You Can Do This! The First Five Steps to a Real Food Kitchen eCourse

What is Included in the You Can Do This! eCourse:

Each of the five lessons include Introductory Information, an Encouragement Video, Worksheet Activities, Helpful Printables, and an Exclusive Real Food Recipe. I’ve worked to make the information thorough, yet not overwhelming. And of course, I tried to make it fun. :)

What the You Can Do This! The First Five Steps To a Real Food Kitchen eCourse is about:

~ Baby stepping away from processed, boxed foods and toward delicious, healthy, fresh food.
~ Setting personalized goals that will work for you and your family – no matter your situation, location, or season in life.
~ Figuring out how you can make a Real Food lifestyle work for you financially.
~ Walking through the basics of simple, healthy menu planning.
~ Deciding when to compromise your real food diet.
~ Learning how to keep the journey simple and easy.
~ Enjoying balance and grace. Ahhhh...relax. Your Real Food Kitchen will be a breath of fresh air!
~ Having fun.

What this eCourse is NOT about:

~ Eating foods that are all organic, grass fed, free range, fermented, raw, yada yada. All of these truly are great and healthy, and I will eventually offer a follow up eCourse that covers some of these ideas. But those are not the areas I believe should be our main focus as we take beginning steps toward a Real Food Kitchen.
~ Eating low fat, low carb, grain free, vegan, etc. I’m not knocking those ideas (necessarily), but within this eCourse, we’re working toward eating a wide variety of wholesome real food, in its original form, in balance.
~ Dieting. This isn’t about losing weight (although some might find that they naturally arrive at a healthy weight while working through this course). It’s about adopting and living a healthy lifestyle for yourself and your family.
~ Adapting to a one size fits all plan of action. No way. Your Real Food Kitchen is likely to look different from mine based on circumstances and preferences. This eCourse will allow you to create your Real Food Kitchen on your time table, around your schedule, and based on your own goals and desires.

My goal is that as you work your way through the eCourse, you find yourself saying, “Seriously? Is it really this easy? I can do this!”

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How to purchase and participate in the eCourse:

1. Purchase the You Can Do This! The First Five Steps To a Real Food Kitchen eCourse by clicking on the “ADD TO CART” button.

2. Look for an email from me (Laura Coppinger @ Heavenly Homemakers) that should be sent to your inbox immediately after your purchase. The email contains all of the additional information you will need to gain access to the eCourse site and pages.

3. Follow the simple instructions in the email and get started whenever you are ready! Work at your own pace, any time of the day.

I can’t wait for you to join me in this journey to healthy eating in your Real Food Kitchen. Sign up now!

Buy the You Can Do This! eCourse here.

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