FREE $5 Gift Card to Lowes (with free shipping) Awesome Father’s Day Gift!

WOW.  TopCashBack is on fire right now. Literally. I mean, did you see the deal they are offering for free tealights? (on fire, get it?)  But figuratively, they are on fire with free deals. I am loving this!

Every single one of us can get a free $5.00 gift card to Lowe’s right now.  We can pick from 22 designs, including those with Father’s Day themes if we want to use this as a gift this June. AND they’ll ship the gift card for free. Don’t want to use it as a gift? Just grab it and use it for yourself on whatever you need at Lowe’s. It’s a free five bucks!

What’s the catch? There is no catch.  It’s just a free gift card with free shipping. Are you in? Of course you are. :)

Free Lowes Gift Card

Here’s how this works:

Both new and existing members to TopCashBack are eligible. That means that if you already have a TopCashBack account, just click through this link, read the details, and grab your free gift card. TopCashBack will refund your account with $5 within 30-90 days (usually sooner in my experience).

If you aren’t a member of TopCashBack yet, simply click through this link to sign up. Once you have an account, click through to this page to read details about getting your free gift card. You’ll click on the orange “Get Cashback” button on that page to be redirected to  <— That part is super important. You won’t get the cash back if you don’t click through the orange button. That’s how it records your visit and you get credit. :)

I definitely took advantage of this deal. I clicked through, chose a fun card, bought it for $5.00, and am watching for it to come in the mail within just a few days. (I can’t wait to surprise Matt, if in fact he doesn’t see this post first.)  TopCashBack will replace my $5.00 into my account in 1-3 months. Easy as that!

Any questions? Let me know. Have fun picking your gift card design and spending or gifting your free $5 card!

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