Stainless Steel Mesh Strainer – 60% off Plus a Giveaway

I remember when I was first switching out non-healthy with healthy back when I was learning about everything from real butter to Teflon to raw milk to stainless steel. A little overwhelming? Only since I needed to throw pretty much everything out of my kitchen and start over. No big deal.

I was just at the point of getting stainless steel pots and pans when my friend said, “Now you need to get rid of all those plastic utensils that leach chemicals into your food while you cook.” I thought I would cry. Was there no end to all I needed to replace?

I wish I would have relaxed a little (lot) more then. Switching to healthier cookware and real food was and is super important, but not worth freaking out over. Slowly but surely it’s all been replaced. It didn’t need to change overnight.

Now stainless steel has become a favorite in my kitchen. If it is stainless steel, I love it and know it is safe!

stainless steel strainer

I recently had the privilege of reviewing this ECALOO Stainless Steel Super Fine Mesh Strainer.

It is made well and super helpful for straining small pieces of food out of liquid. I am especially excited to have this on hand for the times I have once again created lumpy gravy! This will save Thanksgiving, no doubt.

stainless steel strainer2

What a great way to strain bacon bits out of grease or small bones out of broth. I’ve only had this in my kitchen for a couple of weeks, but I can tell it is going to be a utensil I reach for over and over!

So two things. First, you can get 60% off this great little tool when you use the code KDAYWV4U through September 15, 2016.

Second, 5 of you have the chance to win one of these ECALOO Stainless Steel Super Fine Mesh Strainers! Leave a comment on this post for a chance to win. I’ll draw 5 random winners on Wednesday, April 6.

Do you love stainless steel?

Mockmill Grain Mill Kitchen-Aid Attachment Giveaway!

Who has a Kitchen Aid?

How nice are they?! I hear nothing but good about Kitchen Aids and guess who doesn’t have one? This girl.

No matter. I’ve gotten along just fine without one all these years and have plenty of other great kitchen appliances that make my life easier. But several months ago, Pleasant Hill Grain contacted me asking if I’d be interested in reviewing their Mockmill Grain Mill Attachment for a Kitchen Aid. I jumped on the idea knowing that many of you have Kitchen Aids and would want to know more about the grain mill attachment.

Enter: My friend Emily. She has a Kitchen Aid.

I gave her my Mockmill Grain Mill attachment in exchange for her experimentation and feedback on the product. How fun to bless a friend with a new toy and to bless you here to with a chance to win one!

Emily was very thorough in her experimentation. She tried both hard and soft wheat. She tested it against my flour that I grind with a Nutrimill. She did blind tests with her husband who didn’t know which flour was which. It was fun to read about her results!

mockmill grain mill

It sounds like overall, Emily liked the Mockmill.

There was a slight difference in the results of grain ground in a Nutrimill and grain ground in a Mockmill. The Mockmill grain was slightly more course – though barely noticeable – especially once stirred into a baked good. She noted that if you’re wanting to switch your family from white flour to whole wheat, you’d probably want to transition them slowly since going straight to whole wheat flour ground in a Mockmill is a pretty drastic change compared to white flour.

Emily read the instructions thoroughly before setting up the Mockmill so that she could use it correctly. She also was careful to clean it correctly – because there are right ways and wrong ways to do this and you never want to get water inside the body. As with anything, there is a learning curve to getting the Mockmill figured out, but it sounds like once you’ve read through the instructions and get used to setting this up and taking it apart, you can do it pretty easily.

Can’t eat wheat? No problem! The Mockmill also grinds non-oily grains, medium-sized beans, corn, and non-oily spices.

And now the fun part!

Pleasant Hill Grain is giving one of you a Mockmill Grain Mill!

If you have a Kitchen Aid and would like to win a free Mockmill Grain Mill, leave a comment here for a chance to win. Want additional chances?

  1. You must leave a comment on this blog post to be entered in the giveaway.
  2. Like Pleasant Hill Grain on Facebook and leave another comment on this post letting us know you did.
  3. Subscribe to our new Homemaker’s Savings Club and leave another comment on this post letting us know you did.

I’ll draw one random winner on Wednesday, March 30. Be sure to check out the Mockmill at Pleasant Hill Grain!

The Great Way We’re Drying our Clothes Now

Did I ever tell you about the time I went for about a year and a half without a working dryer? Our boys were little, money was tight, and our dryer went out. Replacing it seemed like a bad idea at the time since buying groceries was also necessary. A dryer? Neh. I could do without.

And so I did. For over a year. In the spring, summer, and fall I used a clothesline. In the winter though? Oh boy. I had a tiny wooden clothes rack that my mom had used in college. That held a few things, but otherwise I hung or draped clothes and towels and little boy socks all over the house on any surface I could find. It worked. We survived. In the big scheme of things, it wasn’t a terrible hardship.

Eventually we bought a used dryer that is still working for us. (We always buy used appliances, by the way. We’ve learned that people are often trading in their “old” model for whatever is the latest and greatest. “Used” doesn’t always mean “dead.” Usually it just means “costs less.” We’re all over it.) We do at least two loads of laundry each day, so I’m very thankful for a working dryer now!

But for all the clothes we prefer not to put into the dryer, I’m excited to now have the Homestead Drying Rack that Homestead Store sent us a few weeks ago to review. This guy puts my tiny little drying rack to shame. Check it out:

drying rack2

What I like most about this rack is how the rods are so efficiently spaced away from one another. It makes for much easier draping and drying, offering many places to hang our clothing. It’s big, but it grows up instead of out so it doesn’t take up any more space on the floor than my smaller one did. (They also carry an even bigger one, the Homesteader Drying Rack, which looks marvelous!)

Now that the boys are older, they have quite a few items of clothing they prefer not go into the dryer. We’re going to be getting years of use out of this gem, I can tell!

drying rack

Can’t put the nice basketball uniforms in the dryer, of course! 

Homestead Store offers several different sizes of drying racks, and originally I selected the small Tabletop Drying Rack thinking of saving space. I’m so thankful they came back with the suggestion that I try their bigger and most popular Pioneer Drying Rack instead! That is the way to go for a family as big as mine. We put it in our school room (hence the U.S. map on the wall), which works well for us now that the boys are older and only use the school room as a hub for all our books and software (and guitars and video equipment and microphones and…).

One thing to note: Putting this drying rack together was a two-man job. Matt and Elias (our 14-year old) worked together on this project that took just a little longer than we anticipated. It was worth it though. The rack is super sturdy. I have no doubt it will stand up to years of use.

A Homestead Drying Rack Discount!

Homestead Store is offering us all a 10% discount on all drying racks! Use the code homemaker10 for the discount. This offer is good through March 31, 2016. Be sure to check out their Facebook Page while you’re at it. They share some really fun info there!

Special thanks to Homestead Store for being a site sponsor this month and for providing our family with this wonderful drying rack

Win a $50 Gift Certificate to Lilla Rose!!

Time to get excited because TWO WINNERS of this giveaway will each receive a $50 gift certificate to Lilla Rose! (International readers too!)

win $50 gift certificate

What would I do if I had $50 to spend at Lilla Rose? I’d probably pick 2-3 new Flexi-Clips because they are my very favorite way to wear a (painless!) ponytail. I’ve been wearing Flexis almost daily for years now. I have a nice selection to choose from now, and I always get compliments on them because they are so pretty. How nice to get compliments when I spent a total of 8 seconds fixing my hair for the day! (For more info on what a Flexi is and why you’d want one, read Paula’s blog post here.)

With any leftover from my $50, I might pick another set of Bobbies because those are my second favorite way to easily add something fun and pretty to my hair in just a short amount of time.

Not sure what size Flexi-Clip you’d need? Paula, from Lilla Rose, created this awesome Flexi-Sizing Chart for us:

Flexi Sizing

I also recommend watching this helpful sizing video. And if all else fails, you can fall back on the 90-day sizing guarantee for free exchanges.

I can’t say enough great words about Lilla Rose Flexi-Clips. No more wasting money on cheap pony-tail holders that get stretched out after two wears. Flexi-Clips last forever, are easy to use, don’t pull your hair, and they’re pretty!

Leave a comment on this post for a chance to win one of two $50 Gift Certificates to Lilla Rose, compliments of Paula.

Want more chances to win?

Paula is also offering all of us a shipping rebate special:

Special offer for Heavenly Homemakers’ readers only!  Receive a standard shipping rebate on your order of $25 or more!* 

*Place an order of $25 or more through Paula’s website (be sure the checkout page says you are a guest of Paula Ramm or Coastal Conservatory), then email her to receive a rebate of your standard shipping cost, payable through Paypal! Say that Heavenly Homemakers sent you! Offer expires March 4,  2016. Valid for both new and Paula’s returning customers in the U.S. and international, but if you already have another Lilla Rose consultant, please stay with her; I’m sure she will appreciate it! Thank you!

Be sure to leave a comment for a chance to win a gift certificate. I’ll draw two random winners Tuesday, March 1. 

Character Badges: Something You Might Want to Check Into for Your Family in the New Year (With a Giveaway!)

Right now Christmas is on our minds. If you’re like me, a few days after all the Christmas fun calms down, I’ll start thinking about fresh beginnings and settling into a new year.

Cleaning and organizing always rank high on my list during the new year craze. But I also start thinking more about what my kids need. After all, they’ve just experienced presents, extra sugar, and lack of routine during Christmas break. Usually after Christmas I need to crack down and be a little more intentional in our conversations. I need to be more consistent in following through with consequences for disobedience.

Here’s something I highly recommend you looking into to get started with your kids when 2016 rolls around:

Character Badges

From their website:

character badges2

I had the opportunity this week to look over the complete package of Character Badges. It has everything a parent needs to set up a consistent, intentional training system for their kids. It encourages good behavior (based on Biblical principles) and discourages disobedience and poor attitudes.

Based on my (18 years!!?!) parenting experience while looking over the kit, I would highly recommend this for ages 12 and under. Our youngest is almost 11 (though I might be in denial about this). The Character Badges package would have benefited our family a ton just a few years ago when my boys were all small. This perfectly fits our family’s intention to not only raise kids to “be good” but to have kind hearts and obedient spirits. What a great item for families who seek to train their kids well!

character badges

Some highlights I’d like to point out about Character Badges:

  • This system is simple, yet thorough.
  • It will take some time for the parent to read through the details of this system. I recommend taking the time. The instruction manual will help set you up for success. Once you’ve gotten used to the system, executing it will be easy.
  • You can custom fit this system to meet your individual family’s needs. For that matter, you can tailor fit it to each individual child.
  • The quality of these materials is top notch. Everything is well made and will hold up well.
  • Each character building goal has a Bible example to go with it. That’s my favorite part!

Character Badges is giving away a Character Badges Complete Set (worth $47.99) to one of you who leaves a comment on this post!

I’ll draw one random winner on Monday, December 21. Be watching for a post stating the winner as you will be responsible for contacting me if your name is chosen!

Character Badges is also offering us all a 10% discount on any order!

Use the code HH10 to receive the discount. This offer is good through December 31, 2015.

Be sure to leave a comment for a chance to win this giveaway!

My Favorite Things Christmas Giveaway!


We did this last year and it was crazy fun – so let’s do it again! 14 bloggers are giving away their favorite things. I’m joining. It’s like a Christmas party in our pjs.

Favorite Christmas Things

Thriving Home // 2. Happy Home Fairy // 3. Intoxicated on Life // 4. Mommy Hates Cooking // 5. Nourishing Joy // 6. Kitchen Stewardship // 7. Tried and Tasty // 8. Heavenly Homemakers // 9. Living the Nourished Life // 10. Brilliant Business Moms // 11. Gwen’s Nest // 12. Keeper of the Home // 13. The Nourishing Home // 14. Take Them a Meal

You’ll want to click over to visit all the giveaways to enter for a chance to win! And now….

Heavenly Homemakers Favorite Things Giveaway

If I had one minute to pull some of my favorite things off the shelf and gift them to you – what would I choose? What are some of the things I use at my house daily?

Out of my original list of about 40 things, I narrowed this giveaway down to 6. I mean, you can’t have my Bible, I already drank your coffee, and our cat is staying where she is. But guess what I did decide to include in this giveaway??

My Favorite Things Christmas Giveaway

Isn’t that list gorgeous?! I love all of these items and use them constantly at my house. I mean, while wearing a Flexi-Clip in my hair I will grind flour in my Nutrimill, use that very flour along with either Coconut Oil or Palm Shortening to make something delicious, then wash my hands with Coconut Oil Soap and rub on some BeeSilk. As you can see, not only do I use these products daily, sometimes I use them all at the same time within a thirty-minute time period!

One of you who leaves a comment on this post will have a chance to win a big package of all these products.

That really is all it takes to sign up for this giveaway. Leave a comment. I like to keep things simple around here. :) I’ll draw one random winner for this giveaway on Monday, December 14.

Something for Everyone!

I want to take a minute to welcome everyone who has clicked over here from another blog in this fun giveaway party. New to Heavenly Homemakers? Hi! We want to get to know you better. We want you to stick around. We want to give you free stuff. :)

You’ll soon learn that around here, we like to laugh while eating butter. I mean, there’s more to it than that, but that pretty much covers the basics. Please get your butter sticks and plan to come visit again and again.

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More about the bloggers

Be sure to go enter all the giveaways in this blog hop! Allow me to introduce you…

thriving-home-logo-FINAL-WEBAt Thriving Home, Polly and Rachel strive to encourage moms to thrive in every area of home life. They try to keep it real when it comes to sharing about healthy recipes, raising little people, growing in their faith, freezer cooking and various other topics that motherhood and life may bring their way.


MHCLogoMommy Hates Cooking is a national cooking and lifestyle website that encourages families to take back the dinner table. Through her easy-to-prepare (yet looks like you spent all day in the kitchen) meals and her knack for breaking down meal planning, Kristy has become the busy-mom’s resource for the modern family.

header march 2015The Nourished Life is all about approaching health and wellness from a place of balance. Getting healthy should not be another source of stress in your life! We tackle everything from metabolism to body image to emotional wellness to DIY beauty. If you’re ready to break up with stress and body hate, and embrace a healthier approach to, well, being healthy, then our community might be the perfect fit for you. is a free online tool designed to coordinate the delivery of meals to loved ones in times of illness, new birth, loss of a loved one, etc. Meals are a tangible, meaningful way to show support and our website simplifies the process of coordinating so your time and energy can be spent caring for loved ones.

tnt-square-logo1_1024 is a recipe website where fun, conversational writing is paired with top notch food photography. Join Yvonne as she warmly welcomes you into her kitchen and shows you how to wow your tastebuds!

logoLaura Coppinger and her husband have four sons ages 10-18. is dedicated to inspiring women daily with healthy (and easy!) recipes, homemaking tips, spiritual encouragement, and good ol’ clean fun.

gn_square_logo_nobkgGwen is a busy Mama, a foodie who wants to be healthy, a southern girl, and an artist at heart who blogs at Gwen’s Nest. She shares recipes that taste amazing and also happen to be healthy, her research and experience with home remedies and herbs, ideas and tips on staying creative at home, and insights into life from her nest. Pop over and say hello!

NourishingJoyLogo - intentionalNourishing Joy is dedicated to real food and natural living. We’re on a mission to equip and inspire parents like you with the tools to make intentional, thoughtful decisions – that work for YOUR family – easy. Or at least easier.

Kitchen Stewardship header for newsletterKatie Kimball is on a mission to make real food and natural living possible for everyone. Kitchen Stewardship strives to present healthy living in bite-sized baby steps, challenging people to make positive changes in their kitchens without being overwhelmed, and providing tools to balance a family’s health, budget, time and the environment.

IOL_Header_DesignIntoxicated on Life is about raising strong families—body, mind, and soul. Rich and readable, Intoxicated On Life offers parents timely advice about how to have a healthy family in a world full of unhealthy choices, including books and articles about nutrition, natural remedies, wholesome parenting, and home education.

brilliantbusinessmomspodcastheader300by300Brilliant Business Moms: Sarah Korhnak and Beth Anne Schwamberger are sisters, podcasters, and big dreamers! They interview Mamapreneurs each week who are growing a business while spending time with their families. They’re the authors of Time Management Mama, the creators of the Brilliant Business Planner, and your biggest cheerleaders when it comes to growing an online business.

TNH Grab buttonThe Nourishing Home provides family-friendly GF recipes, free weekly whole food meal plans, helpful cooking tips and techniques, and lots of encouragement to help you in your journey to live a more nourished life.

KOTH-logo (1)Keeper of the Home is a community of women in all seasons of life… newly married, young mama’s with babies, teens all the way up to young adulthood and beyond. We are passionate about being diligent and intentional “keepers of our home”. Enthusiastic about natural and healthy living, we are stewarding our health and the earth, as well as our homes, our times, and our families. In doing this we believe we Honor the Lord. We hope you will join us. Pull up a chair, a warm mug of something delicious, and share this journey with us.


Happy Home Fairy

Julie Brasington is the creator of Happy Home Fairy, a popular blog focusing on encouraging and equipping moms to choose joy on the parenting journey. She shares easy craft ideas, FREE printables, simple recipes, corny jokes, holiday fun, thoughts on raising her 2 boys, and honest, heartfelt messages to uplift the weary mama.

Leave a comment here for a chance to win this Nutrimill, Flexi-Clip, BeeSilk, Tropical Traditions giveaway!

Deborah and Co. Cream Lace Cardigan Giveaway

Deborah and Co. just sent me a new Cream Lace Cardigan to review for you. I think we all know how much I like cream. So am I weird to like a sweater just because it is the color of cream? I think not. After all, I painted my kitchen the color of butter and the trim on my house the color of fudge – so why not wear a cream colored cardigan, right? Of course. (Does everything always have to be about food? Yes, I think it does.)


Isn’t this sweater pretty? In person, I think the color is a bit darker than shown in the picture. Still, it is a very pretty color. I love the lace – which makes it a little dressier while still being casual. The sweater is very soft and comfy. It’s not bulky, but just right to add a nice layer. I plan to wear mine with a layering t-shirt and a scarf.

Deborah and Co. works to provide clothing that is:

  • modest
  • high quality
  • reasonably priced
  • comfortable
  • trendy
  • practical
  • attractive

I love this about Deborah and Co. You might also want to check out their Maternity section and their Little Deborah items (from princess dresses to paper dolls to books). There are some great Christmas gifts in there!

Through December 4, you’ll receive free shipping in the USA on orders of $50 or more. Take advantage of this and use the code HHSHIPFREE for free shipping to apply.

And now for the giveaway! One of you will win a Cream Lace Cardigan, which you can keep for yourself or give as a gift. Who wants to win?! Leave a comment on this post for a chance.

deborah and co

I’ll draw one random winner on Monday, November 30. Be watching for a post stating the winner as you will be responsible for contacting me if your name is chosen.

Lilla Rose Giveaway Winners and How to Get Free Flexi-Clips!


The winners of our Lilla Rose Surprise Flexi-Clip giveaway are:

1) Rosana: rosana.lebron@
2) Melissa Cavanaugh: luckysam7@
3) C. Webb: establishedways@

Ladies, email me and I’ll forward your information on to Paula for your prize!

How to Get a Free Flexi-Clip

These are my favorite hair accessory. I pretty much wear a Flexi-Clip every day of the week except for Sunday (when I actually curl my hair and leave it down!).

Never tried a Lilla Rose flexi before? Paula has a Special offer just for you!  Get a FREE FLEXI-CLIP of your choice, valued up to $16 retail, when you place an order of $40 or more!

*To redeem your free flexi, you must message Paula after placing your qualifying order of $40 or more, excluding tax and shipping, through Paula’s website. Say that Heavenly Homemakers sent you, and that you are a new customer. Offer valid for NEW U.S. and international customers and expires October 23rd, 2015.

Paula also just started Refer-a-Friend program!

international refer friend

International customers: ask Paula about her new “Refer-a-Friend” program to find out how you can earn credit by sharing Lilla Rose with your friends!
U.S. customers:
ask Paula how you can earn free and half-priced product by hosting an online or catalog party!

Win a Free Flexi-Clip ~ Earn Free Flexis ~ Support Above Rubies Women’s Ministry

How long have I been wearing Flexi-Clips? Since I tried and reviewed my very first one back in 2010ish I think? I keep talking about them because it’s one of the products I still love and still use almost daily!

I have loved working with Paula from Lilla Rose for all these years. She’s not just a site sponsor. She’s now my friend. I love how she continues to expand what she’s doing with her Lilla Rose business to bless others. Here’s what she’s up to this time:

Let’s make a difference! All proceeds from purchases made through Paula’s website through this promotional period will be donated to Above Rubies, a ministry to encourage women in their high calling as wives, mothers, and homemakers.

Click HERE to see the full updated list of causes that your purchases have previously helped support.

Paula also just started Refer-a-Friend program!

International customers: ask Paula about her new “Refer-a-Friend” program to find out how you can earn credit by sharing Lilla Rose with your friends!
U.S. customers:
ask Paula how you can earn free and half-priced product by hosting an online or catalog party!

international refer friend

So now let’s talk about some freebies she’s offering. 

This week, Paula is giving away three surprise flexi clips (one to each of three winners) here. Leave a comment on this post for a chance to win one. Flexi-Clips come in all different varieties and sizes – for thin and thick hair. I love how they hold my hair up and never pull or break my hair!

For additional entries, follow Paula or her Lilla Rose board on Pinterest, subscribe to her personal monthly newsletter, and/or join her exclusive Facebook group, Paula’s Super-Awesome Lilla Rose Fan Club! Get hairstyle ideas, see newly-released products, and get members-only special deals and giveaways!

win surprise flexi

And if all of that isn’t already wonderful, Paula is offering this fantastic deal!

Never tried a Lilla Rose flexi before? Paula has a Special offer just for you!  Get a FREE FLEXI-CLIP of your choice, valued up to $16 retail, when you place an order of $40 or more!

*To redeem your free flexi, you must message Paula after placing your qualifying order of $40 or more, excluding tax and shipping, through Paula’s website. Say that Heavenly Homemakers sent you, and that you are a new customer. Offer valid for NEW U.S. and international customers and expires October 23rd, 2015.

I’ll draw three random winners on Wednesday, October 14. Be watching for a post stating the winner as you will be responsible for contacting me if your name is chosen!

Win Shampoo and Conditioner from Maple Holistics

Special thanks to Maple Holistics for sponsoring this post and givaway!. This keeps our site alive, and helps you find healthy products too!

maple holistics

There’s a new shampoo in town (fine, just in my shower, which is still technically in my town so as always, everything I say makes sense). Anyway, I’m loving it. Maple Holistics sent me their Argon Shampoo and Silk18 Natural Conditioner to try out. Lovely! There’s just something so yummy about new shampoo smells.

Now, I like clean hair, but clean and clean don’t always mean the same thing. I love that this shampoo cleans, but doesn’t include harsh ingredients, sulfates, or parabens. Their products are also cruelty free and vegan friendly. So in this case, clean stays clean.

You may see the price on these shampoos and say, ooh, that’s a bit steep! Pure ingredients do cost more, and I’m happy to say that I’ve found that a tiny bit of shampoo in the palm of my hand goes a very long way. This is saying something since I have long hair and only wash it twice a week. My bottle is going to last me for a very long time. I appreciate this!
Maple Holistics would love to offer you a chance to try their products too. One of you who leaves a comment on this post will win a set of shampoo and conditioner of  your choice from their site. For additional entries, you can follow them on Facebook, Tumbler, Instagram, Twitter, and/or Pinterest.
I’ll draw a random winner on Tuesday, September 29. Be watching for a post stating the winner as you’ll be responsible for contacting me if your name is chosen!