A Fun Gift for You and Your Spouse!

This is a super fun gift for you and your spouse. Take note!

The brilliant folks at MELT have put together a package deal that is pretty hard to pass up. If your husband is difficult to buy for, I think your problem has just been solved. Check this out!

melt massage oil

MELT has created their very own massage oil to go with their very wonderful massage videos. For a couple of years now, my husband and I have been enjoying these (very tastefully created) videos to help us learn great massage techniques. To have a wholesome oil to go with the massages is super exciting. And because Christmas is coming, the offer is significantly better than normal!

  • Get the Massage Oil for 50% off
  • Then get the MELT: For Couples Video Series at 40% off

You have to buy the massage oil to qualify for the video discount, and there is a very limited supply of massage oil. This special offer begins on December 13, so here’s what you need to do!

  1. Register here so you’ll be informed when the sale is live. (It’s free!)
  2. Watch your email for free massage tips.
  3. The minute the super cheap Massage Oil and Video deal is launched, take advantage while supplies last!

Why you’ll want the Massage Oil and Videos

Your purchase will get you lifetime access to the videos. Included are 3 massage routines that take couples from
the basics of massage to advance techniques, showing you where the good spots are and how to massage the knots so you can literally make your spouse melt!

Melt gives you connection, a time to reflect with your spouse, to spent time together away from the children, away from work and the pressures of life so the two of you can experience one-another the way you did before life got in the

You can come back to it over and over again in your relationship. Have it sit there and wait for you on that special occasion such as birthdays or anniversaries. Or share backrubs weekly! It’s totally up to you and you go at your own pace.

Each technique only takes only minutes to learn. You don’t have to commit to an entire night of massage. Some couples spend no more than 10 minutes each night practicing one technique – that’s all.

Head here to register for this great sale!

melt massage register

This post is sponsored by MELT Massage. My husband and I give it a big thumbs up!

Dozens of LEGO Sets for Less than $10

How about a list of LEGO sets that all cost less than $10? This comes at a perfect timing with Christmas right around the corner!

lego set12

This year I made two mistakes: 1) I asked Malachi if he still thought he’d want to put LEGOS on his Christmas list and 2) I mentioned that it didn’t seem as if he played with LEGOS as much anymore. I got quickly put in my place seeing as 1) of course he still wants LEGOS on his Christmas list and 2) he doesn’t play with LEGOS; he builds with them.

My bad.

My youngest LEGO lover is turning 13 this month, but “old age” has not stopped him from loving the bricks. He still has a room dedicated to LEGO and still spends hours working with them. I truly won’t be surprised if he somehow makes a career out of LEGO some day, somehow.

For all who have LEGO lovers in your life, you will enjoy looking through all of these great sets that cost less than $10. Many are less than $5!

Grab them for stocking stuffers. Grab them for party gifts. Grab them for gift exchanges. Grab them for incentives or rewards.

Dozens of LEGO Sets for Less than $10

First, check out these two pages that feature 43 Lego sets that are less than $10. Look around and see which are best for the kids on your Christmas list!

lego color packs

And now for a little more of a specific break down of sets. Keep in mind that not only are all of these sets less than $10, many of them are only $5 or $6!

Classic Creativity Boxes

I love these colored Classic Creativity Boxes! You can buy them as a set of four then divide them among four recipients. Or you can buy them individually if you prefer. For easy access:

lego first

Have little bitties? Check out these My First sets!

lego creator

These Creator sets are fun because kids can make 3 different items out of the one set!

(These range between $5-$6)

lego city

The LEGO City sets are probably my favorite because I overall, my kids have used them more than other specific themed sets. 

lego star wars1

LEGO Star Wars is always a hit!

lego friends2

Don’t forget LEGO Friends…

Merry LEGO Christmas!

Dozens of LEGO Sets for Less than Ten

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Pink is the New Black Friday

You know me. I like pink better than black. Therefore, Black Friday becomes Pink Friday around here. But of course.


I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! We filled our house with almost 30 people from the community and it was marvelous. (P.S. When you ask God, “Who needs to be around our table at Thanksgiving?” he will show you. It is a glorious experience.)


Today I want to share some of my favorite finds on the web, first and foremost, a big discount on my new Best of Heavenly Homemakers book! We marked it all the way down to just $14.95 today through Monday! Grab your copy here.

best of cover3


Simple Meals is saving everyone’s family time!! Plus it saves you money while you feed your family great, healthy food! Through Monday Simple Meals costs even less than normal.

Become a Simple Meals member at $10 off here!



Our beloved Rose’s Razors is offering a 25% discount on their Long Stem Boxes when you use the code BFCM25 (offer good through Monday only). Or use the code Heavenly20 to get 20% off anything else at Rose’s Razors (offer available through Dec. 31).

roses razors1


Lilla Rose is having an AMAZING Black Friday Sale, this Friday through Monday.

Up to 50% off everything!

Free Shipping on orders over $75!

And yes, it can be combined with the monthly special of a Free Poinsettia Gift Set with every $125 purchase! It includes a gorgeous Poinsettia brooch, a pair of Poinsettia bobby pins, and a beautiful silver bag to keep them in.

We also have over 90 brand new styles, including all the past 2017 Flexis-of-the-Month! I especially love the new Adora, a gorgeous dangling ribbon Flexi! We also have many matching gift sets, to make gift-giving easy!

These amazing deals run all weekend, but if you want even BIGGER deals, be sure to check out the Facebook Live online shopping event that is happening in Paula’s Black Friday Extravaganza,  at 1 PM Eastern time on Friday for fun time-limited steals!

BLACKFRIDAY lilla rose17


I’m writing this post ahead of time so I can enjoy a day off, so I can’t know for sure. But I am counting on my beloved Instant Pot being discounted this weekend! If it’s less than $100, grab it up. It’s a gem and a huge time saver!

instant pot


Happy, happy, happy Thanksgiving weekend! I am thankful for you!

P.S. I’ll be sending out emails as I find the best deals during the next few days. Be sure to sign up here if you don’t want to miss out!

Timeless Toys You’ll Want to Keep Forever

I’m not sure how I got here, but here I am. I’m the mother of four sons who are growing up, leaving the nest, and embracing adulthood.

None of my kids are looking to get married the day after tomorrow, but as fast as time flies and as quickly as seasons change, I can see weddings and gorgeous daughters and beautiful grandbabies as I peek around this corner. It’s ridiculously exciting as we pray and trust God’s timing and plans for our sons.

This is where my brain lives now, so don’t mind me. But do take note as you think about what toys to buy for little ones for Christmas. You might want to consider those that are worth keeping around forever.

At our house, we’ve gotten rid of all the junk toys. Gone are the toys that were fun for five minutes before they broke or the toys that were trendy but got boring quickly. What’s left? Well, toys that I’m keeping for my future grandbabies. Toys that are worth keeping. Toys that are such good quality that they lived through four boy children drop-kicking them across the house twelve times each day for over a decade.

My friend Kim helped me put this list together of “Timeless Toys.” Toys that never get old. Toys that are of high quality and are very durable. Toys that are wonderful to have for young guests to play with. These are the toys we recommend most highly!

Timeless Toys You'll Want to Keep Forever

Timeless Toys You’ll Want to Keep Forever


Building Toys


Cars and Trucks and Toys that Go


Puzzles of Good Quality


Board Games

Click over to look at our great big list of family Board Games! But for younger kids, we recommend:


Dolls and Accessories

green toys shape

Toy Sorters and Stacking Cups



CashRegister (1)

Toy Cash Register

little people barn

Fischer Price Little People

Check out the huge variety of toys and play sets!

Little People Toys and Play Sets


Play Kitchen with Toy Food and Dishes

What are some of your family’s favorite toys that you plan to hold onto forever?

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A Unique Way to Eat Protein

This is a review post sponsored by Naked Nutrition. All opinions are my own. 

As if my grocery budget isn’t enough to make me go broke, if I didn’t somehow ration all the meat my men crave, I’d go even broker.

Indeed, the more active my kids, the more protein they crave. Currently, my two high schoolers are playing both basketball and soccer (yes, at the same time because why stay home when you can go crazy). They also lift weights and run on the days they don’t have practice or games. A daily question at our house, between meals, is, “Mom, is there any meat I can eat right now?”

We have fun coming up with great protein options that are meatless (eggs, nuts, beans) so when Naked Nutrition emailed and asked if they could send some of their protein-packed cereals, I jumped through the screen and yelled, “Oh, yes please!”

naked nutrition protein cereal

Their cereals are much different than what we typically expect. Namely, their ingredient lists are tiny. Three cheers for this, right?! Check this out:

Protein Cereal: Grass-Fed Whey Protein and Organic Tapioca Starch
Apple Cinnamon Protein Cereal: Grass-Fed Whey Protein, Organic Tapioca Starch, Organic Brown Sugar, Organic Dried Apple Pieces, and Cinnamon

Admittedly, we all like the Apple Cinnamon Protein Cereal better. We found the regular Protein Cereal they offer to be quite plain. Yet, we love that it’s still a great option for a quick protein snack on the run.

Also, we found that while we don’t love eating the Protein Cereal by itself, it’s great on top of yogurt or better yet? Stirred into Fat Bombs or Homemade Chewy Granola Bars. The cereal gives these snacks a great crunch! And of course, we love that it fills them even more good protein!

As for the Apple Cinnamon Protein Cereal, we eat it as is and love that it packs such a great punch of protein. It’s especially tasty this fall since we’re loving all things apple and cinnamon anyway.

While the price is a bit steep, it is reasonable for the ingredients included. And hey, I’m the one buying entire cows to fill my freezer, so to enjoy this Protein Cereal on occasion is great.

A huge thanks to Naked Nutrition for sending us their wholesome, protein-packed cereals to try! Thank you for making a product that contains grass-fed whey protein! This is hard to come by and much appreciated. My hungry household of athletes is grateful. :)

When Shaving Becomes an Inexpensive Treat

When you’re a kid, treats look like ice cream, candy, and presents. When you’re an adult, treats look like time alone, a steamy cup of coffee, and a hot bath. Also a clean house, kids that obey, a pair of matching socks that are actually clean, I could go on forever.

Last May when I said, “All I want for Mother’s Day is for our living room trim to finally get painted” my kids thought that was the most boring gift of all time. For me though? Beautiful. Glorious. Perfection.

It is this mindset that leads us to appreciate a nice razor and a smooth leg. I shared about Rose’s Razors a couple weeks ago, and I’ve heard great feedback from those who already took advantage of their discount and free shipping offer.

roses razors2

Here’s what Kim K. said about Rose’s Razors:

OK Ladies.  I’ve tried them now and all I can say is “wow!”  I am impressed.  First of all, shipping was FAST.  Ordered on 10/13 and received on 10/17.  I opened them right away and was MAJORLY impressed by the quality.  I have been buying middle grade razors so I wasn’t expecting anything better than that.  Boy, was I wrong.  This is a REAL razor.  The handle is metal and solid.  Very impressive.  So, I took my shower this morning and had a wonderful shaving experience.  Who knew that shaving could be an experience??  The handle feels great in my hand.  The razor gives a really good, close shave.  I feel like I indulged in a real treat without even meaning to.  I am so glad I jumped and purchased and I don’t think I’ll be looking back!!

I wanted to make sure you all saw her comment to confirm that it’s not just me. :)

Razors and me? I haven’t cared that much and I’ve pitifully cut my way through three decades, mostly because I didn’t want to do anything frivolous and actually spend money on a razor.

You guys. Rose’s Razors aren’t even expensive!! Yet they are fabulous and real and so, so good. Kim’s not looking back, I’m not looking back, you won’t look back.

roses razors1

Rose’s Razors gives us options. You can buy a subscription if you want them delivered to your door every two months. You can select from a variety of subscription options and change it at any time. Or if you don’t want a subscription, you can simply buy a package of razors (with or without a handle) any time you need it.

Best news yet: Shipping is always FREE, no matter what your subscription or order!

Frosting on the cake: Rose’s Razors is giving Heavenly Homemakers readers 20% off our first purchase, no matter the size! Check out all of the Rose’s Razor product options here. Use the code Heavenly20 for the discount to apply. Code expires December 31, 2017.

Treat yourself. Your budget will love it, but your legs and underarms will love-love-love it! :)

Rose’s Razors is a sponsor of Heavenly Homemakers and I am so grateful to be working with such a fabulous company.

Hope for the {Tired} Married Women

I have something for you today, and it’s rather time sensitive, so I’ll talk fast.

The best resource I’ve found to bless Christian women in the bedroom is Sheila Gregoire’s Boost Your Libido eCourse. It’s scripture based, and professionally, beautifully and sensitively put together. To be sure, because this blesses the wife, it also blesses the husband, which of course blesses the entire household. Not that my teenagers want to think about this aspect of their parent’s lives {shudder}.

boost your libido

I’m bringing up this topic in the midst of the normal recipes and homemaking encouragement I share because if you’re a married gal this, too, is a part of heavenly homemaking.

I mentioned Sheila’s eCourse a few months ago because it was a part of the 2017 Ultimate Homemaking Bundle, which gave us all a big discount on this resource! I’m mentioning it again now to remind all who bought it then to dust it off and take another look for some great encouragement and guidance.

And if you didn’t buy it then, I wanted to let you know that the 2017 UHB is back for a quick flash sale today and tomorrow! (October 23-24).

ultimate bundle 2017

The blessings of this eCourse are many, so take advantage of getting it at a big discount! The course alone costs $39, but you can get it plus 105 other homemaking resources right now for just $29.97. It’s tough to beat!

Truly, buy the bundle just so you can get the Boost Your Libido eCourse for 10 bucks off. The rest is gravy. Frosting. Cream. Apparently I’m hungry.


If you buy the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle through my links during this flash sale, I’ll give you my gorgeous Surrendered Heart Mini eCourse for FREE. Yep! It’s worth $12, and I want you to have both of these great resources to bless your marriage! (This is likely the final time I will offer this for free.)


What great gifts you’ll be giving your marriage!

So let’s review:

Ultimate Homemaking Bundle Flash Sale

Once you purchase the bundle, shoot me an email (laura@heavenlyhomemakers.com) and I’ll send you the Surrendered Heart Packet!

The links in this post are my affiliate links.

P.S. This offer ends Tuesday, October 24!

Rose’s Razors for Women: Affordable, Convenient, Lovely (A Giveaway and a Discount!)

I can only hope that my legs will forgive me. I’ve been a “cheap plastic razor” user since 1985. But I’ve just been introduced to a brand new Rose’s Razors opportunity and suddenly I feel like I’m using a luxury item (without paying luxury prices or even shipping fees!).

Dance for joy

My sister-in-law tried to convert me to a better razor several years ago. “Why are you still using those awful things?” she asked when she saw my pitiful plastic razors. And I said, “Because I get them cheap with coupons.” And she said, “Well I hope you also have coupons for bandaids.”


For some reason, I have felt like buying nice razors for myself was too extravagant. This was one thing I could do without, right? I’d stick with my cheap razors and I’d just be extra careful while shaving. This worked not at all, but you can’t blame a girl for trying. For 32 years. (Yes, from 1985-2017, I just did the math. I don’t know why.)

Well, my SIL will be so proud of me. While I had upgraded from the cheap-cheap razors to a cheap one a few years ago, I still had not even looked beyond those that were pink and flimsy. Then I got a call from Rose’s Razors and here we are, partnering together to fix all of women’s shaving problems, one wonderful razor at a time.

roses razors2

Sound dramatic? Ask my legs how they feel about it. The difference in razors is not an exaggeration. And the difference in price is so tiny it makes this switch a no-brainer.

The Rose’s Razors family worked at length to design and create a handle that is perfect for women. I’m so used to the flimsy ones that I truly felt like I was handed a luxury item. The razor gives such a smooth, comfortable shave that I can’t help but be a little bit gushy right now. And while it feels a little awkward to share, as much as I like it for my legs, I like it for my pits even more because they are, of course, more sensitive. I think they are actually smiling about this experience after so many years of abuse.

roses razors1

Great at Rose’s Razors are, I wouldn’t even tell you about them if they were too expensive to be practical. This is what makes me so happy, because they are a great product and they are surprisingly and wonderfully affordable. I mean, they only cost a little bit more than the cheap ones I’ve been using. I can hardly believe it.

And the options!! You can buy a subscription if you want them delivered to your door every two months. You can select from a variety of subscription options and change it at any time. Or if you don’t want a subscription, you can simply buy a package of razors (with or without a handle) any time you need it.

Best news yet: Shipping is always FREE, no matter what your subscription or order!

Well, the only thing better than all of this is that Rose’s Razors is offering a giveaway and a discount to all of us here. Sign up below to win one of two Short Stem Boxes. These boxes are awesome as they contain a handle and four wonderful blades. It’s a great way to get started with Rose’s Razors!


And how about the discount? They are giving Heavenly Homemakers readers 20% off our first purchase, no matter the size! Check out all of the Rose’s Razor product options here. Use the code Heavenly20 for the discount to apply. Code expires December 31, 2017.

Enter to win this great giveaway below! I’ll draw two random winners on Friday, October 20.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

How to Take Your Oils With You (A Great Giveaway from Got Oil Supplies!)

It takes one to know one. What I mean is, if you are an essential oil user, you can quickly recognize another essential oil user. I’ll give a friend a hug and say, “Mmmm, you’re wearing Frankincense.” or “Uh-oh, I smell Thieves. Are you not feeling well today?”

It’s the common language of EO users. I love the smell of almost all oils, and of course I love that they are so beneficial. I try to have some of the basics with me at all times, even and especially when we are on the road. But of course, it’s easy to walk out the door without them. So hooray for my two newest items that I’ve acquired for my Essential Oils!

essential oils bag11) A beautiful necklace so that I can put a few drops inside and actually wear my oils
2) A handy travel bag that holds 10 oil bottles

Using both of these will be so much better than my current system which has been “throw several bottles of oil into my purse and hope they don’t get lost.” See the handy little pockets inside the travel bag? Fabulous. And it’s the perfect size to stash inside our snack tote so that between games or events if my kids come up and say, “What do you have for my sore neck/knee/throat/head/arm?” I don’t have to scrounge the bottom of my purse in hopes of finding the right oil.

essential oils bag2Then, of course, there’s the pretty necklace I’ll be wearing that holds a few drops of whichever oil I need for the day.

essential oil necklace

I received these from GotOilSupplies.com and am excited for you to check them out!

I’m most impressed with the quality of their products paired with their inexpensive prices. My favorite of all they offer is the jewelry and the travel bags, but you’ll see that they have all variety of essential oil necessities.

Check out all their Diffusing Necklaces to pick your favorite, allthewhile thinking about the people on your Christmas list. Then pick out your favorite Travel Bag because Got Oil Supplies is giving one away to FOUR different winners!

Do you see how inexpensive these are? Their prices make these purchases so doable. Hooray for practical items that are so cute and reasonably priced!

Ready to make it easy to take your oils with you?

Enter to win this great giveaway in the Rafflecopter below. I’ll draw 4 random winners on Thursday, October 12.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

FREE Lavender Lotion Bar from MadeOn ~ Two Days Only!

Before you ask, there’s no catch. ;) Renee from MadeOn is giving all of us a free Lavender Lotion Bar just because she loves us.

free lavender lotion bar

Yes, we have to pay shipping on our freebie, otherwise we’d really put her in the hole, and we don’t want to put Renee in a hole, am I right? She’s too nice for that, what with her giving us freebies and all.

What I suggest is that you get the most out of your $4.95 shipping fee while you get your free lotion bar. Shipping on your entire order is a flat $4.95, so no matter how much you put in your cart, you only pay five bucks shipping.

And you get a free Lavender Lotion Bar.

If you’re new here and you’re wondering, “What’s so great about MadeOn Lotion Bars?” let me tell you all about why they are so great! Aside from the fact that they contain ingredients I feel absolutely good about…

My hands used to be awful, awful, awful. Dry, cracked, bleeding, miserable – all winter long and beyond. A few years ago Renee send me a MadeOn Lotion Bar to try and within ONE DAY my hands felt better. I haven’t looked back and my hands are gloriously soft and healthy…as long as I continue to use my Lotion Bar.


If I ignore my dry skin and don’t rub on the Lotion Bar, my hands feel awful again. Thus, I make sure I always have a supply of MadeOn Lotion Bars in my house. My family all uses these products and I send some to college with our oldest.

This is what makes this FREEBIE so much fun! This is about the time of year I stock up on MadeOn Lotion for winter dry skin. If I’m paying $4.95 shipping anyway, and I’m loading up on plenty of Lotion Bars (my fav is the BeeSilk, but I’m also loving the Lavender Lotion Bar they sent me to try) how awesome that I can aldo get a free Lavender Lotion Bar in my package!

This freebie offer is only good today and tomorrow (September 18-19), so go here now and add this Lavender Lotion Bar to your cart. Then add to your cart any other items you need.  (There’s no other purchase necessary, by the way. You can simply get this freebie and nothing else!) At checkout use the code HHLavender and the cost of the Lavender Lotion Bar turns to $0.00 like magic.

Enjoy this fun goodie, and may your hands (and arms and legs and feet) be forever nourished and comfortable!

Get the Lavender Lotion Bar Freebie here.

Offer expires Tuesday at midnight, PST. These links are my affiliate links.