Crustless Pizza


Do you like how I cleaned up the crusty baked-on edges of the pie plate before snapping the shot?
Oh my bad.  I was thinking of another picture I didn’t take.

Sometimes, I just don’t feel the need to have grains or carbs with every meal. I’ve been learning to listen more to my body and to give it what it needs – or to not give it what it doesn’t need.

I have especially become more aware of my body’s nutritional needs since I began working out regularly. There are times I find my body screaming for protein. Other times, I can tell that if I don’t get some carbs in me, I am not going to feel well. Later, I might be craving a huge salad or an orange.

I’m not sure how to explain away yesterday’s chocolate chip cookie. Cookies. Plural. Did my body need them? Yes I think so. But of course, not really.

One day recently, while making pizza for my family, I found that I was not hungry for the crust. That day, I was just in it for the meat and veggies. Therefore, I cooked up some hamburger meat with mushrooms, sweet peppers and onions, stirred in some sauce, spread it in a pie plate, and topped it with cheese. I put it into the oven with the regular pizzas I had made, just long enough to melt the cheese the way I wanted it.


In case you ever find yourself short on time and not able to make a crust, or if you simply don’t want a pizza crust on your pizza – I highly recommend the Crustless Pizza. So incredibly tasty.

Ever tried this before? 



  1. Vicki Ronsick says

    You can skip the crust by using the ground meat for the crust. Just mix the raw meat, an egg, some coconut flour (if you are grain free, if not any kind of flour) and pat or roll it real thin on a pizza pan. Bake in oven on low – like 275 for 15 minutes. Pull it out and treat it like you would a pizza. Add sauce, cheese and veggies – you’ve already got the meat! You’ll need to bake it again to cook the veggies some and melt the cheese. Pizza for those that wish to avoid grains or don’t feel like they need them!


  2. Donna says

    I do this all the time when I serve my family pasta. We usually make a meat based sauce. I will either have a small bowl of just sauce (like soup) if I have added extra veggies, or have it with a green salad, or over julienned zucchini when I do not feel like having the wheat or rice noodles. Thankfully my family likes spaghetti squash so I can serve that as well for variety.


  3. Linda says

    I’ve been taking 8 oz ground beef, flatten in large frying pan, very thin, fry on one side, at the same time as I am frying onions and hot banana peppers, all around outside of large burger, then I turn over the burger, add the onions and hot banana peppers on top of it, then either shredded cheese, or slices of pepper jack cheese. cover with lid, until melted. then remove onto a large plate and cut like a pizza, and enjoy.


  4. Charity says

    That’s how I feel about pasta, sandwiches, pizza… just about anything. I usually just put up with the bread part because I don’t want more dishes. I do however make a crustless greek quiche! I can’t stand the crust on a quiche!


  5. says

    Such a simple solution I am ashamed to say I’ve overlooked it. I’m just now getting to a mindset where I’m making what’s good for my body and trying to keep the family happy at the same time. But I definitely don’t like making two separate meals. I can think of many instances where this will make me so much happier to eat what’s for dinner. Thank you!


  6. Laura says

    I was following a lower carb diet than the rest of my family last month, so on pizza night, I just steamed up some broccoli, put all of my pizza toppings on it and baked that. It was delicious! My husband even asked if he could eat my leftovers. :)


  7. says

    It’s summer and that means zuchinni galore! I sometimes enjoy using a half of zuchinni (how do you spell that dumb squash) as the base. Pizza boats. But usually, I just love crust.


  8. CHERYL says

    I make a pizza casserole all the time. I brown 1 lb of ground beef with lots of onions. when done, I mix in the pizza sauce, then spread on the bottom of the baking dish. Top with cheese and pepperoni and or any of your favorite toppings. Usually meats go on first and veggies on top. Bake at 400 until cheese is hot and melted.


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