Why I Don’t Have a Sams or Costco Membership (and How I Get Great Bulk Deals Delivered to My Door)

How Amazon Prime Works For My Family

I live in a town of about 8,000 people. We have two locally owned grocery stores and a Wal-Mart. I’m thankful we have these shopping options so close, even if my options are limited. I also really appreciate that Azure Standard has a drop point here once each month. We definitely take advantage of this service!

Here and there, we’ve considered buying a Sam’s membership. It seems like such a great place to shop! But would it be worth it to pay for the membership, then pay for the gas to drive an hour each way to stock up on food items, toilet paper, and other items we need?   We keep deciding that no, it’s just not worth all the extra money we would need to pay in our situation. (Costco is about a two hour drive one way for us, so that is even less of an option.)

Here’s what I realized yesterday as I was taking advantage, yet again, of Amazon’s Subscribe and Save deals:  I definitely don’t need a Sam’s membership. Shopping Amazon and taking advantage of their subscribe and save option gives me Sam’s prices plus free shipping – which means that I don’t have to buy a tank of gas or spend an entire day driving and shopping out of town. I can shop at any time of the day or night, adding items to my cart as I think of them, or as I see good deals and coupons for them.

Once each month, all of my Subscribe and Save items are delivered (for free) right to my door. I find bulk items, health food items, cleaning products, paper goods, and all kinds of items we use for a great price. This beats a Sam’s or Costco membership for our family – by far! I’m so thankful for this.

Many of you are probably old pros at this way of shopping, but for whatever reason, I’m just now getting the hang of how the 15% off subscribe and save plan works. It’s so cool! Plus, you can pair the 15% off with the great coupons Amazon offers. I can’t believe the great deals I get this way!

So how does this work?

With an Amazon Prime membership – if you purchase at least 5 items with subscribe and save, you get 15% off your entire order.

Having an Amazon Prime membership pays for itself for our family, with all of the benefits it provides. I love that I can get 20% off bulk purchases, plus free shipping. (You can sign up for a free 30-day trial membership here.)  Plus, I’ve really learned to keep my eye on the coupons Amazon provides. Often, they offer several dollars off or another 15-20% off an item – and that’s in addition to the subscribe and save 20% off benefit. It’s so much fun!

Here’s a lovely picture of my part of my recent Amazon Subscribe and Save delivery:

amazon subscribe order

Okay fine. It’s not a lovely picture. It’s just a bunch of full boxes. But you know how much I love staring at my bulk orders. Boxes full of food and items I need for my family is lovely to me. I mean, I got Pure Organic Fruit and Veggie Strips, Organic Tortilla Chips, V-8 Fusion, Kleenexes, Toilet Paper, Emergen-C, Seventh Generation Dish Soap, and a few other items I can’t think of off the top of my head. They were delivered to my door for free. I am well stocked up now on items we use often. Not only did I get 20% off, Amazon offered additional coupons on almost all of these items. Serious savings, and serious fun. You should see us tear into those boxes on delivery day. :)

So, all this to say – Sams or Costco memberships don’t work for our family because of our location or time to head out and shop. Shopping Amazon and taking advantage of their great deals works very well for us. I especially love it if I have some Swagbuck earned Amazon cards to spend!

God bless the UPS man who delivers discounted toilet paper to my door.

So how about you? Do you have a Sams or Costco close to you – and is it cost effective for you to have a membership? Do you love Amazon Prime as much as I do? Are you signed up for Amazon Mom?  Do you use Amazon Coupons?

Oh Beautiful Jars!! Stocked and Ready For Gawking

One of the jobs on my “To Do” List was to refill all of the jars in my pantry so that I’d have easy access to all of the staple ingredients I reach for so often. Since I typically purchase these ingredients in 25-50 pound quantities, I store them big buckets, and pour a smaller portion into easy-access jars in my kitchen, refilling as needed. (Read more here about where I purchase most of my food, and scroll through these posts to learn more about my bulk shopping and storage.)

My favorite part of this system, besides the fact, of course, that this just makes my life easier and saves us money while we strive to eat a whole foods diet is this:  I love staring at my jars full of pretty food.

It’s a slight obsession. A major obsession? Yeah, probably something like that.

Well, after just a few minutes of going back and forth from storage room to kitchen, lugging buckets and bags of dry goods (a great upper arm work-out!), all of my jars are re-stocked and ready to go. Pasta, sucanat, wheat, salt, beans, corn, and rice. Oh so beautiful.

 This is the part of my pantry I stare at when I most need a fix:

Hey, it’s much healthier than my former Pepsi addiction, right? :)