My Favorite Whole Wheat Recipes – and A Nutrimill Giveway From Paula’s Bread

I’m often asked how I get my 100% whole wheat baked goods to actually taste yummy. It is true that sometimes store-bought whole wheat flour can turn out a dry and dense muffin or bread. We know whole grains have more nutrition, but really, who cares how healthy it is if it doesn’t even taste good?

No Knead Whole Wheat Bread

Ahhh, that’s why I love my Nutrimill. Freshly ground flour is so amazingly good. It makes a world of difference in the way my baked goods taste. Even better is the fact that all the nutrients are alive and intact when you grind your own flour. Tastes better and is much healthier? Yes, please!

What are my favorite Whole Wheat Recipes? Well, all of them, of course. But if I really had to choose my top ten, I guess they would be…

How has your whole wheat baking experience been so far?  Ever since I started grinding my own grain, it’s made a world of difference in how the product turns out. Who knew baking with whole wheat (or other freshly ground grains) could be so easy?

Buying a Nutrimill is a bit of an investment. It’s worth it, but it can take a while to save up the money for one. That’s why I thought you might like the chance to win a free one. :)

Paula’s Bread is the sweetest!! We’re hitting the restart button with a Nutrimill giveaway, thanks to Paula. :)

Who Wants to Win a Nutrimill

love my Nutrimill, which can be used to grind hard and soft wheat, kamut, spelt, hulled buckwheat, oat groats, hully barley, triticalae, rye, brown rice, wild rice, popcorn, sorghum, soybeans, split peas, and dried beans. It grinds these into a lovely, fine flour which can be used in all of your baked goods.

I use my Nutrimill alllllll the time. I mostly use my mill to grind hard and soft white wheat. Most people don’t even know they are eating whole grains at my house. They just know they are eating delicious bread, cookies, muffins, or pizza crust.

Paula’s Bread is the place to go when you’re ready to buy a Nutrimill. Her prices are always the best, and her customer support is fantastic. I have worked with Paula for years. She’s a lovely, godly woman.  (Like Paula’s Bread on Facebook!)

This week, she is giving one of you a FREE Nutrimill. Who wants to win?! Here’s how to enter:

  1. Leave a comment on this post.
  2. Sign up for Paula’s Newsletter, then leave another comment on this post letting me know you did (optional).
  3. Follow Paula’s Bread on Twitter, then leave another comment on this post letting me know you did (optional).
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Look at all the chances to win! I’ll draw a random winner on Wednesday, September 17. Be watching for a post stating the winner, as you will be responsible for contacting me if your name is chosen.


  1. Heather says

    I’ve been wanting a grain mill for several years, but it won’t be in the budget for at least a few more. I’d love the chance to have one sooner!


  2. Katie says

    I have had a nutrimill in my amazon “saved” pile for some time. This would be awesome to receive! And there would be much rejoicing! :)


  3. Sharon says

    I have been wanting one of these for a long time. I just can’t ever seen to justify the expense. This would be so wonderful to try!


  4. Kristy B says

    I would love to try grinding wheat to further make our bread healthier! And our other baking too, of course, but baking bread makes me so happy.


  5. Karen Palomar says

    I have a kitchen aide attachment now for grinding, but I’ve heard it doesn’t grind near as well as nutrimill. I know I would be baking more!


  6. Michelle says

    I’ve been using my coffee grinder to grind grain! Thanks so much for the opportunity to win a much better replacement!


  7. Lovegreenbeans says

    Saving up for one for my daughter. Would love to win one to be able to put my savings into one for my second daughter. Thank you!


  8. says

    Oh I love your bread recipe. And I’m fortunate enough to have access to locally grown organic wheat berries. I usually have our mill grind it for me. If I had my own nutrimill, I could grind it fresh! What a fabulous giveaway!


  9. Amber W. says

    I would love to win this. I watched the demo on this at our homeschool convention but wasn’t quite ready to make that purchase. I have converted my whole family to whole wheat bread and they have not complained at all. This would definitely take my baking to the next level.


  10. Colleen Kramer says

    Pick me! Pick me! I’ve been wanting one of these for sooo long. Thanks for the generous chance to win. I also receive Paula’s newsletter


  11. Sarah says

    Definitely would love this!!! I love baking and have always wanted one of these
    Also signed up for newsletter and shared on pinterest:)


  12. Heather L says

    Hello! I’ve been wanting to get a Nutrimill grinder!
    I shared on Pinterest, through e-mail & signed up for Paula’s newsletter!


  13. Heather says

    I just signed up for the Paula’s Bread newsletter. Perfect timing because I’ve just started looking into grain mills!


  14. Amanda says

    I’ve been dying to get a Nutrimill, but haven’t been able to save up for it yet. Thanks for the opportunity to win one!


  15. Agnes says

    I would be happy to give this to my daughter if I win. I already have one and grind our own organically ground spelt for flour besides all of the other grains I grind.


  16. says

    I’d love to win this! We even grew wheat two years ago, but the only mill I have is an old crank one that doesn’t attach to any surface in my kitchen. I have to take it to the porch to use, and you can guess how often that happens!!!

    Thanks for doing the giveaway!


  17. Ruth says

    Am now following Paula! Looks like a great site. I have been wanting to get Nutrimill but not in my budget at this time – would live to win it. Love your site!


  18. Betty Stewart says

    I already subscribe to Paula’s newsletter. I don’t do Facebook or Twitter. I would love to own one of these. My bread from regular flour doesn’t turn out so good and I want a healthier flour. Thanks for the opportunity.


  19. Deb says

    I have been dying for one of these, but I know my husband will have a heart attack at the price! Saving my pennies, but it sure would be a blessing to win one for free! And I’ve heard such wonderful things about Paula from multiple places.


  20. Stephanie in MN says

    I Pinned the contest and bread recipe on my recipes board on Pintrest. Looking forward to see how checks it out. Some of my cousins like trying whole wheat recipes.


  21. Tammy Feathers says

    I finished the entries. Just decided to send you a comment at one time for the last few entries. I just finished sharing the link on Facebook, I tweeted it, and I shared it on Pinterest to finish !


  22. Michelle says

    Hi, Laura,
    Thank you for sharing your knowledge and healthy outlook via your website. I look forward to checking your posts for new recipes. I do not own a mill, but I am very interested in grinding grains for fresh flour!


  23. Kristin says

    We have switched to whole wheat flour, but agree it can be dense sometimes. Thank you for the opportunity to win the nutrimill!


  24. Nancy C says

    We love fresh baked breads. YUMMMMMMM
    Signed up for the newsletter, going to follow on Twitter and repost on Twitter too. Would really like a mill.


  25. Trudi says

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Nutrimill, and would love to win this to give this to a lady I know who doesn’t have one yet. Thanks for the chance!


  26. Jaime T. says

    I asked my husband for a Nutrimill for Christmas. I would love to win this one and have an early Christmas:) I have tried making homemade bread for years and even bought a hand grinder, but my flour ends up too course and the finished product is terrible! I always tell people “I make bricks, not bread!” I’m hoping to change that!


  27. Joey says

    I would love an electric grain mill! I love freshly ground flour, but with 4 small children, it takes a bit too much time for me right now to grind it with our manual grain mill! (BUT, with that said, someday the children will be big enough to grind the flour for me! :) )


  28. Janet Kiessling says

    This would an amazing addition to our kitchen. We just started liking the idea of grinding our own grains. We did buy one – but it was not a very good one – & it had to go back & we are currently looking for another one…;)


  29. Danielle J says

    I would love nothing more. I have been wanting to grind my own grains for a long time. I burnt out a coffee grinder trying to! Thanks for the chance!


  30. Lorinda says

    This flour mill has been on my wish list. If I win then I could use what I’ve saved towards buying the wheat berries to mill. :)


  31. Melissa says

    I have been waiting on a relative to “donate” her unused grain mill to me as has been promised, but it’s not happening. I would LOVE to take the next step in providing healthy food for my family with a grain mill!


  32. Cynthia Gergel says

    I would give ANYTHING for my husband to learn to enjoy whole-wheat breads and other products. I can’t get him past “whole-grain” (not 100%) breads or rye.


  33. Jennifer Pellegrin says

    I love being able to make whole wheat breads for my family. What a treat it would be to be able to make them completely from scratch. Thank you, Paula, for your generosity!


  34. Noel says

    SOooo exciting to think one of us is going to be able to grind our own flour for your delicious recipes!! Thanks for the opportunity. God is so good!


  35. S Mufferi says

    Well written testimonial to the quality and usefulness of the Nutrimill and how important having not only healthy but good tasting whole grains can be. I cringe when I think how I was one of the “Wonder Bread” kids growing up. Thanks for the opportunity to win a Nutrimill and thanks for the informative and timely wealth of information you share. Good Luck to all and God Bless


  36. Heather says

    I would love to win a nutrimill!
    I have been following Heavenly Homemakers for a few years now and have loved all of your recipes. Whenever I want to bake something and am trying to find a healthier version, I always come here first! Thanks so much. :)


  37. Samantha H. says

    I’ve always wanted a Nutrimill. It will be a little tough to find the space in our small kitchen but I would make it work :-)


  38. Mary says

    This is extremely kind. I do have an old mill that I’m giving the kids. This would be wonderful. Thank you! And, I signed up for Paula’s newsletter. Also, thank you for the connection there. I love your receipes, as well, for whole wheat. Really excited here.


  39. Alison Brown says

    I am so desperate to start my cooking career in our new home by following a whole grain practice, so this mill would be SUCH an asset to my kitchen!


  40. Charlotte Moore says

    I would like to win to use for GF grinding. I have one that is contaminated with gluten so/I can’t use it for making GF stuff.

    I am subscribed to Paula’s Bread.



  41. Keara Smith says

    would love to win this!! I don’t do Pinterest, Twitter or Facebook tho :( so my chances are pretty slim, but I’ll give it a shot :) Thanks!


  42. Steph J says

    I was thinking of asking my whole family to go in together to get me one of these for Christmas. Maybe Christmas will come early? :)


  43. Stacy says

    I get Paula’s newsletter. She always has some great recipes at the end of her newsletters.


    Stacy Reply:

    Oh, I just remembered the reason I get her newsletters is because I bought my Bosch Universal from her years ago after seeing her demonstrate one at a homeschool convention. Love her site!


  44. Kathy says

    I would love to grind gluten free grains. My doctor just diagnosed me with wheat allergy and I am learning about gluten free grains now.


  45. Kathy B says

    I would love to have a Nutrimill. I am working on getting healthy and winning this will help me on that journey. I will be subscribing to Paula’s email.


  46. Katie Bergey says

    Hey! I would so love to win a nutrimill. We always ground our own flour back home but that’s an investment I haven’t yet made since being married. Love your blog!


  47. Christina says

    I already receive Paula’s newsletter, too. Great stuff! Would love to win this Nutrimill–I’ve been trying to save for a grain mill for almost a year now. Something always keeps getting in the way.


  48. Angela says

    My husband loves freshly made bread. Freshly ground flour makes that bread so much healthier and better. Thanks for the opportunity.


  49. Shari says

    I’m already signed up for Paula’s newsletter. She runs some FAB deals! Thanks for this chance to win a product that I’ve seen in action – it’s AWESOME! My friend bought a Nutrimill from Paula and grinds her own wheat for every single one of her homemade goodies . Mmmm… Moist & delicious. She even makes a whole wheat angel food cake that her kids love. Amazing :-)


  50. says

    I had a NutriMill wheat grinder and loved it. We lost our home to a house fire last December and now its gone. Would love to have another one. I signed up to receive Paula’s newsletter.


  51. Tammy says

    Wow! I’d love this to win this! I already grind flour for my family, but I also serve meals to an inner city ministry and have been amazed how people have responded to my bread. I always get rave reviews and hear about less “bathroom issues” after I bring a meal. I’d love to win to share with this ministry how to grind flour for their community.


  52. Holly says

    Would love to win a nutrimill! You are picking the winner one day before my birthday..what an awesome birthday present that would be!! :)


  53. Earlene R says

    I used to grind my own meal but the grinder was borrowed and the lady took it back. Would LOVE to be able to do that again.


  54. Earlene R says

    Liked the page on facebook, twitter and signed up for newsletter. Great information. Shared it everywhere as this is the healthiest and best tasting way to make bread. Would love to have a mill. Thanks!!


  55. Heidi says

    Shared & signed up for the newsletter~ I’ve been dreaming of the day I can purchase a grain mill! Thank you for the giveaway!


  56. Kristin says

    I went online to see if Nutrimills were cheaper anywhere else, and found them at Bed Bath & Beyond for $219, + shipping. Plus, if you order it in the store, you can use a 20% off coupon, bringing the price down to $175.20!


    Kristin Reply:

    even better- Free shipping on orders over $49!


  57. Leigh says

    I’m sorry I messed up Paula’s Bread’s name in my previous comment. I must have grain on the brain. I signed up for Paula’s newsletter.


  58. Carolyn says

    Would love to have a Nutrimill

    And have wanted to get one ever since began reading your blog, Laura.
    (Not sure how many years that is.)

    But thank you and Paula for another opportunity!


  59. Kristie says

    I am new to this whole foods lifestyle and I must admit I’m a bit overwhelmed but your website has been one of my favorites. You are so down to earth and you have a way of making me feel like this is something I can definitely do! I would love to win the Nutrimill. I’ve been reading a lot about the benefits of grinding your own grains and would love to give it a try! Thanks for all you do!


  60. Katie L. says

    Ooooo!! Definitely could use this. I was using my SIL’s Nutrimill, but she moved several hours away and it’s definitely not in the budget for us right now. Thanks for the chance, Laura! :)


  61. Becky says

    I want a Nutrimill sooooo bad! I would love to grind flour and make the healthiest breads, baked goods, etc that I possibly can. I have never ground my own flour, but would love to make this lifestyle change. Pick me! :)


  62. shelby foreman says

    I have wanted an Nutrimill since I first heard of them! The way you talk about freshly ground wheat over store bought whole wheat sounds so delicious!


  63. kendra says

    I would LOVE to win this!

    I do subscribe to Paula’s newsletter but I’m not on Twitter or FB.

    Thanks for the opportunity ;)


  64. says

    Your bread looks absolutely delicious today. I always think I want to try grinding my own grains, but the cost of a good grinder sure makes trying it out less-than-affordable.


  65. Kara says

    I would love to win this Nutrimill!!! Freshly ground flour makes homemade bread taste so much better and there is something special about being able to grind your own flour right in your very own kitchen!!!


  66. Michelle Oosterlee says

    Hello Laura,

    I am new to your website, yet in the short while I have learned so much! Thank you. I was on the search for white wheat berries in Canada, when last week at work a generous farmer gifted me 100 pounds! God is good! However, I have nothing to grind it with haha. Winning this Nutrimill would be a blessing beyond words. :) I signed up for Paula’s Bread newsletter.


  67. Crystal says

    I would love love love the Nutrimill. I have been saving to buy one but to win one would mean I could buy the mixer I have been dying to get also!

    Love it!


  68. Allison Ashley says