“Christmas Clean Up” Giveaway from Tropical Traditions

If you’ve read here long, you know that I love Tropical Traditions. Their coconut oil is the best I’ve found. (And in fact, Tropical Traditions is offering everyone a FREE jar of their Organic Virgin Coconut Oil right now!! Read about that here.)

But did you know they also carry a line of wonderful non-toxic cleaners?  I use their All-Purpose Cleaner and Oxygen Bleach and love them both. I had never tried their Dishwasher Detergent, so they sent me a big jug of it to try. I love that it has no scent and that it is as pure as they come. When it comes to washing my dishes, I much prefer something that does not contain harmful chemicals! I found that this works great in my dishwasher! (Don’t ask me how many times a day I have to run my very full dishwasher.)

As much as we all love Christmas time – it can kind of leave a mess behind. Tropical Traditions thought maybe offering you a package of some of their finest non-toxic cleaners would be perfect for this time of year. Included in this giveaway package is:

To enter this giveaway, leave a comment on this post. For an additional entry, sign up to receive the Tropical Traditions Newsletter.

I’ll draw one random winner on Friday, December 28. Be watching for a post stating the winner as you will be responsible for contacting me if your name is chosen!

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  1. Brandette W. says

    I love a clean house, especially before a holiday like Christmas. It helps me relax and enjoy instead of stressing over a mess.


  2. Aimee says

    Our family has made the decision to go “green” in our home as much as possible. No chemicals for us! As a family of 6 we go through a lot of products and I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the opportunity to win these products! Thank you for the opportunity and God Bless.


  3. Heather Anne says

    Because of your recommendation, I am a faithful user of Tropical Traditions Coconut Oil. I have not yet tried their cleaners but can only imagine they are great! Wonderful giveaway! :)


  4. Amy O. says

    Because of your recommendation, I started using Tropical Traditions products several months ago. Thank you for the opportunity to sign up for freebies!


  5. Michelle Terry says

    I’d love to win. I’m always looking for safe products that are effective and don’t cost an arm and a leg!


  6. Brighid says

    Sounds like a good idea! I know between entertaining and cooking up a storm, I’ve been doing a lot of cleaning these days.


  7. says

    I like their window/glass cleaner and their deoderant. Have been using Biokleen’s oxy bleach for years, but trying another brand would be great. I’m also interested in their dishwasher soap, since I’ve got a toddler…

    Great giveaway!


  8. cyndee king says

    I just start to order my cocount oil from them and would love to have a Chance to try the cleaning items. Didn’t know they sold them. So excited:)


  9. Crista C says

    I ordered the Tropical Traditions coconut oil products. I can’t wait for it to come in and I signed up for their newsletter.


  10. Nia says

    OOOH! So exciting. I am just looking into non toxic products produced commercially instead of making my own. BTW in my search, I found your homemade hand soap recipe. Didn’t know that about you. It is encouraging.


  11. Lisa C. says

    I started using their coconut oil and palm shortening this year,thanks to you! Would love to try their cleaning products.


  12. Schmidty says

    I, too, love Tropical Traditions coconut oil (and their honey too!) …and would love to try their cleaners. Thanks, and Merry Christmas!


  13. momx2 says

    See, I didn’t even know they had cleaning supplies! I’ll have to try the dishwasher detergent. Thanks for introducing me to Tropical Traditions, my daughter loves the honey we buy from them. She calls it the “honey that I like.” I can’t imagine a honey I don’t like, but she has a definite preference.


  14. Karen Dee says

    This is the best yet! I use and LOVE their cleaning products. Even use the all purpose cleaner on my dog! I’d love to win it!


  15. Jodi says

    I would like to try all of these products. It is difficult to find “natural” products that actually work. I typically use vinegar for all cleaning.


  16. Stephanie says

    Ah! I’ve tried making my own cleaners, but I still haven’t quite figured out what works the best…I would love to try this out! Thanks for a chance to win :)


  17. Micah says

    I’ve never tried their dishwasher detergent, but would like to. I order a 5-gallon bucket of coconut oil when they have free shipping!


  18. Karen says

    Great give away. I have never tried their cleaning products and would like to try them. I already use their coconut oil and other products.


  19. Charlotte Moore says

    I would love to try their cleaning products. I do buy my oil and unsweetened coconut from them. A wonderful company.

    I am on their list already.



  20. Jen Westphal says

    I love TT! I am already on their mailing list, but I would love to be entered for this drawing. I’ve not tried their cleaning products yet but would like to!


  21. Mary D says

    I usually make my own cleaning supplies, but I would love to try these products. Thanks for the chance at the giveaway.


  22. Jen says

    I love Tropical Traditions. It’s my go to place for organic, jarred tomato sauce and paste when they have free shipping.


  23. Dawn O says

    I’ve ordered from them before and am on their list – haven’t tried the cleaning products yet but they sound great!


  24. Soccy says

    Would Love to try out these products. I’ve been trying hard to make a dishwasher detergent that works but have not succeeded.


  25. Rhoda says

    Thank you for the give away. Would love to try out their other products. Am allergic to coconut, but gave the coconut oil a try anyways just in case. Already get their newsletter.


  26. tracy says

    I would love to win these cleaning products because im oxygen and all other cleaners make me not be able to breathe or cough. Would love to try something natural. Thanks


  27. Cheri M says

    My move to a cleaner, less toxic home has been a bit sketchy. Making my own cleaning and health care products has been hit or miss, so this package would be great. A few less items to hope actually work would be a much needed time saver for this “germ phobe”!!


  28. Christine says

    I would love to win these products. I already have tried and liked their coconut oil, thanks to your recommendation.


  29. Kathleen Davis says

    I would love to try all of their products!! Thank you for the ooportunity!! I am going to sign up now for the newsletter!


  30. Lorinda says

    I would enjoy trying a more natural dishwashing peoduct. I’ve tried their coconut oil. Laura, you mention that you run your dishwasher several times a day. How well does this dishwashing product work on dishes that sit in the dishwasher waiting for a full load?


  31. Cordelia says

    I would love these items. Better always to go all natural!


    jenny Reply:

    I wanna try the all purpose cleaner!


  32. jenna j says

    I would love to try these out! I’ve been trying to make my own dishwasher detergent for a while and it never seems to turn out!


  33. Tara High says

    This is a very cool giveaway!! I ordered my free coconut oil too!! I have been waiting to try the oil for quite some time. This a great deal and a great way to try it! I’m so excited!


  34. Janet says

    I so want to try these products. I have been slowly trying to change over to all natural and non toxic cleaners wherever I can.


  35. Michelle B. says

    This looks awesome. I’m always on the hunt for more natural household cleaners. And I love Tropical Traditions!


  36. skc says

    So thankful for the Tropical Traditions Company and their integrity and great products….love their coconut oil. It would be great to be able to try other products from them like their cleaners.


  37. Lisa O says

    I would love to try their products. I keep trying to find products that are “green” and do the cleaning they are suppose to do. I would love to try Tropical Traditions, maybe they will be “The One”. Thanks for the opportunity to try and win.


  38. Karen says

    I began making my own cleaners this past year, but still have some things I just cannot get clean. I’d love to try a more professional product that is still safe for our family.


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