Cake Boys Videos Are Back! {Episode 8}


Christmas travels threw us off just a little bit, and then the boys were determined (by popular request) to add a “commercial” to the video. After much work, silliness, and editing – here is Cake Boys Episode 8! (Watch previous episodes here.)

Just beware – Asa scripted this, then our whole family was invited to be a part of the commercial. Acting cheesy seems to be what we do best. The whole thing is ridiculous, if we do say so ourselves, but there’s no doubt about it – we sure do have fun around here. :)

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  1. Andrea says

    I’ve always wondered why they call it the funny bone. It’s never funny when I hit it on something. Enjoyed the funny bone protector commercial! Your boys are funny and creative. Go Cake Boys!


  2. Elaine says

    We need a few of those, but I’m not sure if I want tan or a little less tan though. Also…I share Dad’s birthday…so happy birthday Dad.


  3. Danielle b says

    Love the Cake Boys! I was trying to catch up with the episodes but it seems all were linked back to this episode? Even the ones that said 7 or 6, still came up as 8.

    I am trying to view the on my iPad not sure if that makes a difference. I was ale to watch the current one okay, just can’t get to the archives.


    Laura Reply:

    That’s really strange. I just checked, and they are all coming up for me as they are supposed to. But a few weeks ago, the same problem was occurring for me as you mentioned. No matter which epiosode I wanted, I could only get episode 7. Weird!


  4. Danielle b says

    It is weird! It seems episodes 4, 5, 6, 7 won’t come up for me, but 1,2,3 are good to go. I’ll keep trying the boys are just too cute!


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