FREE SHIPPING at Tropical Traditions (to go with the BOGO Coconut Oil Deal!!)

Remember yesterday how I mentioned the great price on Expeller Pressed Coconut Oil from Tropical Traditions – but how I said that the shipping costs may break the deal for you?

Forget I said that.  This weekend, they are offering FREE SHIPPING!!!!!   (through Jan. 28)

Now through Thursday, January 31 you can get two pints of Expeller Pressed Coconut Oil from Tropical Traditions for just $12.50.   Use the code: 28113 at checkout to receive free shipping on your purchase of $16 or more. 


This is a great deal to take advantage of – especially if you are wanting to purchase a small amount of coconut oil, just to give it a try!   Shoot, it’s a great deal to take advantage of even if you already know you love coconut oil. :)

Expeller Pressed Coconut Oil is flavorless – perfect for those who don’t prefer the taste of coconut. I love using this oil when I’m frying foods, or in general, when I want the coconut oil nutrients without the coconut oil flavor. (Virgin Coconut Oil is what I use when I do want the coconut flavor!)

Remember, first time customers who purchase through the links in this post will also receive Tropical Tradition’s Virgin Coconut Oil Book for FREE!!

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  1. Mark says

    ~$0.40/oz for expeller pressed coconut oil which requires an additional purchase to get free shipping is not a good deal in my opinion. That’s about the limit I’ll pay for Virgin coconut oil.


    Laura Reply:

    I don’t mind the additional purchase because TT carries lots of great products I love, some of which are also on sale! And I love Tropical Traditions quality, even of expeller pressed. :)


    kama Reply:

    Where do you buy it for less than $.40 an ounce? I’m just looking into coconut oil for the first time. Thanks!


  2. Candy M. says

    How do I get the book for free? Do I add it to my cart?


    Laura Reply:

    My understanding is that the book will come automatically with your order. :)


    Candy M. Reply:

    Great, thanks! I’ll place my order. :)


  3. Laura K says

    Thanks for sharing! We’ve just started looking at using coconut oil and this is great for “taking the leap”


  4. Sherry Hood says

    Can you use sucanat to make sweet tea?


    Charlotte Moore Reply:

    I know people that use the sucanat honey crystals in tea or whatever you would use white sugar in.


    Sherry Hood Reply:

    Ok….thank you!


  5. Sally says

    I love when you post these orders! I’ve started ordering from TT whenever I can get a BOGO plus free shipping.

    Thanks for sharing and alerting me to the good deals available from this terrific company.


  6. Lori Duncan says

    If you didn’t get the free book when you ordered send Nourishing Traditions an email through the contact us page and they will send it to you. Tell them you bought it here and it was supposed to be included free.



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