Cake Boys Episode 9 (And Why You Need Ping Pong Shoes)

Been waiting for your next dose of the Cake Boys? Here they are again, with another great cake, and another crazy commercial.

Admittedly, the cake didn’t look very pretty when all was said and done. But it sure was yummy! And even with all those disclaimers, I am completely convinced that I need to get myself a pair of Ping Pong Shoes…


  1. Jessica says

    My kids thought the Ping Pong shoe commercial was hilarious.:) And now we would like some cake.;)


  2. Brenda Howard says

    Those boys are just wonderful. You are so blessed! Love the commercials Asa you have a future there. I love lots of frosting too.


  3. Jennifer says

    We have all boys- My husband said after watching this- “yup that’s a boy cake!” We loved their commercial!!!!!!


  4. Shaela Haney says

    My boys 8 and 6 liked the episode and I liked all the jars in the background on one of the shots! haha


  5. Tammy F says

    Well done boys! ‘A’ for amazing creativity and execution. My boys are working on similar ‘episodes’ with their camera and patiently waiting for the GoPro to be set up so they can film ‘action shots’. Loved it!!


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