday to let you know how my Whole Wheat Pita Bread turns out. I’ll provide you with a chance to link up to share your progress too!

Be sure to leave a comment on this post, sharing what you plan to try during this challenge!  All comments will be entered in our giveway for two $25 and one $50 gift certificates to the Heavenly Homemakers Shop.

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