Feeding the Family: More Organic Food Resources

It’s been quite a while since I wrote a “Feeding the Family” post. Apparently I’ve been too busy feeding my family to write about it. You can catch up on the rest of this series here.

Way back when (give or take) I talked about some of my favorite online or co-op resources for organic whole foods. I’ve been doing a little more research to see what other options are available. I love that it IS possible to feed our families good, whole foods without breaking the bank (or travelling 400 miles)!

Here are a few whole foods sources I’d like to highlight today…

Azure Standard

I know I mention them often, but Azure Standard is my favorite source for ordering food. This link will tell you if Azure Standard delivers to your area.  And guess what?! This fall they are working to expand to parts of Arkansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Kansas. I’d recommend looking into this more if you live in any of these states!

Quail Cove Farms

Quail Cove Farms is a family owned farm specializing in natural and organic foods. They supply free-range meats and eggs, hormone-free cheeses and butters, and organic produce. If you live in Virginia, Delaware, Maryland, Ohio, and North Carolina you should check them out!

Country Life Natural Foods

Country Life Natural Foods is a wholesale and retail distributor of natural, organic and vegetarian foods. They are located in Pullman, MI. It seems that you don’t have to be a part of their food co-op to order, but that you can just have your items sent to you through UPS.


Peapod is an online grocery store for those of you who live in:  Chicagoland, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New York,  New Jersey, Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia…and I think they have expanded to Wisconsin!   I love that you simply place your Peapod order and they deliver your food right to your door! They do charge a small delivery fee but it is very reasonable (it’s less than what I pay for Azure to deliver).

Peapod has a whole line of organic products. I looked through their fresh organic produce and couldn’t believe all the great selection!!! I would LOVE to have that kind of variety of organic fruits and veggies at my fingertips. They also have quite a few choices of frozen fruits and vegetables…some natural sweeteners…and several other things that I would definitely buy if indeed they would be willing to drive to my doorstep in Nebraska.   You’ll receive free delivery for the first 60 days after placing your first order. Plus…get $10 off your first order at Peapod. Click Here!


Amazon is a great place to shop for organic groceries. Yesterday I spent some time looking through their grocery section and couldn’t believe all the pages and pages of organic foods. Most of their food items qualify for “super saver shipping” (which is free) because the cases of food are over $25.  (And because the food is new, not used. I’m always much more inclined to eat food that isn’t used, aren’t you?)  Spend some time looking through all the Amazon grocery options.

Frontier Co-op

Frontier offers many varieties of spices, herbs and teas, plus quite a few toiletry items. You can order directly from Frontier, but I recommend starting a food co-op with your friends so that you can receive their products at wholesale prices and receive free shipping.   As far as I understand it, Frontier will deliver anywhere in the US.

Okay everyone. Help us all out with more great online and/or co-op resources. I know we all live in different places so please leave comments telling us all what resources you have in YOUR area so that we’ll all know what is available to us wherever we are.

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  1. JessW says

    Thank you SO much for posting this list. I am striving to choose healthy and frugally and it’s such a time-save to have this list!


  2. Hamons Family says

    For produce, we use http://www.freshconnectkc.com/ since Door to Door does NOT source locally for the KC area. We also use Unfi for a buying club, similar to Azure, I believe. And we are often part of a frontier co-op. It is amazing how many options there are besides traditional grocery stores.


  3. says

    For those of us in So Cal. there are a few options. Abundant Harvest is an organic co-op that delivers to lots of places around here. http://www.abundantharvestorganics.com/customers/register.php
    Also, we have a co-op/buyers club of raw dairy and pastured meats and eggs that delivers to my house in Simi Valley, from a local farm and Organic Pastures Dairy. Organiccrumbs@hotmail.com.
    We love Azure Standard. I am almost to a place where I rarely go to the store at all! Just for butter mostly…
    Love your blog, as always!


  4. says

    Does any one know what you can get in Kentucky? Also, are the prices of these services lower than Whole Foods?


    Laura Reply:

    I don’t have a Whole Foods close to me so I’m not sure how their prices compare. Because you can buy in bulk, my guess is that the prices are lower. Hopefully others will weigh in on this one!


  5. jamie says

    I wish we had Azure Standard. I love seeing your orders. :) I order quite a lot from Amway. They have a large selection of organic and health foods. Their cleaning stuff has been organic for years.


  6. Marla says

    For those in Oklahoma there is the Oklahoma Food Coop. http://www.Oklahomafood.coop Basically all of the local farmers list the products they have to sell. The list is very extensive, and varies from month-to-month, season-to-season. They deliver, or have pick-up locations all over the state. You can get almost anything, even home decor. There is a yearly membership fee of about $53.


  7. beth says

    Thanks for the great post, I’ve been thinking about starting to buy more local/whole/organic foods so I’ll be watching to see anyone posts info for SE Michigan.


    Sarah Reply:

    Don’t know how close you are to Toledo, but Honored Prairie, just started delivering there and are thinking of moving up into Michigan.


  8. says

    I would whole heartily recommend Azure Standard if you can get it near you. I love that they deliver to Minnesota now! I would also like to get some items from Frontier, but keep forgetting to order a catalog! Anyone else have ideas for Minnesota?


  9. says

    I would whole heartily recommend Azure Standard if you can get it near you. I love that they deliver to Minnesota now! I would also like to get some items from Frontier, but keep forgetting to order a catalog! Anyone else have ideas for Minnesota?


  10. Jen says

    I live in northwest IN and there is a GREAT delivery service called Bruno’s Organics. They have a farmer’s co-op for $30 a year and you can get raw milk, and other dairy. They sell pastured eggs, fruits, veggies, pastured meats and other groceries. They even have a bakery, and sell prepared meals and sides too, but that’s out of my price range.

    My two favorite things about Bruno’s (other than the great organic food) is that they deliver TO MY DOOR every week for a $5 charge, and they support an orphanage in the Phillipines with their business.



  11. says

    I love Azure and I had forgotten that Amazon has groceries. I need to shop there for something other than books more often!
    Jessie at Blog Schmog


  12. says

    Country Life will deliver for free if you have an order of $400 or more (our raw milk farm sets up orders sometimes, so it works out great), at least in Michigan. Would be worth a check to see how far the range goes for this if you have others nearby who want to order in bulk!


  13. says

    My mom loves Wellness Meats. http://www.grasslandbeef.com/StoreFront.bok

    I think they are a little expensive for me, but worth looking into. Their shipping is only a $7.50 handling fee, over 40 lbs there is a $20 discount (I believe), and the meat comes two days later, delivered to your door, in a cooler! For Alaska, this is terrific. I think they ship everywhere.

    Also, for local veggies, etc. you can check out
    http://www.localharvest.org/csa/ and put in your own zip code for information on what is available locally. I found a farm down the road where I can pick up a share of fresh veggies weekly for a one time up-front fee. We eat REALLY well during the summers now, and I know I’m supporting local, organic food. I also learned that I can get fresh honey, chicken, syrup, eggs, etc. locally. It’s worth checking out.


  14. says

    i love the prices and products at country life, but please check the source of your food before ordering. i was dismayed to discover that many of the items i ordered (organic black beans, organic lentils, etc.) were from china, turkey, and beyond. so even though country life is local to me, much of the product is far from it, sadly. i at least like to stay domestic, if not regional.

    if you email them a list of what you’re thinking about ordering, they can tell you the product’s origin before you decide.


  15. Jenny Peterson says

    I am looking for a online store that will deliver organic food to my home in Winona,MN. I’m looking for a place that sells meat and fruit and vegatables. I am wondering if anyone knows of any online store that does that.


  16. says

    We’re in Kansas just south of Kansas City. I purchased my first CSA this year where I pick-up organic produce from the farmer each week.

    Our local grocery store, Price Chopper, offers local milk and honey options.

    For personal care items, I buy Emu Oil products from a a local farmer. Then I shop as much as I can from Farmer’s Markets for everything else.

    I love the site http://www.localharvest.org for finding resources close to home. My goals are always to support local first, then organic, then cost.


  17. Socorro Rivas says

    Does anyone know a place near Philadelphia PA? I’d like to order grains, coconut oil, herbs, sucanat, honey and produce.


    Sweetpeas Reply:

    I’ve found amazon to have the best prices for coconut oil and sucanat.


  18. Myra says

    Try Frankferd Farms. I live in Maryland and have ordered grain and sucanat and other items from them and have been quite satisfied. I also order from Quail Cove. Hope this helps. http://www.frankferd.com/
    I think they deliver to Philadelphia.


  19. D says

    United Natural Foods, Azure Standard, Frontier, and Bountiful Baskets are all delivering to our area. Bountiful Baskets is a product co-op just recently arrived to our area.


  20. says

    In TN;
    They have grains, beans, dried fruits and veggies, etc. Some meats, household items like soap, shampoo, herbs and vitamins,… lots organic. Must prepay by mail, have delivery pick up in some places or may be picked up on site.

    Grass fed beef, naturally raised chickens, goats, pork, and even rabbit. Also non-homogenized dairy, pasteurized only to 150. They raise their own beef and prices are right at store prices on most all beef. All Angus too!
    (Accepts all forms of payments.) You can also buy marrow bones, fat to render, and ‘parts’ :-) Some fresh local veggies also available. http://butchershopcookevilletn.com/


  21. Sarah says

    My husband and I lived just north of Seattle last year, and we signed up with Full Circle: http://www.fullcircle.com/
    They were A-MA-ZING. They are very honest about their service and what it is; they’re not a CSA anymore and don’t pretend to be, but they maintain the quality, healthfulness, and freshness of a CSA, and the products are from all along the west coast. Vegetables were often the same price or cheaper than what we would pay for non-organic produce at the nearest grocery store, and prices on organic were definitely better than anything I could find in stores. I love it, and miss it dearly… but I’m looking forward to trying out Azure now that we’re back in the twin cities! ;)


  22. says

    You also may wish to check out the site, “Food industry to fire preemptive GMO strike. This means excluding food additives and genetically modified ingredients and avoiding the use of inorganic farming techniques such as chemical pesticides or crop irradiation. * Buy organic food if you have access to it. World hunger, economical depression and other complex issues of civilization could very well become historical things of the past. A great garden must be grown from seeds and not plants.


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