FREE Lavender Lotion Bar from MadeOn ~ Two Days Only!

Before you ask, there’s no catch. ;) Renee from MadeOn is giving all of us a free Lavender Lotion Bar just because she loves us.

free lavender lotion bar

Yes, we have to pay shipping on our freebie, otherwise we’d really put her in the hole, and we don’t want to put Renee in a hole, am I right? She’s too nice for that, what with her giving us freebies and all.

What I suggest is that you get the most out of your $4.95 shipping fee while you get your free lotion bar. Shipping on your entire order is a flat $4.95, so no matter how much you put in your cart, you only pay five bucks shipping.

And you get a free Lavender Lotion Bar.

If you’re new here and you’re wondering, “What’s so great about MadeOn Lotion Bars?” let me tell you all about why they are so great! Aside from the fact that they contain ingredients I feel absolutely good about…

My hands used to be awful, awful, awful. Dry, cracked, bleeding, miserable – all winter long and beyond. A few years ago Renee send me a MadeOn Lotion Bar to try and within ONE DAY my hands felt better. I haven’t looked back and my hands are gloriously soft and healthy…as long as I continue to use my Lotion Bar.


If I ignore my dry skin and don’t rub on the Lotion Bar, my hands feel awful again. Thus, I make sure I always have a supply of MadeOn Lotion Bars in my house. My family all uses these products and I send some to college with our oldest.

This is what makes this FREEBIE so much fun! This is about the time of year I stock up on MadeOn Lotion for winter dry skin. If I’m paying $4.95 shipping anyway, and I’m loading up on plenty of Lotion Bars (my fav is the BeeSilk, but I’m also loving the Lavender Lotion Bar they sent me to try) how awesome that I can aldo get a free Lavender Lotion Bar in my package!

This freebie offer is only good today and tomorrow (September 18-19), so go here now and add this Lavender Lotion Bar to your cart. Then add to your cart any other items you need.  (There’s no other purchase necessary, by the way. You can simply get this freebie and nothing else!) At checkout use the code HHLavender and the cost of the Lavender Lotion Bar turns to $0.00 like magic.

Enjoy this fun goodie, and may your hands (and arms and legs and feet) be forever nourished and comfortable!

Get the Lavender Lotion Bar Freebie here.

Offer expires Tuesday at midnight, PST. These links are my affiliate links. 


  1. Janet says

    Missed the great lotion bar offer–a few days behind reading emails!! Any chance your friend will be offering a code for free product again soon?


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