Covenant Ranch Trucking – Delivering for Azure Standard. Can You Benefit From Their Services?

You have hopefully noticed this nice ad over in my sidebar:

Proudly delivering for Azure Standard

If you’ve been reading here long, you know how much I love ordering groceries from the health food co-op, Azure Standard.

I just wanted to take the time to explain a little bit about what Covenant Ranch Trucking is to see if they are able to benefit you where you are.

Covenant Ranch Trucking is a family owned, family friendly business that delivers many Azure Standard routes such as:

  • To CO (on the 70 and south of the 70 coming down the 25 into NM).
  • To NM ( north of the 40 heading east into TX)
  • To IA (eastern IA is covered by us. The rest of IA is another family)
  • To TX, KS, MO, AR, OK, IL, IN, and TN
  • One drop in LA (Shreveport) and one drop in OH (Cincinnati)
  • If none of these locations matches where you live, you can read more on this post to see if Azure delivers to your area.

Here is what Mrs. Joseph Wood, who has been working with me on this to get the word out about her family business, has shared with me. 

Let me share with you some of the ways we are hoping to be a blessing to others as well as grow the routes and spread Azure Standard.

We would like to give 5.00 GC to those that are willing to share five referrals with us. They can be friends that are interested in Azure, Health food stores, Chiropractors, Homeschool groups or anyone else they would like us to share with. We only ask that they first ask permission to share the persons information with us. We only want to share with those that are truly interested in hearing more. We will also give each of their five friends a GC for five dollars off. (Contact information:  mrsjosephwood at

Azure Standard is unable to compensate drop managers due to federal tax regulations. However, as a company, Covenant Ranch Trucking, we are offering all our drop managers free shipping for their order for each month they meet our average drop total of 3000.00 (that is the average drop on our routes). We will help advertise a drop on FB, on the blog, send catalogs, flyers or assist in any other way. We hope that it is  a blessing to those that volunteer their time to serve in their community. Also, if they refer someone who starts a drop that drops total goes toward their 3000.00 as well! It really is easy to do. Again this is coming from Covenant Ranch Trucking so it is only available on our routes.

We are also always looking for men with integrity who have their CDL to drive for us. We can’t expand without the drivers. We a family friendly company and give our drivers one week off every month to be at home with their families. We also pay extra on our insurance so children and spouses can come along on the routes.

Hopefully many of you will be benefited by their services. I’ve never once been disappointed with Azure Standard, and love that so many of you will have the delivery service of Covenant Ranch Trucking.

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  1. Aimee says

    I noticed that KY wasn’t on your list.. Maybe you could update it? We’ve been getting deliveries in Kentucky since January of this year. Thanks. :)


    Laura Reply:

    The list is specific to Covenant Ranch Trucking – do they deliever to you in KY?


    Mrs Joseph Wood Reply:

    Yes! We sure do! KY is on our routes- we would love to see it grow!


  2. Aimee says

    I thought so…we’re on the same route as the TN deliveries. I’ll have to check now!


    Aimee Reply:

    Just checked and Wade Wilbanks is our driver!


  3. says

    Loved your bat story.
    Covenant Ranch Trucking brings our order to Azle, TX and have always been prompt and been communicative when they were going to be delayed.
    I would highly recommend Azure Standard and Covenant Ranch trucking.


    Mrs Joseph Wood Reply:

    Thank you for your kind words Shirley


  4. says

    I agree! I have been ordering groceries online from Azure Standard. They have truly made shopping easy and have been so far effecient in their deliveries. Thanks to them and Covenant Ranch trucking.


  5. Karis says

    Wait, they have a drop in Cincinnati OH?!? How did I miss that?


    Mrs Joseph Wood Reply:

    Yes! We sure do! Did you get the drop information you need?


    Karis Reply:

    Well I currently live in California and get Azure here but I’m from Dayton Ohio (45 minutes from Cincinnati) and know some of my friends would be interested most likely if they could make the drive. I’ll have to get more info and let them know


  6. Trisha says

    I can’t tell you how badly I wish there was a drop in Wisconsin :(.


    Mrs Joseph Wood Reply:

    Trisha, I am actually working on getting a route there! Would you like to help me spread the word? Email me and I can share what TN did that got them added so quickly.


  7. says

    How far north in Indiana does the route go? We are located 45 minutes north of Fort Wayne, in northeast Indiana. Lots of folks up here would love Azure Standard delivery, I believe!




    Mrs. Joseph Wood Reply:

    Hi Joy! Yes, we delivery to Fort Wayne. Give me a call and I would be happy to help you! 785-380-0034


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