Dream Together (Part One)

Dream Together

From Good to Great – Matt’s Thoughts

From day one of our marriage Laura and I have had a good marriage. Most importantly, Jesus is our Lord and Savior. Thus, we have similar values which has meant very little conflict in important areas of life. We try to live by the Golden Rule of treating each other as we would want to be treated. Better yet, we are friends, not just roommates. We had a good marriage.

But, in our opinion, a good marriage is not enough. We want to have a great marriage. Not for ourselves, but for God’s Kingdom. We believe great marriages honor the Lord. We see Him using couples to accomplish His purposes and we want in on that. Yes, He can and does use anyone in any kind of relationship, but a great marriage is what we are pursuing.

About a year ago I got into an evaluation phase. I put in writing the priorities that were in my head and heart. Then I took a serious look at how I was spending my time. What was on the paper did not fully match up with my real life. The next day I asked Laura to do the same activity.  After we reflected on our lives and considered what changes we needed to make, we were then on the launching pad for a great marriage.  We would not be satisfied with cruise control in our marriage. We were ready to lift off.  We began to dream together by asking, “How can God best use us as a couple for His glory and purposes?”


Good is Good, but Great is Better – Laura’s Thoughts

Matt and I are both a little bit “visionary” in the way we think – always coming up with ideas and trying to be creative. Who am I kidding when I say “little bit”? Matt is very visionary, a quality I admire and appreciate (most of the time). :)

Because we’ve always been a couple who “looks into the future” and talks together about our goals and dreams, it’s been interesting to recognize how recently we’ve watched our marriage go from good to great. Having a good marriage has been very, very good. Thank you God for a good marriage!

So how did God make it great?

I believe it has a lot to do with the evaluating we’ve done recently. When you are already connected as a couple, already working hard together toward common goals, already on the same page in the important areas of life – and then you ask yourselves, “How can God best use us as a couple for His glory and purposes?” – something pretty amazing begins to happen.

To Be Continued – Come back tonight for Part Two of “Dream Together”!

Assignment: Brainstorm and discuss how God can use you and your spouse’s abilities, passions, and experience to serve together.


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    You both have such great things to say! I heartily agree with your advice on this subject.

    My husband and I are involved in a Bible study with other young couples from our church and right now we are studying spiritual gifts, and how to use them in ministry and for God’s glory. A couple weeks ago we went around the room and everyone shared his or her main spiritual gifts. My husband and I both commented that our spiritual gifts complement the other’s almost perfectly. I am strong in areas he is weak in, and he is strong in areas I am weak in. God is so amazing to bring 2 people together who have different strengths, so each spouse can build the other up!


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    My husband and I are enjoying this series, thank you!

    Discussing the Golden rule reminds me of our pre-marital counseling when the counselor said that it’s important to not just practice the Golden rule, but to practice the Platinum rule.

    “Do unto others as they want done unto them.”

    This has been really good for us to remember in our relationship. Boys and girls are different and want to receive love in different ways. It’s natural to show love the way you want to receive it, not the way the other person needs it.


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