Do the Funky Kitchen eBook – Now $2 for a limited time

If you weren’t around yesterday to take advantage of the Funky Fresh Freebie we offered (and to experience all of the shop error craziness!), we’ve still got a great deal for you. For one week, we will be offering Do the Funky Kitchen for just $2.00!

As a part of our month of the Funky Fresh Kitchen, we hope that this eBook will inspire you to de-clutter, clean out, and organize your kitchen so that it will be fresh and functional!

$2.00 when you use the code FUNKY

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Sale ends Wednesday, September 12.

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  1. Susan Wright says

    I was unable to download the book yesterday. Was your site working properly. At first there was no code in my email. Then the code appeared on your site. But I could never download it. Do you have any way to verify I tried?


  2. Rhoda says

    Started reading your ebook. Can’t wait to finish. Looking forward to all the helps. Thank you for making it available.


  3. Elyse says

    I downloaded it and read it all yesterday – so many practical ideas, thank you! And the chicken references cracked me up. :)


  4. Donna says

    Would love to try the Redmond Sea Salt and Clay. Just love your site Laura. Thanks for being such a great encouragement!!!


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