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Empower Your Spouse

My Darling, Jet Fuel – Matt’s Thoughts

Think back to one of your best teachers, coaches or mentors.

They helped you become better.  Without them would you have become better in that area of your life? I doubt it. They empowered you.

I really like the word empower. I used it in the Appreciate Your Spouse and Dream Together (part two) posts. I’ve been empowered by the Holy Spirit and the Spirit working through other people. Because of that empowerment, I am able to help others.  I have the heart of a coach/teacher. Training, equipping and inspiring others brings me joy. It thrills me to invest in others and watch them succeed.

I have to “Amen!” an article Laura wrote in her Being Your Husband’s Help Meet series titled, Make Him or Break Him. We can help our spouses become better and in turn they pass on that energy to others. We can suck the life out of our spouse and become upset when our relationship withers.  Another choice we can make is to let our spouse fend for him/herself and see what happens. If I was being torn down by Laura, I don’t know that I’d be able to train, equip and inspire others or that I’d be thrilled to see others succeed. I’d be in survival mode relationally.

Instead, she is propelling me toward greater works. She’s not merely a support, but my jet fuel.  Usually I call her “Sweetie.”  Other times it’s, “Babe.”  But she’s really my “Jet Fuel”.

My Biggest Fan – Laura’s Thoughts

Whether I’m standing in the church foyer, watching games at the soccer field or making my rounds at a family reunion – these are the statements I hear from others:  “Matt told us about the great dinner you made tonight.”  “Your hubby was bragging on you earlier when we were talking about how our week’s been going.”  “Matt shared with us some of the writing you’ve been doing – way to go!”  “It was great to catch up with Matt earlier. Sounds like you’re Miss America!”

Well, I guarantee you I’m barely Miss Matched Socks most days, much less Miss America – but in Matt’s eyes…I’m all that and more. It’s humbling, it’s gratifying…it’s empowering.

If Matt thinks I’m “all that” – I consider it a challenge to live up to, as well as an honor to be so highly esteemed in his eyes. He’s not blind to my weaknesses. He knows my struggles better than anyone. But he values me and has confidence in me. His support of my efforts truly empowers me to become a better, more godly woman.

I can not think of a more precious gift I’d rather receive from my beloved.

Are you tearing your spouse down, or are you working to empower them toward a more godly, productive life for the Kingdom?

Ladies, we know you’re reading here more often than the guys. ;)  We’d love husbands to read this article as well. If you feel so inclined please send the link to your husbands, or if it’s easier, we’ve created a downloadable article for you to quickly print off and share. Healthy Marriage Tips A to Z – Empower



  1. says

    I sent a message yesterday to get your salsa recipe. I got the reply that you could not share the recipe. Could you give me instructions on how to just can salsa? I have my own recipe but was unsure of how long to cook it down and water bathe it.



    Laura Reply:

    Every recipe is different, but I think I cook mine down for 45 minutes and water bath it for 20. I haven’t done it yet this year so I can’t remember exactly! It may be best to do an internet search to look up more specifics!


    Jill Reply:

    Linna, if you go to freshpreserving.com and click on their “getting started guide” you should find step by stp instructions on how to can. Also, you can check out salsa recipes on allrecipes.com and if you click on “tools and tips” and then scroll down to “canning and preserving” on the left, you can find canning recipes. You should be able to find one that tells you how long to process it. I only started canning a few years ago with no experience at all. I used a guide that I printed from the internet and have canned several times now. I’ve done salsa, tomatoes, jellies and jams. I don’t think I’ve ever had anything fail.


  2. Sue Shulps says

    I love working on my food storage. I have never tried the Tattler canning lids but would love too!


  3. Stella says

    If you purchase the case of tattlers please keep us posted as if you like them and how the cost breaks down as compared to normal lids, very interested in them except I am not sure I can truly condone the one time expense.Thanks


  4. Jennifer Morgan says

    I have just in the past few years started canning. My mom did it as a single mother and i wanted to get started.


  5. says

    Matt and Laura, I absolutely loved this post. Thank you for sharing specific examples of how this element energizes a marriage. It can be hard to break old habits (of not empowering) but as you stated, changes the morale and tone of your home!


  6. Nicole Stoddard says

    Excellent post! I am really encouraged by this series every time I read the latest post; keep it up!


  7. says

    I can’t believe I just discovered these posts, this brought tears to my eyes to see how much you two love each other and clearly love the Lord! how beautifully you two are commending the Gospel of Christ! I am going to go back and read all your past posts. thank you so much for allowing yourself to be empowered by the Holy Spirit, Who is obviously leading you both – your encouragement to love our spouses as God desires, is such a blessing! thanks again, Kelly


  8. Amy says

    great post! This is definitely a reminder that I need to build my husband up even when he’s not there.


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