15% Off Wholesome Sweeteners Coupon

This is a fun one!  Amazon is offering a Wholesome Sweeteners Coupon good for 15% off their huge line of organic sugar products.  Pair that with Amazon Prime/Amazon Mom subscribe and save 20% discount – and we’re talking some great prices on great items

Is this perfect since we’re all in the mood for fall baking?  Yes, I think so.  :)

Just so you know, I’m not a big fan of Wholesome Sweeteners brand of Sucanat.  Bummer, I know.  I think it tastes too strong.  (I like Rapunzel brand best.)

Instead, I used this coupon to get a case of 10 boxes of Muscovado Sugar.


After all my discounts, this case only cost me $19.42.  I use this type of sugar just like brown sugar.  It’s a very wholesome and unprocessed form of sugar, much like sucanat but more finely ground.  (It’s still sugar though, obviously, so do not get a spoon and eat it directly from the box.)

Find more Amazon Deals here.  Read more about how I get 20% off subscribe and save items by using Amazon Prime/Amazon Mom.  So many great ways to save money on natural groceries!

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I Was Wrong! You Can Get it Free, and It’s Easier Than I Thought.

Remember earlier in the week when I told you about how you can get the upcoming Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle for free?  I wanted to mention it again, because I was initially wrong in some of the information I shared.  I love being wrong (when the freebie opportunity is even better than I thought)!

I thought 10 of your friends had to actually purchase the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle when it comes available soon.  I certainly hope they do purchase, because it’s a bundle of amazingness for a price that blows me away.  Why would we all not purchase this?  But you know how you can get this bundle for free?  If 10 of your friends simply sign up to learn more about this bundle, you’ll get it for free.  That’s it.

If even one of your friends signs up through your referral link, you’ll get an automatic $5 off the purchase price.  If five friends sign up, you’ll get the $5 off, plus a 12-Week Audio course for free.  If ten of your friends signs up, you’ll receive the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle for free.  They’ll just send it to you, all gift wrapped with a bow on top.

This is a fantastic little way for the Ultimate Bundle team to say “thank you” for spreading the word about what they are offering.  We want this bundle put into the hands of everyone.  Once you see it for yourself, you’ll understand why.  I’m sworn to secrecy right now about the specific items being offered. (Over $1,000 worth of items to make your healthy living experiences and efforts easier – for less than $30.  That’s all I can tell you, which is why I’m about to explode.  I saw all the contents early since I’m one of the authors, and I got to redeem my bonuses early and I’m using six them already and seriously it is killing me that I can’t tell your more right now.  Obviously, my face is currently bright red because I have forgotten to breathe.  Cute.)

When you sign up (that’s my referral link), you’ll be on the list to be the first to know all the details about the bundle.  Once you’ve taken the three seconds to sign up, you’ll be given your own referral link to share via email, Facebook, or Twitter.  Your friends can then sign up, and you’ll be on your way to a discount or even a free bundle.

Do this.  You will be so glad you did.  More details coming soon.

With love,
Yours truly, trying not to explode while I wait patiently for permission to tell you more

Did You Sign Up Yet?

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Free Shipping at Tropical Traditions (Plus a great price on flavorless, odorless coconut oil!)

It’s been a few weeks, so I was hoping this would be a free shipping weekend at Tropical Traditions.  Sure enough!  Get your order shipped free through Monday, August 25!

Even better?  You can get a 32 ounce jar of their Pure Coconut Oil for just $14.99.  This coconut oil is just what many of you have been asking about.  It is high quality coconut oil with many health benefits – without any coconut flavor or scent.

pure coconut oil

I trust all products that come from Tropical Traditions.  Even though this isn’t the finest variety of coconut oil they offer, you can be assured it is very good!  I love this price and I love that shipping is free right now.  Take advantage!

How do I use this type of coconut oil?  Well, it can be used in any recipe that calls for vegetable oil.  Simply melt it down and stir it into your recipe.  I especially like this type of oil for frying foods.  I don’t want my fried foods (like chicken nuggets or French fries) to taste like coconut.  Flavorless coconut oil like this is completely healthy in fried foods (YAY!) – and does not change the flavor of the food.

Are you new to Tropical Traditions?  You’ll be excited to know when you shop through the referral links in this post, they will automatically include a FREE Virgin Coconut Oil Book.

tropical traditions coconut oil book

Use the code 14822 for free shipping to apply.

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Re-Usable Containers For Your Make-Ahead Lunch Box

Let’s talk about food containers to go along with our Make-Ahead Lunch Box series.

I love all the eco-friendly packaging available now.  Occasionally, we still use a disposable ziplock baggie or two.  But if at all possible, packaging “to-go” foods in containers we can wash and reuse just makes so much more sense – and saves so much money!

You all know I have and love this Pyrex Storage 10-Piece Set.  The lids in this set seal very well.  The variety of sizes offer great options for packing side dishes of cut fruits and veggies, or main dishes like pasta salads and wraps.


As I was looking at other great options to share with you, I came across a good price on this 10-Piece Set of Round Glass Storage Bowls.  Oh yeah, I filled them up in my head within about 2 seconds of looking at them.  Fruit salad, potato salad, soup, pasta salad, tossed salad, pasta leftovers…

glass storage

If you’re more into BPA free plastic for packing lunches, I like these Fit & Fresh 1-cup containers at iHerb.  I love that they have a built-in ice pack to keep food cold.  Even better, iHerb will give you a free $10 (with $40 purchase) if you purchase through my referral links.  So click here if you want to get these containers for FREE, along with some other goodies!  (You can also use the code BID487 at check-out to receive $10 off your $40 purchase.  Shipping at iHerb is free with orders over $20.

fit fresh

I really like these Lunchskins re-usable sandwich and snack bags.  BUT, I don’t recommend you pay these Amazon prices.  Surely you can find them cheaper at an actual store?  What has been your experience purchasing these types of bags?  Is there a store you can suggest?  My small town doesn’t offer items like this that I know of.


How about for packing hot food?  I’ve heard from several of you that thermoses just don’t hold enough food.  I found this 16-ounce stainless steel thermos that seems to be a good option.  At least it would hold more than a 10-ounce thermos, right?


What do you use for packing food to go?

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Lilla Rose Sale ~ 3 Days Only

Thursday, August 21 through Saturday, August 23 you will receive some wonderful sale prices at Lilla Rose.

They’ve added 15 new styles of flexi clips, bobby pins, and You-Pins, which are all on sale at 10% off.  Also, all the retiring styles are on sale at 20% off.  Take advantage!

lilla rose aug 141

I love that green dragonfly.  These new styles are gorgeous and fun!

lilla rose aug 142

Sale prices end Saturday, August 23. Head to Paula’s Lilla Rose site to see all the goodness. :)

25% Off Coupon At Amazon For Natural Value Products

I’m very excited to see that Amazon is once again offering 25% off many Natural Value products!!  When you put a 25% off coupon WITH the 20% discount you get with Amazon Prime/Amazon Mom subscribe and save offers – you can save so much money on these high quality products!

Case in point:  I just ordered a box of Natural Value Reclosable Sandwich Bags for just $1.03.  Wow.

natural value bags

My favorite tuna is being offered at 25% off as well.  Plus olives, mustard, and many other commonly used foods in our kitchen.  I love it when Natural Value gives us 25% coupons!!!  Check out many of the available Natural Value Coupons here.

natural valu tuna coupon

Want to see more Amazon Deals?  Check out this page for all the latest!  Want to know more about how Amazon Prime/Mom and subscribe and save works to save you money?  Read this post.  :)

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Get 18 Green Mountain K-Cups FREE, With Free Shipping Too!

Zero dollars.  That’s how much it will cost you to have 18 Green Mountain K-Cups delivered to your door.  No catch.

I love Top Cash Back.  I’ve had an account with them for several months now, and everything they’ve promised, they’ve come through with.  Every deal they’ve offered has been paid back to me in full.

What is Top Cash Back?  It’s a site that offers you a percentage back on online purchases when you shop through their links.  If I’m going to be buying something from Kohls or Target, for instance, I simply click through my Top Cash Back links so I get a % back on purchases I’ll be making anyway.

But what’s even better?  Sometimes Top Cash Back offers freebies deals like this one I’m sharing with you today.  That’s when the fun really happens!

Often, freebies I come across are available to everyone. This particular free coffee deal happens to be available to NEW Top Cash Back members only.  So if you’ve never signed up for a Top Cash Back account, you’ll want to take advantage of this deal!

green mountain coffee

Here’s how this works:

1.  Sign up for a Top Cash Back Account.

2.  Head to this page, which is the specific FREE Green Mountain K-Cup offer.

3.  Read the page thoroughly.  It’s not complicated, but you do want to make sure you follow the directions correctly so you’ll get your money back on this deal!

4.  Click on the orange “Get Cash Back” button.

5.  Make your purchase on the Bed, Bath, and Beyond site.  Place only one 18-count box of Green Mountain K-Cups priced at $10.99 into your cart.  Select free standard shipping.  Check-out as normal.

6.  Within a few days, you will see a $12.50 credit in your Top Cash Back account.  That amount becomes payable to you within 30-90 days.

Did you do the math on this?  Since the product is $10.99 with free shipping, and Top Cash Back pays you back $12.50 – you’ll be earning a bonus $1.51 on this deal.  Sweet!

Offer good through Thursday, August 14 or while supplies last.

Have fun grabbing your freebie!  I think you’ll enjoy your Top Cash Back account as much as I do.  I’ll keep you posted as they let me know about more freebies to share with you all!

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Stretch Island Fruit Leather ~ As low as $13.96 for 48! (That’s just $0.29 each!)

Whoa.  Just when I think the price of fruit leather on Amazon can’t be lower, I found a coupon to prove me wrong.  Have I told you how much I love Amazon Mom/Prime and Amazon coupons?!  What incredible deals.

stretch island strawberry

Here’s the deal I got:

  • Stretch Island Strawberry Fruit Leather is priced at $23.28 for 6 boxes of 8 (that’s 48 fruit strips).
  • Because I have Amazon Prime/Amazon Mom and am purchasing 4 other items this month with subscribe and save, that gives me an automatic 20% discount, bringing the price down to $18.62.
  • Amazon is offering an additional 20% off coupon!  This knocks the price down to just $13.96, which makes the cost of each fruit strip only $0.29!

Grape is also available with this 20% off coupon.   How great is this to go along with our new Make-Ahead Lunch Box series.  These fruit leathers are a great pack-n-go item!

Check out more Amazon Deals here.  Read specifics of how Amazon Prime/Amazon Mom works here.

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Free Shipping at Tropical Traditions

I just noticed!  Tropical Traditions is offering free shipping through Monday, August 4.

The hot deal I found to go along with free shipping is this:  Buy 2 Get 2 Free Organic Virgin Gold Label Coconut Oil.  This deal gets you four 16-ounce jars of the best of the best coconut oil (this brand is for sure my favorite!) for just $39.90, with free shipping.  Use the code 11481 at check-out for free shipping to apply.

tropical traditions pints 2

Take advantage.  Tropical Traditions rocks!

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