FREE Coconut Oil at Tropical Traditions for EVERYONE!

Oh wow – is this an amazing deal for you!!

Tropical Traditions, my favorite source for Coconut Oil, is offering a FREE 32 ounce jar of Organic Virgin Coconut Oil to everyone who places a $16 minimum purchase, while supplies last. So hurry!!! These will probably be snatched up quickly!

How this works:

1. Click through to the Tropical Traditions website.

2. On the right side of their site, click on the “Weekly Sales”.

3. Place the 32 ounce jar of Organic Virgin Coconut Oil in your cart. It is marked at $00.00. (Regularly $40)

4. Add at least $16 of other products to your cart. You can read this post to learn my other favorite Tropical Traditions products. I also noticed that their Expeller Pressed Coconut Oil is buy one get one free, so you can get two 16 ounce jars of that oil for just $12.50. Remember, virgin coconut oil has a coconut flavor and expeller pressed is flavorless. I love using both for different types of recipes.

5. Standard shipping applies. But with a free jar and other sale items, your deal will still be amazing!

6. This deal ends at midnight, December 25.


If you are a new customer with Tropical Traditions, and you order through any of the the above links (which are my referral links, so thank you for helping to support this site) – you will also receive a FREE Virgin Coconut Oil Book which is full of wonderful information and recipes!

Take advantage of this deal while you can. Coconut Oil rocks. FREE Coconut Oil is an absolute very Merry Christmas. Thank you Tropical Traditions!

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  1. Bailee says

    I can’t get it to work? What’s the trick?


    Laura Reply:

    Sorry for the difficulty. Once you get to the website, click on “weekly sales” and you’ll find it!


  2. says

    How did you get it to work? I’ve almost gone through the whole process of ordering and nothing,


    Laura Reply:

    Hmm, not sure why it isn’t working for you. Did you put the free jar into your cart? Then did you put at least $16 of other products into your cart? If so, you should be able to check out and receive the free jar. Let me know what isn’t working for you if you continue to have trouble. :)


  3. Andy says

    Not a good deal in my opinion. Shipping shows as at least $10 for me and no other items are having good sales.

    $12.50 for 32oz of expeller pressed coconut oil? Bleh.


    Laura Reply:

    Apparently, you are able to get crazy good deals on high quality products where you live. Even with shipping, these prices are amazing for me. I’m so thankful to learn of them, take advantage of them, and share them with those who are able to benefit from them! :)


    Andy Reply:

    It has nothing to do with where I live. I buy online.

    For instance the Vitacost organic virgin coconut oil is much cheaper, and though I would agree TT is better quality, I don’t think the difference is worth the price increase.

    The reason the expeller pressed coconut oil is not a good price is partially because of its size. 16 oz containers have a much higher premium compared to a gallon for instance.

    I appreciate you posting deals, I was just stating my thoughts on it. And that is, though it sounds good on the surface, it doesn’t actually turn out to be that great. Not as great as last year anyway, when there was a free shipping coupon and a B1G1 deal on quarts.


    Kari C Reply:

    Isn’t the same quantity $18 at Vita Cost and $12.50 with this TT
    sale? Just trying to unravel the info. and understand it for myself.
    Always good to double check a deal.

    Andy Reply:


    The problem is if your comparing 16 oz jars. Unless you have a specific reason for wanting just a pint, it’s never worth searching for a deal on such a small amount because that quantity demands a high premium from the start.

    If I needed coconut oil at the moment I would order 3 of these:

    Use the Set & save (You can cancel after the order ships) and pay $56.67 shipped for 162 oz of organic virgin coconut oil, or $0.37/oz. Cheaper after cashback or if you get a $10 coupon.

    This deal nets approximately $27 after shipping (from my cart) for 32 oz of virgin coconut oil and 32 oz of expeller pressed coconut oil, or $0.42/oz. And half being expeller pressed oil, which I do not place a high value on.

    Like I said, not terrible, but not great either in my opinion.

    Kari C Reply:

    OK, I guess because I don’t use large quantities, I wasn’t thinking of buying the larger size.

    Andy Reply:

    Well, buying in bulk will almost always give you a better deal.

    Coconut oil lasts for years, so there’s no rush necessary to use it.

    mk Reply:

    so the vitacost one is not expeller pressed? it seems just like the nutiva brand in taste and quality. i have bought all these brands before[though not the tt expeller pressed one], but i keep forgetting which one is… anyone have an opinion on sprout’s farmer’s market brand one?[it tastes like the 1st two i mentioned, says organic virgin oil, in glass ~14oz/~$6+, but doesn’t say cold-pressed] TIA

  4. Sheri says

    This showed up at $29.50 for me, didn’t change when I put the other stuff in my cart. Bummer!


    Sheri Reply:

    As I continued browsing through their site, I clicked on “weekly sales”
    and that’s where the free jar shows up. Hope this helps!


    Corrie J Reply:

    Thanks Sheri! That’s what I had to do! Thanks for posting the trick!


  5. Tisha says

    Thank you! I’ve never ordered from TT before, but I just placed my first order. I am looking forward to trying it out. Thanks for sharing the information with us…and thanks for the great recipes! Have a blessed Christmas!


  6. Jenee Bare says

    Thanks for this post! I have been dragging my feet to try Coconut Oil and this is a great excuse to dive in! I got both the Virgin and the Expeller Press as well as the coconut flakes. I so enjoy your blog, and it is a great resource for cleaning up our eating habits. Thanks again!


  7. Elaine says

    You also have palm shortening in your cupboard and I’m wondering what you use that for??


    Laura@HeavenlyHomemakers Reply:

    I use that for pie crusts and “bisquick” and anything else that calls for Crisco. I LOVE Palm Shortening!! I also use it to fry foods in sometimes.


  8. says

    I have never bought from TT but this deal just couldn’t be passed! Even with the $8 shipping its worth it in my opinion. I also am trying out their shredded coconut (hoping its unsweetened because I couldn’t find the ingredient list!) Thanks for sharing with us and hopefully I followed the links right and you get credit! Have a great holiday!


  9. Brenda Reynolds says

    I guess its over. I tryed everything. The 32 oz. jar for $00 did not show up. : (


    Laura Reply:

    Yes, it ended Christmas night. :( When I first posted the deal, I was unsure when it ended. Later, I learned the end date, but forgot to update the post. I’ve added the info now. So sorry you missed it!


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