24 Favorite Freezer Foods (with new recipes and ideas coming this month!)

I decided to devote much of the month of September to sharing freezer-friendly recipes and fun freezer food tips. The idea came to me as I was obsessively thinking of everything possible that would keep me from being overwhelmed with the beginning of school and fall soccer season. Freezer foods are a life saver this time of year. That, and calendars. And dry erase boards. And strong coffee.

So far, so good on the “freezer foods save my neck” thing. Except that we’ve already used most of the freezer foods I’d made for the start of our school year. But hey, that’s what they’re for. It’s not like I can’t make more, right?

24 Favorite Freezer Food Recipes

Get excited because I’ve got some fun posts in the works with new recipes and ideas! To kick things off, I thought I’d share 24 of our favorite Main Dish recipes that can be made and frozen for easy meals!

24 Main Dish Freezer Foods

There’s no doubt having these made and in the freezer saves me so much time and money! I’ve got breakfast ideas and snack ideas too, so you’ll definitely want to stop by often and get all the good info. (Subscribe to our free weekly newsletter so you won’t miss anything!)

Make this and freeze it for convenience and health!

Make Your Own Frozen Pizza

Think of the money you’ll save and the healthy ingredients you’ll be able to use! Coming up next…Breaded Chicken Patty Sandwiches. (My kids think they taste like store-bought, which I find strangely satisfying.)


  1. Sarah says

    I’m super excited to go through your list! Thanks so much Laura! I’ve been following your blog for years now. Ordered multiples of your cook books!! And LOVE them!!! Thank you!!! I like butter too!


  2. Lisa says

    I remember you said you wouldn’t want to freeze the three cheese chicken garlic pasta, but now it’s on your list! What changed? Have you tried it frozen and it worked well? Do you cook the pasta completely and then freeze? Help please!0


    Laura Reply:

    Yes! I have since frozen it successfully! :) Cook the dish as directed, then freeze. :)


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