Chocolate Milk on my Grocery List (In Your Dreams, Kid.)

My 15-year old is quiet. Very, very quiet. But his sense of humor comes out in many ways every day, probably made extra funny because he sits so quietly, then suddenly opens his mouth with something so unexpected that catches us all off guard.


I laugh out loud frequently at this kid. At all my kids. I mean with them. Not at them. Well, both. What can I say?

Here’s one of Elias’ favorite quiet funny tricks, and you would think it would cease to be funny after so many grocery lists, but nope. I LOL every time, mostly because I don’t know how it is that he manages to sneak his pen to my paper before I head to the grocery store. Every. Single. Time.

I prepare my Walmart list by looking at to see what great deals I can get this week. I scratch down everything I want to look at, add anything extra we’re out of, and let the boys know I’ll be heading out.

I get to the store, start to make my way through the list, and there it is. Every time, that kid has added: Chocolate Milk.

chocolate milk

It’s like I take a little piece of him with me every time I grocery shop.

I mean, it never hurts to ask, right? The power of suggestion is huge. But it sure is too bad that I NEVER, EVER GIVE IN. Not once have I put the jug of chocolate milk into my cart.

I get home from the store, the boys all unload the van, and without fail I hear, “Oops, Mom. Looks like you forgot the chocolate milk again.”

Yep, sure did.

Ahh, my Elias.

Never mind the fact that I can make him homemade chocolate milk. He claims that he doesn’t like it, because sure, if you’ve had the store-bought syrupy version, a less-sweet version may not cut it when you’re 15.

A Happy Chocolate Milk Solution

We just discovered a win-win. The Javita Dollar Coffee Club we started a few months ago, which offers healthy herb-infused coffee, tea, and flavored water just reintroduced their Focus Fusion Cocoa. So in honor of Elias (and everyone else in my family who loves chocolate, which is everyone else), I added some to our AutoShip order. “Maybe,” I thought, “Maybe this will do the trick for everyone’s chocolate milk cravings.”

javita chocolate33

It does. I win. Chocolate Milk has ceased to make its way onto my grocery list, but something else has replaced it because the cleverness of my children didn’t go away when Javita hit our home. Details below.

Confession: I am a tiny bit disappointed with the ingredients listed in the Javita Cocoa Fusion. I feel 100% good about every other Javita drink, from the coffee to the tea to the strawberry lemonade “Flex” to the very berry “Defend.” They include even-better-than-organic ingredients, and are full of wonderful, healing herbs that offer many health benefits.

The Cocoa Fusion also has healing herbs and offers health benefits. It just also happens to have sugar. So boo for that. But hey, this means my kid will drink it. And so…

I’ve decided that the Cocoa Fusion will be a compromise drink that we’ll enjoy sometimes (but not as freely as I let my family enjoy all the other Javita drinks). It’s many times better for us than any store-bought hot chocolate or chocolate milk. It contains wonderful herbs that are fabulous for concentration, memory, brain health, thinking skills, and focus.

javita chocolate1

It tastes good hot or cold, and all of my sons love it.

So while I’ll continue to give big shout outs to the health benefits of the Javita coffee, tea, and flavored waters, and wholeheartedly endorse them with no reservation – I’ll give a “better than” wink to their cocoa. Add it to your monthly auto-ship for a fun treat that will also provide health benefits and a brain boost.

javita chocolate22

So now that we’ve got the chocolate milk situation figured out at our house, Elias no longer needs to sneak the words “chocolate milk” onto my grocery list.

Never fear though. Now’s he’s started writing in “Ice Cream.”

Good try, Kid. Good try.


How to join our Javita Dollar Coffee Club

Want to give these great drinks a try? The least expensive option is to purchase with Auto-Delivery so that you only have to pay a dollar per drink. Each month after that you can adjust, add, subtract drink options at any time before your next delivery.

  1. Click here, then on “Experience the Products.”
  2. You can look through the various drinks and check out each of their ingredients, then click on “Order Now.”
  3. Select the country where you life (United States is at the top left).
  4. Click on “Build Your Own” to select any of the products you are interested in for your family. (If you order 2-5 boxes, shipping is free!)
  5. Once you’ve added your selections to the cart, proceed with the check-out process.
  6. Again, each month you can make adjustments to your auto-delivery to fit your family’s needs!

P.S. Read here to learn 6 Unexpected Blessings I’ve Experienced Thanks to Javita Drinks.


  1. Karen says

    My daughter takes my list every. single. time. for REALS and writes ‘candy’ on the list. It’s the same reply from me, ‘In your dreams, kid!’


    Laura Reply:

    Ha!!!! That’s fabulous. It never hurts to ask (a thousand times).


  2. Marie says

    Hilarious! What? So you really don’t buy ice cream? I guess that’s true. You don’t really talk about ice cream in your post. That’s something I should consider…After the twins’ birthday next week…4 of 5 of my kids request ice cream dessert (basically 9×13 pan w/ chocolate cookie crust w/ 1/2 gallon of their favorite ice cream, topped w/ fudge sauce & more cookies crumbled on top) for their birthday parties, not cake. If I had to homemake all that ice cream…We would eat it a lot less, which would be much better for all of us!


    Laura Reply:

    Oh, I actually do buy ice cream sometimes (certainly more often than chocolate milk!). I just won’t buy it every time I go to the store, aka every time Elias puts it on my list. :) :)


    Marie Reply:

    Oh, I see! I love his humor! Just makes a mama’s heart smile!!!


  3. Lesley Lemakos says

    Hahaha! He’s got a sense of humor, for sure! My mom used to tell us to add what we needed to the grocery list. My brother would put “Lamborghini”!


  4. says

    Hilarious!! Kids are so funny, the things they say and do make me laugh so much! Since I have a terrible memory I try to write them all down in a book so I won’t forget:)


  5. Katie says

    Thanks for sharing your fun family, and also thanks for being honest about the hot cocoa mix ingredients. That is disappointing!

    Haha! Those quiet kids are delightful, especially when their deep thoughts comes out. Mine once quietly went around the house (probably after having been told “no” about some things), with the help of a younger brother, and put sticky notes on everything. What did they all say? “No.” “Sorry, but no.” “Nope.” “NO.” Where did he put them? Everywhere. On things like the refrigerator, the chore chart, the doorway, my chair, the stove, the wall….

    I have not been able to have ice cream in a long time, as I need to stay away from dairy, nuts, and many sugars. Walmart sells coconut ice cream now, which is great, but it is loaded with cane sugar. So, an ice cream maker was on my wishlist for a long time. I finally got one for my birthday last month. Going from ice cream on birthdays only, to every couple of weeks when we feel like experimenting (because who makes ice cream recipes with coconut milk and a tiny bit of honey, or maple syrup? Okay, I haven’t googled recipes yet, but seriously, I doubt there is much out there) has been fun.


    Laura Reply:

    Haha! I’m picturing all the sticky notes!! “Sorry, but no.” Haha…


    Katie Reply:

    Boy do I feel sheepish…. You have a perfectly lovely low sugar ice cream recipe on your site. I still need to tweak it (because of coconut milk needing help being thick and creamy), but I stand corrected. There are recipes out there, and closer than I remembered. :)


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