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Don’t forget!  If you purchase our Oh, For Real printed cookbook, you’ll also receive our new 1-2-3 Menu Planning eBook for FREE!

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123 Meal Planning Cover sm

Just want 1-2-3 Meal Planning?  Grab it for just $5.

1-2-3 Menu Planning
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Saturday, August 23 is the final day for this freebie offer – so act now!  Let these helpful resources make your real food cooking life easier!!!!!  Get all the details of this offer here.

Oh, For Real: Real Food, Real Family, Real Easy with 1-2-3 Menu Planning free bonus
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Cost for a book shipped to Canada is $34.05. If you are from Canada or another country outside the U.S., please email me before purchasing. Thanks!

1-2-3 Meal Planning: Hundreds of Real Food, Real Simple Ideas

I am very excited to introduce a brand new resource we recently finished for you!  1-2-3 Meal Planning not only walks you through a super simple menu planning system, it contains over 250 real food, real simple menu ideas.

123 Meal Planning Cover sm

Overwhelmed trying to put healthy meals on the table each day?  Burned out on all your old stand-by meals?  Want to be better at serving fruits and vegetables?  Have limited time to cook?  Well – this eBook is just what you need.

Ideas, ideas, ideas.  This book is full of them.  From fall to winter, spring to summer – these easy, seasonal meal ideas will make you hungry and inspire you.  Best of all, this resource will take the frustration out of thinking so hard about what food to make.

100′s of recipes in the book are auto-linked, which means you can click directly on the link and gain immediate access to the recipe right here on my website.  You can buy this eBook right now and access it right away for just $5.

1-2-3 Menu Planning
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41 Years Old, 42 Jars, and 40% Off. Last Day for Sale!

Remember how I turned 41 on Sunday and how I’m running a 40% off sale in my shop all week to celebrate?  That sale was supposed to end Friday.  I usually throw out a “last day” reminder, but I got distracted yesterday and completely forgot.

Distracted, you ask?  Distracted with what?

canning jars 1

Well, I got on a roll with my canning jars, and I just couldn’t stop.

We’d been given several bags of cucumbers on Wednesday night at church.  On Thursday I made and canned a double batch of Sweet Pickle Relish.  I then canned peaches that Matt and the boys had brought in from one of our peach trees.  Then, since I had cucumbers left after making relish, I tried my hand at dill pickles.  (We haven’t eaten them yet – hope they’re good!)

I had so much fun.  There’s just something so rewarding about seeing all the food fill the jars, knowing my family will be well fed this winter.  36 canning jars later, we wrapped it up for the night.  Then Friday, I made 6 jars full of Super Creamy Peanut Butter to keep in the fridge.  We should be all set with peanut butter for a few weeks now.

canning jars 2

 You like how I dribbled peanut butter all over the outside of the jars,
then didn’t clean it up before snapping the picture?
“Wow, Laura is so clean and neat when she cooks,” said no one.

All that to say, I’ve extended the 40% off sale one more day.  I wanted to give you a “last day” shout out, which means that instead of the last day being Friday, the last day is now Saturday.

Head to our Heavenly Homemakers Shop.  Every downloadable item and eCourse is 40% off – a great deal!  (Printed books are not included in this sale.)  Use the code BIRTHDAY at check-out for your 40% discount.

Shop our 40% off sale now through midnight, August 9.

How You Can Get Our Curriculum Kit Plus Four Other Resources For LESS Than the Cost of the Curriculum

I loved watching this order come through on Monday, knowing the recipient was getting a huge bang for her buck.

shopping cart

See, normally our Learn Your Letters, Learn to Serve complete curriculum kit download is $45.00.  You get a lot in this kit, no doubt.  But this week? Since we’re running a 40% off sale on everything downloadable on our site, you can get the curriculum kit plus several other resources – for LESS than the original cost of the curriculum.

If you’ve been eyeing any of our downloadable items, from ebook to eCourse to curriculum – you must take advantage of this great deal this week.  Use the code BIRTHDAY at checkout to receive 40% off your entire order of downloads.  Note:  All printed items are excluded from this sale.  Watch for fun bonus buys with printed books soon!

Many are taking advantage of this huge discount.  Have you?  Come and get it!!

Get 40% Off All Downloadable Items – Let’s Celebrate My Birthday Together!

I turn 41 this week!  Let’s celebrate with a 40% discount in the Heavenly Homemakers Shop!


Now through Friday, use the code BIRTHDAY to receive a 40% discount on all of our downloadable items (and eCourses).  This means every eBook, every eCourse, every downloadable curriculum kit, every recipe card – it’s all hugely discounted!!

Have you been eyeing our Learn Your Letters, Learn to Serve curriculum?  Grab the download now for just $27!!!  Want to teach your kids to cook?  Grab those curriculum items for just $7.20.  And have you seen the packages we’ve put together at a discounted price?  Well, you can use the 40% off code on those too, getting them for a steal!

This entire package ends up being just $11.97 after the 40% discount!

Please Note:  The 40% discount code is not available for use on any of our printed curriculums or books.  Printed items purchased with the discount code will be refunded.  But don’t worry – we’re working on some special deals for our printed items to offer you very soon!

Scroll through all of our downloadable items and eCourses in the Shop.  Grab all the downloads you want, use the code BIRTHDAY, and receive 40% off your entire purchase.  This offer is good through Friday, August 8.

Have fun, and be blessed!

Head to the Heavenly Homemakers Shop.

Last Day to Get Our 40 Menu Plan Ideas Packet for 50% Off!

Saturday, July 19 is the final day you’ll be able to get Heavenly Homemaker’s 40 Real Food Menu Plans Packet at half off.  Grab yours now!


The 40 Real Food Menu Plans Downloadable Packet includes 40 (of course) real food, real easy menu plans - 10 for each season of the year.  In each menu plan, you’ll find ideas for all 3 meals each day for an entire week.  No need to follow the menu plan to the letter.  Change them as needed to fit your family’s schedules and preferences.  You’ll find most of the recipes included in the menu plans here on the Heavenly Homemakers website (hyperlinks included on the pages!) or in the Oh, For Real Cookbook.

See some sample pages of 40 Real Food Menu Plans Here.

Last day for the discount!!

40 Real Food Menu Plans Downloadable Packet
(use the code HALFOFF for the discount)

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How I Will Blog and Be Away From Home At the Same Time

During the next two and a half weeks, I will be making a quick trip for the 4th of July, then I’ll be out at our church camp with my family.  There is wireless internet at the camp, so we’ll be packing up the laptop to keep up with work as we can.


However, internet can be a little tricky there.  Plus, I plan to spend time with campers and other staff while I’m there instead of working on my computer for several hours each day like I try to do at home.

Here’s what you can expect here during the next two and a half weeks:

  • New posts now and then.  I’ll try to check in here when I can, because two weeks is a long time to be gone and I’ll just miss you all too much if I stay away that whole time.
  • Gratituesday as normal – hopefully.  At the very least, I hope to get online to share how God is working in my life and to praise Him with you on Gratituesday.  If my schedule at camp just doesn’t allow this, or if the internet doesn’t cooperate, we’ll all just be grateful on our own.  :)
  • Older posts re-posted each day.  To date, I have written 3,650 posts for this website.  I bet there are a few you’ve missed here and there, eh?  I’ve picked out some that I think will benefit you to read (or re-read), and scheduled them to pop up throughout the next two weeks.  It’ll be a fun blast from the past!

How can you pray for me?

Oh hey, thanks for asking.  :)  This summer has been great so far, and also very, very full.  I’m a little tired already as I head into these weeks away from home.  I’d love prayer for energy.  But mostly, I need prayer to be fully surrendered to letting God work.  I want the people I’m with to see Jesus shining through me, not myself shining through me.  I struggle with this.  But God is biggest, and He has already won the victory over this battle in my life.  How very gracious of Him to continue working this out in me.

I’ll be praying for you too.

You are all an important part of my life, and I appreciate you.  I want you to know that I pray for you, and will continue to pray while I am away.  Thank you for being a blessing in my life!

Get 6 Heavenly Homemakers eBooks For Just $7.40 – This Week Only

Have you heard of  Each week, subscribers are offered a set of 5 digital books, which can be purchased at a huge discount in either eBook, Kindle, or ePub format.  So first you’re going to want to sign up for the weekly newsletter so you’ll be kept up to date with each new bundle.  Who knows when it might meet a need for you!

I’m excited to share that this week only, all 5 of the books in this bundle are Heavenly Homemaker books!  I hand-picked a bundle of my cookbooks that I thought everyone would enjoy.  Simple recipes, easy homemaking…well, I can’t tell you any more.  You have to go to to see the group of books we put together.

I can tell you that when you purchase the 5 books in the bundle, you’ll get this one for free…

40 Real Food Weekly Menu Plans

I’m super excited that you can get so many of my eBooks for such a low price.  $7.40 for six of my eBooks?  And you can get the Kindle or ePub version if you prefer?  Well, that’s just awesome., 5 eBooks for $7.40!

Go check it out!  Enjoy this fun bundle through Saturday, June 28 only.

Heavenly Homemakers Homemade Vanilla Extract – For Sale Today While Supplies Last

As you know, we very much encourage everyone to try their hand at making  Homemade Vanilla Extract.  It saves money and produces the purest, most delicious vanilla possible!  For those of you who don’t care to make your own, or who are currently making some but waiting for it to finish up, we are excited to once again offer a big batch of our Heavenly Homemakers Vanilla Extract for sale today.

Keep in mind as you see the price that this amount covers our expenses, including shipping – and the most important thing:  You can use half the amount of vanilla called for in recipes because this vanilla is so pure and strong.  Therefore, this bottle of vanilla will last you twice as long as a typical bottle!  Read more here about how to make your own vanilla extract.

We have a limited supply, so this is being offered while supplies last.  Typically, we sell out within just a few hours – so act fast if you want some!  These prices include shipping, so what you see below is the total you’ll pay.  We are only able to ship within the U.S.

4 ounce bottle (only 2 left)
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8 ounce bottle
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Do You Live Close to St. Louis or Nashville? I Want To Meet You!

Our family is hitting the road for a reunion next week.  Along the way, we’d love a chance to meet you if you live in the St. Louis, Missouri or Nashville, Tennessee areas.

We just have a small window of time while our boys are between church camp obligations, otherwise we’d make more stops along the way to meet even more of you.  We have loved our time meeting up with you when we travel!!


You realize, don’t you, that it was at last year’s Meet and Greets I started liking coffee?  :)

Soooooo, can you come, can you come???  Here are the details:


St. Louis Area Meet and Greet:  Panera Bread (actually known as St. Louis Bread Company) located at 2079 Zumbehl Rd, St Charles, MO 63303

Our family will be there on Wednesday, June 18 from 10:00 am to 11:30 am


Nashville Area Meet and Greet:  Panera Bread located at  2534 Powell Ave, Nashville, TN 37204

Our family will be there on Thursday, June 19 from 10:00 am to 11:30 am.


Come if you can so we can hang out and chat.  You are welcome to bring your kids along.  I love meeting them too!


It’s been so much fun to watch your kids interact with my kids during the Meet and Greet times.

A couple of notes:

  • If you live in one of these areas and think it will work for you to be there, would you mind shooting me a quick email?  I’d love to have a point person for each location, just in case I need to call and say, “We’re late but we’re coming – watch for the scatter-brained lady with frazzled hair.”
  • If you don’t email me, you can definitely still come.  Just show up – it will be so fun to see you!
  • I’ll be bringing along some Oh, For Real cookbooks and printed Learn Your Letters, Learn to Serve curriculum in case any of you are interested in buying them without having to pay shipping costs.
  • Sorry for the late notice.  I’m just now getting the details of this trip figured out because I’ve only known about this upcoming trip for 8 months.  {rolls eyes at self}
  • I promise to talk about more than just the subject of butter when we’re together.  Wait.  What else is there?
  • Can’t be there on time?  Just come whenever you can before 11:30.

St. Louis and Nashville friends – I can’t wait to meet you!