Cooking Whole Pumpkins


My children have informed me that we should have pumpkin pie more often (why wait till Thanksgiving?!).  And pumpkin pancakes. And pumpkin muffins (chocolate chip or cream cheese, take your pick).

And so, since I acquired another couple of pumpkins last week, I have them in the oven today so that I can be on top of my pumpkin game. It’s not just the kids who want these treats. There’s just something about rain, soggy leaves, and wind that make me want to bake pumpkin recipes.

I wanted to remind you about the post on my site detailing how to easily cook a whole pumpkin. It’s the easiest way to make pumpkin puree – you won’t even chop off any of your fingers!!  Plus this method turns out a puree super delicious and perfect for all your pumpkin recipes.

So kids, pumpkin pie…coming up!

What’s your experience with making pumpkin puree? Ever cooked a whole pumpkin before? Do it!!


  1. Lee Ann says

    I have shared this method with so many people! This year I was even able to put 10 pie pumpkins in my oven at once. That’s a lot of pumpkin – and a lot of mess. But still so much easier than the old way of cutting/scooping first.


  2. says

    I usually use the bake and scoop method, but last time I tried to pare the pumpkin first and wrote a whole blog post about the frustrating experience. I’ll be baking them from now on!


  3. says

    Hi Laura. I crock-pot my pumpkin. I love that I don’t have to keep an eye on the pumpkin, and I can get to it when I can. I even let it cool in the crock-pot, and then scoop the soft pumpkin back into the crock pot where I just stir it, and it’s puree. If someone wanted to, they could use an immersion (stick) blender, but it’s so easy. Blessings! Sonja


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