Free Shipping at Tropical Traditions


It’s a free shipping weekend at Tropical Traditions! This would be a great time to try the Einkorn Ancient Grain I am featuring in the giveaway this week.

Tropical Traditions also has their Gold Label Organic Virgin Coconut Oil on sale buy one get one free. This is their highest quality oil – my very favorite to use!

Bonus! If you are a new customer, purchasing through the referral links in this post will get you a free copy of  Virgin Coconut Oil Book. It’s a great book filled with helpful information and lots of recipes. They automatically include this book in your order.

Use the code 130913 at checkout. You must have a minimum order of $16 for free shipping to apply. This offer expires Monday, September 30.

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  1. Cindy says

    I never can remember which coconut oil has no taste? I’m guessing this is NOT it, as I think you like coconut taste?


    Laura Reply:

    Yes, virgin coconut oil tastes like coconuts. (Expeller pressed coconut oil is flavorless)


  2. Violet says

    My thoughts and prayers are with you. Yes we all have battles, but some are worse than others and whatever you’ve been facing,I know God is proud of His faithful, loving soldier! May you be showered with blessings!


  3. Kristin says

    Have you ever baked with Einkorn flour? I’ve always wanted to try older wheat varieties after reading how much our current varieties has been modified. However, my family is quite used to white whole wheat and I want to know if I will get a similar result/taset.


    Joy Reply:

    Kristin, no wheat on the market has been modified (as in genetically modified) as of yet. Sue Becker has recently put out an excellent article that addresses current myths circulating about wheat. Here is the link if you are interested: It really helped to dispel my fears about our hard white wheat (which we use heavily) being somehow altered to the point that it isn’t good for us. I’m choosing to stick with the hard white not only because my family likes it so much more than others, but also because the more “ancient” grains are so much more expensive!


    Kristin Reply:

    Thanks for the article link! No, I didn’t mean genetically modified, just different from original wheat grains. I read in the book Wheat Belly (or some other food book), that the US wheat variety significantly changed in the 1940’s( or 50’s). Basically, the older variety of wheat wouldn’t have been able to create these billowy breads and baked goods seen on store shelves (I realize they’re using refined white flour as well). Today’s wheat also has a higher gluten content. The higher gluten content in current wheat as well as additional gluten being added to products is one of the theories behind the rise of gluten intolerance. I currently limit my families daily intake of wheat. I love the idea of ancient grains, just not the price. I wish they had a 1 lb bag for trying it. I also wonder if Einkorn is better health-wise then spelt flour?


  4. Heather says

    I’m so happy about this! Just this week I noticed that I’m almost out of palm shortening, and was hoping that they’d have free shipping soon. Yeah!


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