Funky Fresh Kitchen Challenge #1: Toss it Out ~ Make a Switch!

It’s time for our first challenge during the Month of the Funky Fresh Kitchen! Are you ready?

This challenge might just take a few minutes of your time — or it might take a few hours, depending on what you’d like to do. It’s all up to you – whatever you are ready for. No pressure, I promise. Small changes can be big changes, right? (That sounded so incredibly profound in my head…)

This week, your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to throw something out. Easy, right? Right. Although I’m not talking about your holey socks or your junk mail. (Although for Pete’s sake, please do something about your holey socks and your junk mail.)

I’m asking you to take a look around your kitchen. What needs to be thrown out? Is it a box of processed food you are trying to avoid eating as you are working your way toward eating more whole foods? Is it a plastic container that isn’t safe for serving or storing food? Is it a seasoning mix that has MSG in it?

Whatever it is…don’t look back. Just make the decision and throw it out. Pick just one thing – pick twenty things – pick whatever you’re up for.

Then replace what you’ve thrown out with a healthier choice. You can do it. 

Here are just a few ideas to inspire you to make a “Toss it Out ~ Make a Switch” plan (but don’t feel as though you are limited to just these few ideas):

~  Toss out your sugary cereal and replace it with Homemade Granola
~  Toss out your bottled salad dressings that have MSG and high fructose corn syrup and make a homemade salad dressing
~  Toss out something plastic and replace it with glass. (I LOVE jars!)
~  Toss out your Hamburger Helper and make homemade Cheeseburger Macaroni
~  Toss out your white rice and replace it with brown rice
~  Toss out your chemical filled cleaners and replace it with a non-toxic cleaner 
~  Toss out your boxed brownies and make homemade Fudgy Brownies. (Seriously, what an incredibly happy switch to make.) 
~  Toss out the chips and replace them with fruit for snacking.
~  Toss out your sugar filled beverages and replace them with…water. :)

The possibilities are endless. Just pick one thing. Make one small baby step on your healthy eating journey. Then, if that goes well, consider tossing out something else and making another switch.

You’ve got until Friday, September 7 to meet this challenge. If I were you, I’d get off the computer right now (um, after you finish reading this post…) and jump right in before you lose your motivation. We’re all in this together. Be brave! Chuck the junk lurking in your pantry! (I refuse to be responsible for angry husbands, so if it’s his favorite snack, do consult him first before you chuck it. You knew that, right?)

Leave a comment here letting us know you’re taking the challenge.  Have a plan forming in your mind? Share it! Participants (who leave a comment here) are eligible for our $25 and $50 Heavenly Homemakers Shop gift certificate drawings.

Are you a blogger?  Share this challenge on your blog, tell your readers your Funky Fresh Kitchen plan to “Toss it Out ~ Make a Switch”, then come link up with us here so we can learn what you’re up to and be motivated!! Be sure to link back to this post so your readers will know how they can join the challenge too. 

Are you ready? The trash can (or local food pantry, if you wish to donate) awaits…

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  1. Myra says

    I’m feeling a little overwhelmed. I think I’ll start with the salad dressing but I really need to do something about all the processed cereals my kids like. They are the “healthy” cereals, but still processed nonetheless!


  2. Tami S. says

    We have done most of this already. We are getting ready to move and I am getting the last of the plastic out of my kitchen this week. We’ve been using all glass for a few months now but there were a few plastic pieces left.


  3. says

    I am so excited to do your challenge this year. I’m going to blog about it too. I am going to start by making my own pizza dough. I have already cut out most processed foods over the past year. Pizza is my weakness lol!


  4. Carmen says

    Think I ‘ll throw out the cereal & salad dressings. I already have homemede granola & dry mix for ranch dressing. Just need buttermilk.


  5. says

    We were camping last week and twice I ate salad with just plain balsamic vinegar and was amazed how much I really like it just as much as my bottle of balsamic vinegar dressing with its added chemicals that I use at home. So this week I will toss it and start using just balsamic vinegar.


  6. says

    Love this series! I already do a lot of these things in an effort to ditch processed foods. We make our own cheeseburger macaroni (a fav), make our own brownies, use homemade seasonings. Doing water with some herbal tea and coffee. Slowly transitioning to wheat products and brown rice. That’s been a little tougher than some of the others.

    Next on my list is to make granola and ditch the plastics.


  7. Amy says

    I’m so excited to do your challenge! We’ve gotten rid of most of the ‘yucky’ stuff, but I just couldn’t bring myself to throw out a whole bottle of Lawry’s seasoning salt, but out it goes along with the last remaining bottle of salad dressing! We love your ranch and italien dressings!


  8. Kris Kyle says

    Pizza. It’s the last real holdout of non whole food that I buy. Last time I made spaghetti sauce for the freezer I made up pizza sauce, but no crusts. I’m taking the plunge.

    Thank you for the encouragement!!


  9. Joanna Sigman says

    We’ve gradually switched out store bought bread, flour and dressings. Hoping to switch out my oils and and returning to healthy breakfasts.


  10. Season says

    I am throwing out all store bought bread and making my own now. I have made Sunday my bread making day and will make 4 loaves every week.


  11. Amy says

    I love this challenge. I’ll say goodbye to salad dressing as well. Boxed brownies are one of the few things I don’t make from scratch. I’ll try your recipe to see if we can make the switch.


  12. Lisa says

    I am going to slowly replace all my plastic containers with glass. It may take a while but I’m going to do one mix at a time.


  13. Sherri says

    I buy “healthy” cereals , but they have quite a lot of sugar in them… so I’d like to try the granola for cereal instead. we have cereal on wed. and sunday mornings.


  14. Jessica says

    Threw out the rest of the gravy made from a store bought powdered mix. (Well, technically gave it to the dog, but anyways…)


  15. Marsha says

    Great challenge! I’m sure that whatever I find I will have to talk the hubby into getting rid of it. He has a few things that I just haven’t been able to get him to give up. A work in process :)


  16. Steph says

    I’m in!! I have just placed a huge bulk order with Azure Standard which I have to pick up today…I will need to unload some things to make room for & organize the new & older items I have! We also do not use plastic for storing any kind of food anymore, but for some reason I still have some plastic containers lurking about…those will be finding a new home today! :)


  17. Katie says

    I will say good-bye to the boxed cereal in the back of our cupboard that has been sitting there for some time while we eat our homemade granola. We keep thinking we’ll need it sometime, but we shouldn’t leave it around to tempt ourselves.


  18. Summer says

    Have done most of these tips in the past year since I found your website. However I am a boxed brownie junkie. I am throwing them out and trying your recipe today!


  19. Erika says

    salad dressings. . .slowly have been doing this, but today I will just toss those last ones out! My kids will just need to learn to adjust to the homemade ranch eventually so why not today!


  20. Emily says

    I’ve been doing one thing at a time- I’ve been making my own pasta & pizza sauce for awhile now, am in the midst of trying various homemade breads to decide on our favorites, and we’ve always been big on fresh fruits/veggies for snacks. I think my next step is to do the salad dressings. My biggest hurdle there is my husband’s love of honey french- need to find a good recipe for that!


  21. Lisa says

    We actually stopped using our microwave and purchased a toaster oven. That was over 6 months ago, and it’s been a surprisingly painless switch! I also threw out some junk food and replaced it with whole grain healthy snacks instead!


  22. Ginger says

    We are already on this road. We’ve replaced store bought bread,spaghetti sauce, pizza, healthier cereals. I think salad dressing is on my list this week.


  23. Sheena says

    I’m going to finish tossing my plastic food storage containers. I’ve been working on the transition to glass, but slowly. We have so many more than we need anyway – might as well get rid of them, right? :D


  24. Daphne says

    I’ve been using more and more glass containers for stuff. The natural peanut butter we buy comes in glass jars that I wash and reuse. That being said, I’m still at a loss for what to do about lunch containers. I pack my son’s lunch and my husband and I’m worried about everything gettig broken. Nothing is hot when it’s packed and it’s all packed less then 24 hours. I also can’t spend a ton of money to go buy all new stuff. Suggestions?


  25. Deanna says

    Baby steps are awesome! I have a problem pitching things so even though I’ll never use something it sits in our pantry. . . for ever. . . I guess I’ll say bye bye to the can of mushrooms that someone left after a small groups and the drink mixes I once used to make russian tea.


  26. Susan M says

    I have all ready quit drinking ice tea and replaced it with water. Haven’t used Hamburger Helper in years. Been using more canning jars then plastic containers. Also been using brown rice for years now. I guess I am off to a good start.


  27. says

    I am so excited to do your challenge!!!! I will be blogging about it as well! I have already been trying be rid of processed food in our house but the big step I mam taking first is to be rid of all our processe mayonnaise…very hard for me as I am a die hard Helmann’s fan. I will instead be making homemade mayo!!,!


  28. Barbara says

    I’ve been working steadily on replacing plastics for glass, love my jars. Some of the other changes have been harder with a reluctant hubby. Baby steps seem to be working for most things. I think this challenge will keep me on track with the small changes that will lead to big changes.


  29. breck says

    I LOVE this challenge!! Due to food allergies, we have no processed food in the house…so, I am going to switch our plastic containers to glass jars!! I am going to transfer your homemade seasoning mixes into these glass jars…they are awesome by the way and totally allergy friendly:)


  30. Lyndsay says

    I thought this was going to be hard to figure out- we are pretty well into our healthy eating journey, and when we moved in January all of the processed food in our pantry went to the local food pantry. And I don’t use plastic containers for our leftovers anymore…but lurking there on the 3rd shelf were some holdouts from our plastic storage era…and a lot of random lids that didn’t even fit what I do have :) I didn’t throw them out, because they make the perfect containers to freeze water in for our rabbits when it’s really hot, but they found a new home on the back porch with all the rabbit supplies. And the lids? I kept a few because they make really great re-usable paint trays for when my boys want to mix their colors and create masterpieces! So one for each boy went into the art supplies. And now I have a whole shelf in my cupboard that’s empty:)


  31. Deborah says

    Making more granola today…already keep it as a staple, but will look in the pantry and see what is lurking there that needs to go. Love the motivation that this challenge provides!


  32. Leigh J. says

    When we first moved to Florida, 2 months ago; I made the decision, no more canned anything. I know with my cooking skills that I can make anything from scratch and this site has helped me realize that goal. Today, I threw out all of the cake box mixes we have, canned frosting and any salad dressings that have yucky ingredients! I feel so much better and very liberated! I love this series, thank you so much!


  33. Karen Dee says

    Well, I’ve always wanted to get to those plastic things that fall out of my cupboard at will that I never use. I use glass 99% of the time. Today I will do that!


  34. Nancy Mosley says

    At first I thought this would be hard because we just moved and I’m just getting my kitchen restocked, but then I remembered some chips that I would be glad to discard. Thanks for the reminder.


  35. Sherri J. says

    Made your cheeseburger macaroni last week for the first time. YUM YUM! No more Hamburger Helper here. Going to do the granola and the brownies today. Thank you!!


  36. Sandy says

    Great challenge. Removing plastic has been my mission the past few months. I recently discarded all my “old” plastic containers that I had my grains, beans and flours in and created a shelving unit with glass canning jars, to which I added colorful decorative letters from the craft store, to identify each. I also store left overs in canning jars in the refrig and purchesed a couple glass pyrex storage containers with the lids for leftovers. Even my water bottle when I am on the run is a glass canning jar I found with a handle and a lid !


  37. Joy says

    I’m definitely going to try the Fudgy Brownies! I was planning to buy some glass containers this week (I have a coupon!), too.


  38. Crista C says

    What a great challenge…now if only I can get mom on board with it too. I am dying to make the fudgy brownies. Not literally dying of course…:-)


  39. Becky says

    WOO HOO! What a great way to start a Monday morning. We ditched math (at least for the morning) and instead emptied both chest freezers and cleaned them out!!

    One exciting point (besides having clean organized freezers of course) was that the only thing I found to throw out was an old bag of white flour I had been saving ‘just in case’ …. that is really a statement about how far our family’s food choices have come because I tossed it without a second thought :)

    Happy tossing!


  40. Lorinda says

    We do a lot already on the “Switch to” list. I often vary the granola we make using different ingredients. For this week I would like to try another homemade salad dressing. I also use plastic for lunch on the days we are out. What type of containers did you send Matt’s lunch in when he worked his other job?


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