Funky Fresh Challenge #3 – Serve Someone

Of all the challenges during our month of the Funky Fresh Kitchen, this one is probably my favorite. Having clean and organized kitchens is wonderful. Stocking our shelves with wholesome, healthy ingredients is fantastic.  But taking the time out of our busy lives to serve someone? Now that’s more beautiful than any sparkling clean kitchen I’ve ever seen. 

While we focus this month on starting fresh, developing a routine, getting ahead, and becoming more organized…let’s also take a moment to look beyond ourselves. Is there someone you know who could use a good dose of something funky and fresh (and delicious!) from your kitchen? A family who could use some encouragement? A neighbor who needs a helping hand? A friend who has served you and you’d like to say “thank you”? 

Spend some time in prayer about this one. Who is God putting on your heart to reach out to? Listen.

Then get into your kitchen and bake up something funky and fresh to deliver to someone. Or cook an extra casserole to share. Or do whatever you feel you can/should do that will bless someone else.

Depending on what you feel you should do, this challenge may not actually involve food. Do you  need to simply make a phone call to chat with someone? Should you write and send a card? Can you focus some prayer time on someone specific?

This challenge really is about taking a deep breath, slowing down, and taking the time to love on others. As an added bonus, I encourage you to get your kids involved. If you’re going through the Learn Your Letters, Learn to Serve curriculum, you’ll easily be able to double up on this one. Oh, and we’ve got a new Funky Fresh Freebie coming up tomorrow that might give you more ideas!  :)

Here’s Malachi taking a pie to our friends last year.  :)

As you think of ideas to complete this challenge, please leave your comments here. I know we will all love reading about ways you are planning to serve, and will be inspired by your ideas. All comments will be entered in our giveway for two $25 and one $50 gift certificates to the Heavenly Homemakers Shop.

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  1. Michelle L says

    Both last weekend and this coming weekend, we’ve hosted people who are interviewing for a position at our church. It’s a great way to get to know people, while filling a need!


  2. says

    Hi all,
    Thanks for putting this out there. I was grateful to be able to deliver some make a head meatballs to a family via their daughter. She goes to my school and had gotten hurt last Friday playing. Her mouth was so sore that she has been on soft foods. I enjoyed making these meatballs that are soft and delicious. My family really enjoys them. But, mostly I enjoyed telling the little girl that I made them for her family and her to enjoy and I hoped her mouth feels better. She smiled big and gave me a hug. What joy I was given? Understand this, the father has been out of work for some time. It is a family with 6 children and they are sweet and beautiful. I try to help when I can, but I don’t want to offend them. Yet, I think the need for assistance is there. Thank you God for placing these folks in my life. We all need more opportunities to embrace serving.
    God bless,
    Mary Lou


  3. Amy Floyd says

    Last week, I took a meal to a friend whose husband had pneumonia. Taking meals to people is not my forte, so this was going out of my comfort zone. Our church has an extensive meal service ministry, and I took the leap and signed up for it. Now I need to learn to cook better!


  4. Melissa Miller says

    HAHA, funny this is the challenge. My family and I jut baked a bunch of cookies and gave them to our neighbors, all in the shape of leaves.


  5. Brighid says

    Today I was able to finally do what I had hoped to do. I neighbor and friend, who has been both very busy and stressed, finally asked me to come over to visit. I brought her some vegetables from the garden for tonight’s supper.


  6. Annie says

    Some friends from church just had baby #7 this morning. I’m looking forward to taking a meal to them and maybe (if I can sort out transportation) take her kids for a while to let her get some rest and one-on-one time with the new baby!


  7. Mona (Kentucky Lady). says

    Think I left my comment in wrong place :( so here it is hopefully in the right place to win one of these certificates….making cooking this week-end with granddaughter who always spends Fri. nites :) and will share with family and friends…..
    The Death by Chocolate looks so yummy….will have to make that soon…..


  8. says

    This is a great challenge and one I am trying to become more intentional about. The kids and I delivered fresh baked cookies to a new neighbor, and delivered a meal to a family whose son was having surgery. Next step: inviting someone to my house for a meal!


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