Win a Nutrimill Grain Mill from Paula’s Bread! (a 10th Anniversary Celebration!)

One of my very first advertisers here at Heavenly Homemakers was Paula’s Bread. She has been one of the coolest people to work with and our working relationship was perfect from the beginning seeing as I blogged about grinding my own flour – and she provided grain mills!


For years and years we worked together. Her generosity is incredible and always, her customer support for you has been spectacular. I know many of you purchased your very own Nutrimill through her!

nutrimill 2

A lot of loaves of bread have been baked for all of our Heavenly Homemakers families, thanks to Paula. She’s even given a few Nutrimills away through the years. So as we approached our 10-year mark here, I emailed to ask if she’d be willing to offer just one more giveaway for old-times sake.

Good thing she said yes or this would be the saddest post ever. :)

Of course she said yes. She gladly said yes. She’d probably send a free Nutrimill to every single one of you, but a girl’s got to make a living, and she deserves every penny of hers.

Paula is awesome and generous and we can all thank her for her willingness to send one of you a brand new Nutrimill off her shelves! If you’re planning to buy yourself a Nutrimill or ask for one for Christmas, please support Paula’s Bread. Her prices are always competitive and her customer service can’t be beat!

By the way – why do I recommend Nutrimills?

  • Nutrimills are the fastest, strongest, and most efficient grain mill.
  • It consistently produces the greatest quality flour.
  • It has a variable high speed which gives a super fine or course flour – whichever you prefer.
  • The Nutrimill grinds hard and soft wheat, kamut, spelt, hulled buckwheat, oat groats, hulled barley, tritacalae, rye, brown rice, wild rice, popcorn, sorghum, soybeans, split beans, and dried beans

So basically, I don’t know how I would live without mine. I’ve used my Nutrimill every week for the past 12 years and it is still going strong! They are worth the investment and end up saving you money very quickly as you make your own flour for baked goods!

Ready for a chance to win? Enter the Rafflecopter below for a chance! I’ll draw a random winner on Wednesday, November 8, so watch for an email sharing the winner!

A huge thanks goes to Paula’s Bread for providing this great giveaway!

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Rose’s Razors for Women: Affordable, Convenient, Lovely (A Giveaway and a Discount!)

I can only hope that my legs will forgive me. I’ve been a “cheap plastic razor” user since 1985. But I’ve just been introduced to a brand new Rose’s Razors opportunity and suddenly I feel like I’m using a luxury item (without paying luxury prices or even shipping fees!).

Dance for joy

My sister-in-law tried to convert me to a better razor several years ago. “Why are you still using those awful things?” she asked when she saw my pitiful plastic razors. And I said, “Because I get them cheap with coupons.” And she said, “Well I hope you also have coupons for bandaids.”


For some reason, I have felt like buying nice razors for myself was too extravagant. This was one thing I could do without, right? I’d stick with my cheap razors and I’d just be extra careful while shaving. This worked not at all, but you can’t blame a girl for trying. For 32 years. (Yes, from 1985-2017, I just did the math. I don’t know why.)

Well, my SIL will be so proud of me. While I had upgraded from the cheap-cheap razors to a cheap one a few years ago, I still had not even looked beyond those that were pink and flimsy. Then I got a call from Rose’s Razors and here we are, partnering together to fix all of women’s shaving problems, one wonderful razor at a time.

roses razors2

Sound dramatic? Ask my legs how they feel about it. The difference in razors is not an exaggeration. And the difference in price is so tiny it makes this switch a no-brainer.

The Rose’s Razors family worked at length to design and create a handle that is perfect for women. I’m so used to the flimsy ones that I truly felt like I was handed a luxury item. The razor gives such a smooth, comfortable shave that I can’t help but be a little bit gushy right now. And while it feels a little awkward to share, as much as I like it for my legs, I like it for my pits even more because they are, of course, more sensitive. I think they are actually smiling about this experience after so many years of abuse.

roses razors1

Great at Rose’s Razors are, I wouldn’t even tell you about them if they were too expensive to be practical. This is what makes me so happy, because they are a great product and they are surprisingly and wonderfully affordable. I mean, they only cost a little bit more than the cheap ones I’ve been using. I can hardly believe it.

And the options!! You can buy a subscription if you want them delivered to your door every two months. You can select from a variety of subscription options and change it at any time. Or if you don’t want a subscription, you can simply buy a package of razors (with or without a handle) any time you need it.

Best news yet: Shipping is always FREE, no matter what your subscription or order!

Well, the only thing better than all of this is that Rose’s Razors is offering a giveaway and a discount to all of us here. Sign up below to win one of two Short Stem Boxes. These boxes are awesome as they contain a handle and four wonderful blades. It’s a great way to get started with Rose’s Razors!


And how about the discount? They are giving Heavenly Homemakers readers 20% off our first purchase, no matter the size! Check out all of the Rose’s Razor product options here. Use the code Heavenly20 for the discount to apply. Code expires December 31, 2017.

Enter to win this great giveaway below! I’ll draw two random winners on Friday, October 20.

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How to Take Your Oils With You (A Great Giveaway from Got Oil Supplies!)

It takes one to know one. What I mean is, if you are an essential oil user, you can quickly recognize another essential oil user. I’ll give a friend a hug and say, “Mmmm, you’re wearing Frankincense.” or “Uh-oh, I smell Thieves. Are you not feeling well today?”

It’s the common language of EO users. I love the smell of almost all oils, and of course I love that they are so beneficial. I try to have some of the basics with me at all times, even and especially when we are on the road. But of course, it’s easy to walk out the door without them. So hooray for my two newest items that I’ve acquired for my Essential Oils!

essential oils bag11) A beautiful necklace so that I can put a few drops inside and actually wear my oils
2) A handy travel bag that holds 10 oil bottles

Using both of these will be so much better than my current system which has been “throw several bottles of oil into my purse and hope they don’t get lost.” See the handy little pockets inside the travel bag? Fabulous. And it’s the perfect size to stash inside our snack tote so that between games or events if my kids come up and say, “What do you have for my sore neck/knee/throat/head/arm?” I don’t have to scrounge the bottom of my purse in hopes of finding the right oil.

essential oils bag2Then, of course, there’s the pretty necklace I’ll be wearing that holds a few drops of whichever oil I need for the day.

essential oil necklace

I received these from and am excited for you to check them out!

I’m most impressed with the quality of their products paired with their inexpensive prices. My favorite of all they offer is the jewelry and the travel bags, but you’ll see that they have all variety of essential oil necessities.

Check out all their Diffusing Necklaces to pick your favorite, allthewhile thinking about the people on your Christmas list. Then pick out your favorite Travel Bag because Got Oil Supplies is giving one away to FOUR different winners!

Do you see how inexpensive these are? Their prices make these purchases so doable. Hooray for practical items that are so cute and reasonably priced!

Ready to make it easy to take your oils with you?

Enter to win this great giveaway in the Rafflecopter below. I’ll draw 4 random winners on Thursday, October 12.

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Free Haircut Tutorial! How To Cut Long Layers in 5 Minutes

Do you all remember how I used to cut my own hair? Oh my stars, I’d rather not reminisce about it too much. I was terribly unskilled at it. But hey, it saved a lot of money.


Noooo! Don’t do it!


Nine years later, I’m thankful to say that I’ve gotten professional help (in more ways than one). My hair now has actual layers that match on both sides. It curls nicely. It behaves most days.

But what if it IS possible to cut your own hair and have it actually look nice when you’re done? What if?!

hair cut tutorial

Most of you know I’ve been working with Paula, a Lilla Rose consultant for many, many years. She’s the one who changed my life with Flexi-Clips! She has several daughters, all of whom have gorgeous hair. Without hesitation, I would call her a “Hair Expert” because she’s been working with and studying hair beautification for many, many years. So when she said, “Hey Laura! Did you know it’s possible to cut long layers in 5 minutes?” I definitely took notice.

Un-be-liev-able! Where was this tutorial back in 2008 when I was struggling through my own pitiful haircuts for 2 hours at a time? I can’t believe how simple Paula makes this! If you have anyone at all in your life with long hair, you must go download Paula’s Free Haircut Tutorial! Even if no one in your life has long hair and you will never cut anyone’s hair and everyone you live with is bald, you should check it out just to be as fascinated as I was!

After you’ve picked up your freebie, then you must to sign up for this amazing giveaway Paula is offering. Truly, it is amazing.

She has offered to give away not one but TEN Flexi-Clips! Eeeeeeee!!

There will be ten winners of this giveaway, so your chances of winning are quite good. If you are one of the ten winners, you’ll get to choose any Flexi-Clip you want (up to $17 value). Isn’t this fun!!

Go check out all the fun Flexi options and start drooling over what you’ll pick if you win. Sign up for this giveaway in the Rafflecopter below. I’ll draw 10 random winners on Tuesday, August 22!

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What Happens When You Ask Your 15-Year Old Son to Open Your First Aid Kit

It’s amazing that in our household of four boys we haven’t been to the emergency room more often {knocks on wood}.

Our oldest son holds the record for “most times in the ER for stitches.” For once, his brothers are okay with losing a competition. But by the way – why is it that most “emergencies” take place after normal business hours? (And why does a tiny piece of gauze cost $52 in the ER? Did you know you also pay a fee for the tray that holds the gauze? I am very serious.) I’d like to request that in the future, all accidents should take place between the hours of 8:00a-8:00p where stitches cost a fraction of the price. Is this too much to ask?

Just a few weeks ago, our youngest took a pretty hard spill off his bike – after normal business hours, of course. Not that I think about money when my child is bleeding. But still.

My husband was a rock star and spent about an hour and a half getting him cleaned up, comforted, and bandaged. Thankfully, we didn’t need an ER visit this time, and Malachi limped along for a few days while he healed up. The timing of Malachi’s fall was perfect (as if there’s ever a perfect time to fall off your bike?). What I mean is – we’d just received this First Aid Kit as a review item and were so very grateful to have all its contents on hand just when we needed it!

macgill first aid kit

It contains everything a family needs to handle basic emergencies at home so a wound will be cleaned and bandaged properly. It holds everything from cold compresses to eye wash to bandages and gloves. We’ll probably keep ours in the car to have at all our sporting events. I’m not sure why we hadn’t thought of this genius idea before!

But allow me to share when I heard when I first asked my 15-year old son to unpack our new First Aid Kit and give me an idea of all it contained:

“Let’s see. Here is a bandage to use when someone gets stabbed. Here is a pair of small scissors…to cut out bullets. Here is a handy little barf bag…” And on he went…

Yes. For all of our many bullet removal and stab wound needs, we are now prepared, thanks to the MacGill First Aid Kit. And in a less likely, practically unimaginable event that one of our kids falls off his bike or turns an ankle on the basketball court, I suppose we’ll be prepared for that too.

We were especially impressed that the MacGill First Aid Kit came with so many items we didn’t already have but really do need. Sure we’ve always had bandaids and ointmen in our cabinet. But this little kit holds such a variety of helpful items beyond bandaids. And the best is that it holds a simple but thorough instruction card so that in the case of an emergency, we can reference it to see how to properly proceed with treating a wound.

Definitely check out this First Aid Kit! What a great family tool to have on hand.

You can win a free one when you enter the Rafflecopter below! I’ll draw a random winner on Wednesday, July 26.

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Special thanks to the folks at MacGill for sending this First Aid Kit my way!

Learn Your Letters/Learn Your Numbers Learn to Serve Package Giveaway (For you and a friend!)

This giveaway is extra fun because you can win a package for yourself and one for a friend! Share this with a friend so she can enter too, then you all have double the chances at winning!


What is Learn Your Letters (and Learn Your Numbers), Learn to Serve? It’s a complete early learning curriculum kit that helps you teach your young kids basic counting and reading skills and at the same time…

Teach them to serve others.

Teach them to think of others. Teach them to be creative in their service to others. Teach them to be comfortable with older people, younger people, sick people – all people with needs.

Learn Your Numbers Learn to Serve cover sm

Read all about Learn Your Letters/Numbers, Learn to Serve packages here. This downloadable package contains hundreds of pages of ideas and instructions for activities to help your kids learn letter sounds and counting skills. They’ll memorize scripture associated with each letter sound. You’ll read Bible stories together.


There are printables, book selections, and all kinds of service ideas! There’s so many ideas, you can’t possibly do them all, but that’s part of the fun. You can pick and choose what works for your family and your individual kids and run with it!

See all the details about Learn Your Letters and Learn Your Numbers, Learn to Serve here.

Want to win a package set for yourself and for a friend? Enter to win the Rafflecopter below. Tell your friend to come enter to. Then you both double your chances of winning!

I’ll draw a random winner on July 14. Watch for an email sharing about the winners!

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Make Your Family Time Count (Win $50 to spend at Red Rock Traditions!)

As one by one my boys are graduating and leaving home, it has become glaringly clear to me that while most days are crazy and hectic and loud and busy – there are really only a few things in life that actually matter.

The problem? Sometimes the crazy and hectic and loud and busy take over, and all the things we “hope to do with our family some day” never happen. We think we’ll get around to it “when life settles down” or “after I get through this one thing.”

Life doesn’t slow down, there will never be more time, and what we all need to realize is this: If we want good for our family, we need to prioritize it, pray for clarity, and take the next step toward it.

Family prayer time? It doesn’t happen if we don’t schedule it in. Time to read our Bible as a family (or as an individual)? It doesn’t happen if we aren’t intentional. Serving together as a family? It gets tossed by the wayside if you don’t make a plan and execute it. Choosing good in any form? It’s too easy to let the schedule dictate the hours of our day.

I encourage you today (not tomorrow…today) to write down goals you have for your family. What does God want for your tribe? How can you make that happen? The truth is that if God wants it for you, He will provide the time and energy for you to make it happen. It’s as simple as that.

Regarding all things good for our family – and this looks different for each of us! – it can be as simple as sitting around the living room on pillows and bean bags talking about God’s goodness and praying together. But sometimes having something tangible in your home can make a huge difference in helping us carry out a plan or achieve a goal.

red rock 3

Red Rock Traditions is a company that has created many fantastic items for families who want to be intentional about character training and time together. I pulled out a few of my favorites to show you, but I really encourage you to look through the catalog and see what fits your family’s needs best!

red rock 4

My very favorite is this Thankful Hearts/Loving Hearts Guest Book! You can use it to fill with things your family is thankful for, but we got one and we’re going to use it for hospitality! Each time we have a guest, they will sign a wooden heart and slide it into the frame. It will hang on our wall as a loving reminder of all who have blessed our home. We will see their names and pray for them. This will soon be filled with great memories!

red rock 2

I’d love to hear some of the ways your family has chosen to be intentional about your time together. Do you block out family prayer time? Do you set aside time to read the Bible together? What provides you with the best conversation time? How do you schedule this in with busy schedules?

A Blessing for Your Family

Johanna, a Direct Sales Leader with Red Rock Traditions, is giving away a $50 gift certificate for one of you to spend on these fantastic family items! Here’s how this will work:

  • Enter the Rafflecopter below for a chance to win.
  • Look through the Red Rock Traditions catalog and leave a comment here sharing a favorite product you found for your family. This will get you a second entry in the giveaway!
  • Anyone who places an order before the end of June will receive Red Rock Bucks!

For every $25 purchase you will get $5 Red Rock Bucks for your next purchase. For every $75 purchase, you will get $10 Red Rock Bucks for your next purchase. And for every purchase over $150 you will get $20 Red Rock Bucks for your next purchase.

I’ll select a random winner for the $50 gift card on Tuesday, June 27.

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Jenuinely Pure – Non-Toxic Cleaning Products Giveaway

Some of my favorite cleaning products include the very cheap and non-exciting: vinegar and water. And also washrags. Children are also a great help. (Let’s hear it for teaching our kids the importance of doing chores around the house.)

Well, water and vinegar (and children) are all well and good, but sometimes we need more than that – for the tougher jobs (as if all cleaning isn’t tough, but don’t worry, I won’t start my typical “I don’t like to clean” whining fit).

jenuinely pure

This Jenuinely Pure All-Purpose Cleaner is the one I’ve used on my shower that left my husband asking, “Who came and installed a new shower in our bathroom?” Yep. It got the shower THAT clean.

I personally love that not only does this work very well, it is completely organic and non-toxic. And if all that isn’t great enough, it truly lives up to its “all-purpose” title. I mean windows, carpet, bathrooms, kitchens – one cleaner really does do it all!

Jenuinely Pure All-Purpose Cleaner boasts:

Safe and effective on all surfaces in your home – use in kitchens & bathrooms, spray lightly to clean windows & mirrors and floors; treat stains on clothing and carpet, dust wood surfaces…leaves surfaces clean, streak-free and smelling fresh. Plus, the essential oils used in this cleaner are known for their antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties.

Jenuinely Pure also has a great variety of products from Bar Soaps (super high quality, wonderful smelling, luxurious!) to Foaming Hand Soap and Gentle Baby Products.

These Jenuinely Pure products are worth trying. They are hoping this 20% off code will tempt you! (Use 20%off at checkout)

Not only that, they are giving away two $20 gift certificates to spend in their store. Want a chance to win? Enter the Rafflecopter below. I’ll draw two random winners on Tuesday, April 18.

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Care to Know How Often I Wash My Hair? (Plus win a $50 Lilla Rose Gift Certificate!)

I’m sure you’ve all been wondering how often I wash my hair. Just like you’re surely curious the frequency of how often I pull out a fresh tablecloth or shake out my bathroom rugs.

No? Don’t really care that much? I don’t blame you in the least. But I do feel it’s worth mentioning that I’ve trained my hair to need very infrequent washings.



Photo credit to my oldest son, Asa. For the record, he took this on a day I washed my hair. :)

Certainly no head is created equal, so what works for me may not work for you. I’m just happy to have developed a lower maintenance hair lifestyle. I mean, back when I washed my hair every day, my hair thought it needed to be washed every day. Or, is it possible that I just thought it needed to be washed every day but it really didn’t? Maybe I was just in the habit of washing it every single morning without even considering the need to actually do that.

Either way, as the years have gone on, I’ve either gotten lazier or I’ve started to actually pay attention to what my hair actually needs. As it turns out, my hair doesn’t need to be washed every day. It doesn’t even need it every other day. My hair stays nice and healthy when I wash it just twice each week.


Lazy or not, it sure is nice not to have to mess with washing, drying, and curling every day. I’ve said it many times before, and I don’t mind saying it again that I don’t know what I’d do without my pretty Flexi-Clips. I wash, dry, and curl my hair on Sundays for church. On Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday I simply pull my curls back into a Flexi. My hair isn’t anything fancy, and sure, the curls begin to flatten after that many days and nights of living life and sleeping. But my Flexi-Clips make it easy to pull my hair back in about 10 seconds. I get compliments on my clips all the time! It has nothing to do with my hair. The Flexis are just that cute!

What I love best about the Flexi-Clips is that I believe they help keep my hair healthier. They don’t break my hair like rubber bands did. They don’t pull my hair like rubber bands did. And unlike rubber bands, which stretch out and need to be thrown out after just a few uses, Flexi-Clips last forever!


So there you have it. My hair-fixing life consists of infrequent washings, Sunday only curlings, and practically every day Flexi-Clip wearings. After so many years of Flexis, I have a fun little collection so I can match them to my outfits or moods.

Want to start (or add to) your own collection? Paula, our very own Lilla Rose consultant, is giving one of you a $50 gift certificate! Think of all the Flexi-Clips! And of course, they have Bobby Pins (which I also love) and other accessories too.

Sign up in the Rafflecopter below for a chance to win the gift certificate! I’ll draw a random winner on Tuesday, Feb. 21. Watch for an email announcing the winner that I’ll send to everyone who signs up.

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Supporting a Company that Makes a Difference (a Love Justly Giveaway!)

I always want to support good causes and sites with ethically sourced products, but I’ll admit that sometimes the prices hold me back. This is why I’m so excited to learn about Love Justly. It’s the best of both worlds!

love justly

What if we can get a good deal on great products and help people too? What if we can buy items that are fair trade, are ethically sourced, or have a social mission? And what if the products are super cool too?

This is what Love Justly is all about. I encourage you to read the specifics of what this site offers to learn about how they choose the products they offer. Each of the items they offer are high quality, reasonably priced, and fun! We can feel good about where these products came from and who they help support.

Jenny, of Love Justly, offered to send me something from their site to try out. I chose this beautiful Crystal Pendant Necklace.

starfish necklace


While the necklace itself is beautiful and wonderfully made, the best news is that it is part of the Starfish Project. From the Love Justly site:

Starfish Project provides dignified employment for women who have been rescued from exploitation and abuse. Each piece of jewelry is handmade by women in Asia, whose lives are being restored thanks to Starfish Project.

 Every purchase helps:

  • Provide career opportunities;
  • Reach the exploited;
  • Provide safe housing;
  • Provide counseling;
  • Provide vocational training;
  • Provide health care;
  • Unite families;
  • Educate children;
  • Facilitate empowerment.

Isn’t that fantastic? My necklace is so much more than a piece of pretty jewelry. There are many more options to pick from on the Love Justly site – from clothing to kid’s items to shoes and bags. Not only are the prices great, you get free shipping on orders over $50. And don’t forget the best part of all – buying these items helps make life better for others!

I’m so glad to be made aware of Love Justly and to share it with you, too! To help the excitement grow, Jenny is giving away a $25 gift certificate to be spent in the Love Justly shop. Sign up below for a chance to win! I’ll draw a random winner on Monday, January 30. If you sign up, be watching for an email with winner information.

Even better! Jenny’s created a 20% off discount code for all of us to use! Use the code 20%off at checkout for the discount to apply. Take advantage of this great offer!
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