I love receiving your emails! They are one of the highlights of my day (and a great distraction to all of my dirty dishes).

You can email me at:  laura at heavenlyhomemakers dot com

I receive a very large volume of email each day. Thank you for your patience as I work through them!  Occasionally, I hold on to email questions to address in a future blog post so that others can hear the answer too. And sometimes I get so behind in answering questions I have to throw my hands in the air, blow you all kisses, and pray you understand why I never responded to your email. Ugh, but I do try! :)

You may also want to double check that I haven’t already answered your question on an older post. Use that nice little search box on my side bar and type in some key words to see if that helps. Or click on my “Homemaking” link at the top of my site to see if you find your answers in that way.

I’ll look forward to hearing from you!

To those inquiring about guest posting: I am not accepting any guest posts at this time as this does not fit into my content schedule. Thanks!