Fresh Peach Milkshakes

It’s story time, children. Please sit down, criss-cross-applesauce, and listen quietly.

Once upon a time, there was a lady who got a new blender. It wasn’t just any blender. It was the blender of all blenders, the Blend-Tec blender that she’d been waiting patiently to purchase.

She was super excited to make a peach milkshake with the fresh peaches she had in her kitchen, and figured that reading all the fine print in the “blender handbook” would be a waste of time. “How hard can it be?” she thought, “It’s just a blender.”

And so, the uninformed lady proceeded to fill the blender to the top with delicious whole milk, slices of fresh peach, maple syrup, and vanilla. With excitement, she placed the lid on the blender and pushed the on button.

Before the lady could say “one Mississippi” the force within the blender sent the lid shooting right off the top. With a shout that sounded something like, “Aaoourrhheeeewwryeeeoo!” the lady quickly smacked the off button. But no matter. Peach milkshake had been sent to the ceiling, to the floor, to the stack of mail beside the blender, to the casseroles sitting on the countertop, to the side of the refrigerator, to surfaces she found three days later, and I think it goes without saying, to the clothes, arms, legs, shoes, and hair of the befuddled lady.

She stood, quite shocked and motionless, for approximately 8 Mississippi’s, before calling in her 12 year old son. With a chuckle, said 12 year old brought in the camera, as moments such as this should be documented and preserved forever in ones memory and computer picture file.

peach milkshakes 1

This picture does not do the situation justice.
“The lady” was covered, the rug was covered, everything was covered. 

Thus lunch-time was delayed, and the kitchen got a much needed scrubbing. The lady soon smelled sour from being drenched with dairy product, and even though she changed her clothes before going to a soccer game, was surprised to find flecks of dried peach stuck to her knees and ankles during half time.

The moral of the story: Read the directions, do not overfill your blender, and do not be surprised to find crusty milkshake residue four feet away on the front of the silverware drawer next Friday.

The end.


Everybody hungry for a Peach Milkshake now? Below you’ll find a recipe, which only makes about 2 servings. Trying to make 6 servings at once, no matter how large your blender, is a bad, bad, bad idea. I’m still not quite over it.

Fresh Peach MilkshakesYum

2 cups whole milk
2 fresh peaches, sliced
1 Tablespoon real maple syrup
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract

Place ingredients in a blender, making sure the blender is only half-full, trust me on this one. Place lid on the blender, plug it in, and give it a whirl until ingredients are well blended.

Fresh Peach Milkshake

Make this milkshake at your own risk.


  1. says

    I just got a Blendtec too! It is awesome – although I haven’t had a smoothie catastrophe yet! I’ve been using mine for everything – can’t wait to hear more about how you like yours… That is if you aren’t too traumatized to use it again – lol!


  2. Lana says

    Ugh! I took a skillet casserole out of the oven years ago and the handle snapped off the skillet just as I got it clear of the oven door. We found bits of that casserole two rooms away and it kept showing up for weeks.

    Peach milkshakes are the best! Our peaches here in SC are done for the year and somehow no peaches brought themselves home and put themselves up for the winter. I will surely be regretting that.


  3. Amy K says

    Ha ha ha! I did the same thing with my blendtec with green smoothie :-) My husband was AWESOME and cleaned most of it up for me. After taking pictures of course…


  4. Shaelahaney says

    Going to be making this very soon! I have a vitamix but upi have had plenty of explosions, even ruined my tamper…


  5. Joan says

    We live a little south of you in NE and peach season is over, but my 2 year old and I think it turned out great with frozen peaches, too!


  6. Katie says

    I made this for breakfast this morning! Yum! Love the picture….definitely made me laugh. Especially the son running for the camera. “Yeah, hold on mom….stay right there!” ;)


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