Butter on my Shirt!

As my blog was sneaking up on the day of its 10-Year Anniversary, I was putting the final touches on my book. Meanwhile, my friend Charlene was dreaming of some fabulous ideas.

See, Charlene’s the one who came up the idea of this blog in the first place. She helped me name it, helped me set it up, and spent hours and hours and hours teaching and guiding me in the beginning. She has been a part of Heavenly Homemakers since before it launched and continues to help me any time I call on her. She’s an amazing designer and creator and idea-thinker-upper.

And so, when she sent this to my inbox and said, “What do you think?” I jumped out of my chair and landed on the ceiling and haven’t come back down since.


Is that not a shirt designed perfectly for all Heavenly Homemakers everywhere??! Check it out here, along with all the color choices!

Her creations did not stop with the butter. She got out the daisies and the jars, and have I mentioned that I can’t climb off the ceiling?


Again, you have to see all the varieties of color choices! They are right there on Amazon, so ordering is easy peasy and prime members get free shipping too!

Then, to go along with The Prayer Mugs book I launched in June, she made this:


See how perfectly it matches the prayer journal? There are several color choices on that T-shirt too!


And THEN, she came up with this, which can be personalized and used along with your Prayer Mugs journal.


Yes. You can order your very own Prayer Mug with the names of all of your kids!! I love this so much!!!

Customized Prayer Mug
Customized Prayer Mug
A beautiful Prayer Mug to use as you pray over your child (or children). We can do individual names on a mug OR a grouping of names - all custom printed for you. This is a 100% ceramic coffee mug in 15 oz size. They are sturdy, white, and..customized for you! And the price INCLUDES shipping*! *Due to expense, we are only able ship to US residents.
Price: $24.95
Custom Information - PLEASE DOUBLE-CHECK YOUR INFOMATION before ordering:

So basically, my friend Charlene is the most clever person on the planet and I can’t get over how fabulous all this merchandise is!!

Here are the quick links to all these wonderful new goodies to celebrate 10 years of HeavenlyHomemakers.com!

Grab them now. Put them on your Christmas list. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!


  1. Birdie says

    Your mug idea is wonderful! I’m tearing up, 8-) I’ve just started reading you book and you have made me smile and nod from the first page. I think that the cover you chose is one of my favorites, so bright and Laura. Blessing for the best of book sales!


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