Crock Pot Barbecue Chicken ~ Freezer Cooking Week Two

Hopefully, you’ve knocked out cooking your whole chicken and making chicken broth, plus made a double batch of Black Bean Chicken Nachos for the freezer. If you’re just joining us for the Freezer Cooking Challenge, that’s great! You can get started here.

Today is going to be just as easy as yesterday when it comes to prepping a meal for tonight’s dinner along with putting a meal (or two) into the freezer for another time. All you need to do is throw chicken into the crock pot, cover with bbq sauce, and let the crock pot do your work for you. Once your chicken is done, use a portion as part of tonight’s dinner. Allow the rest to cool, then put into a jar or freezer bag. Place it in the freezer (clearly labeled) for a day you don’t have time to cook.

Here’s the recipe you’ll need for today:  Crock Pot Barbecue Chicken Breasts

bbq chicken dinner

As you can see, I chose to serve our Bbq Chicken on buns with cheese melted on top. We had a busy evening with soccer practices, so setting these out on the table with fresh pineapple, carrots, and cucumbers made a quick meal for us to grab on the fly. The rest of the chicken is now in the freezer, waiting for another day when I can pull it out to use.

I hope you’re beginning to see how easy freezer cooking can be! Coming up next:  Bacon Wrapped Cream Cheese Chicken (recipe in {Healthy} Make-Ahead Meals and Snacks eBook)

How are you doing with the challenge so far this week?


  1. Charlotte Moore says

    I did lots of cooking Monday but it didn’t make it to the freezer. Ha!!! I made baked beans and baked bean casserole. Made a double recipe of spaghetti and meat sauce. Grilled around 25 hamburger patties and 7-8 pieces of chicken breast too. We had the kids and grandkids plus the great grandbaby over for supper. We were having burgers, baked beans, and salad for our meal.

    10 patties, 4 containers of spaghetti and 2 containers of baked bean casserole went back to Charlotte,NC when our son left to go back. We have enough spaghetti, baked bean casserole and chicken that I put bbq sauce on to do us for a few meals. Now i don’t have to cook for a few days. NICE!! Sometimes I freeze it and take it to him in Charlotte when we go there.


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