FREE SHIPPING at Tropical Traditions (Struggle with Eczema? Need Some Soap?)

It’s that time again – the best time to make a Tropical Traditions purchase.  When they offer free shipping, and you pair that with their sale price items, you can get quite a deal!

I just searched their site pretty thoroughly and didn’t find many sale prices I couldn’t pass up. Although, their Organic Organic Virgin Coconut Oil is buy one get one free. This means that you can get two 32-ounce jars of their highest quality coconut oil (my very favorite!) for just $20 per jar.

But what I’m really interested in is using this free shipping deal to stock up on our favorite bars of soap. 


All of their soaps are awesome – I think we’ve used just about all of the varieties they offer. But my favorite and most used (and the only bar of soap I let touch the skin of Malachi, my eight year old who struggles with eczema, is the Unscented Coconut Soap. It’s pure, clean, fresh – perfection. We use it to wash Malachi’s hair too. It is multi-purpose!

Because I am often asked which soap I use that does not hurt Malachi’s eczema, here’s are the details: If you click over to the Natural Soaps page, you’ll need to scroll toward the bottom to find the Coconut Soap I’m talking about. I love all of their soaps, but to be safe (and to save money) I buy the 10 pack of Unscented Coconut Soap.   Below, I posted a screen shot so you can see exactly what I get. I even placed a lovely purple arrow beside the one that is the best deal that I order.


So there you have it. It’s free shipping weekend and Tropical Traditions, and I’m getting 10 bars of soap. If you have any questions about the soap and how it effects eczema, please do let me know! I’m so thankful to find a soap I trust for Malachi’s very sensitive skin.

Use the code 171355 at check-out to receive free shipping. 

When you click through and purchase through the links in this post, new customers also receive a free Virgin Coconut Oil Book (included automatically). As a thank you, I then receive a gift certificate for referring you. I love how Tropical Traditions offers so many perks like this and great products too!

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  1. Lisa Lipka says

    How often do they offer free shipping each year. Do you know the shelf life of the oils?

    Thank you for your help.


    Laura Reply:

    They offer free shipping about once a month, which is really nice! I just watch for those times and see if my favorite products are on sale at the same time so that I can really save!
    The oils have a very long shelf life. Even when they “expire”, they are still totally fine to use. They never go bad – in my experience.


  2. Meredith says

    Hi Laura, I’m curious about the soap and eczema. My daughter has very dry, bumpy skin, although I’m not sure it’s actually eczema. We use a natural olive oil/aloe soap. Can you explain how the coconut oil soap makes a difference? Thanks!


    Laura Reply:

    I find that the coconut soap gives his skin some moisture. But more than anything, I’ve appreciated that it is soooooo pure and does not put anything on/in his skin that will harm him or make him worse.


  3. Laura says

    I am interested in purchasing for my infant with very sensitive skin, but worried about it getting in her eyes and burning. Thoughts??


    Laura Reply:

    I used it on my son when he was an infant. It’s the mildest soap around. I don’t remember it ever burning his eyes. :)


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