Burning Barns, Talking Spiders, and Loving Literature With the Kids

I’ve loved the Charlotte’s Web classic book since I was a little girl. I wanted to get my own baby pig and find a cool spider in my own barn. (I also wanted a pet monkey, thanks to Curious George.)

As it turns out, I actually did have pigs, which turned out to be – something else. But we’ll stop there. I mean, should we even talk about what happened with our barn? (Really. It’s fine. I’m over it.)

And that's where the barn was...

Just last week my brother took his kids to the property where he and I grew up.
My sis-in-law later posted this pic to Facebook and tagged me with the caption,
“And that’s where the barn was…”
I can’t stop laughing at this.

(What? You don’t know my barn story? Go read this.)

Seeing as my pigs were not cute, nor did they talk, and the actual spiders in our barn (may it rest in peace) creeped me out – I lived vicariously through Fern, Wilbur, and Charlotte. Did you, too? Did you love this book?

Do you still love this book?!!

Ahhh, Charlotte’s Web

I have read this book to my kids several times through the years. Last summer, I picked it up again to read to Malachi. He saw the cover – with a girl and a pig on it – and he was like, “Meh. I don’t think I’m going to like this book.” I told him to give it a try with me and see if he didn’t change his mind. I’m pretty sure I had him hooked about three sentences in.

Main point of this post: Read with your kids, enjoy books with your kids, love experiencing life through books with your kids. But now back to Charlotte’s Web

wilbur and charlotte

We had so much fun reading this book together that it wasn’t long before we started creating projects. Then games. Then snacks. Then I thought of some learning activities he could do as we read. (There are some great vocab words in there. Malachi uses the greeting, “Salutations!” regularly now just because he loves the word, thank you, Charlotte.)

Activities and projects and games and “recipes” and crafts turned into 43-pages of family fun and learning. We decided to put it all together in a book and share it with you. This is THE BEST way to make learning fun.

Charlotte's Web coversm

Since creating this book was quite a labor intensive project – and turned into 43 pages worth of educational fun – I can’t give this to everyone for a $0.00 price-tag like I’ve been able to do with several of the learning packets I’ve created the past few months. (I’ve got more of those freebies in the works, by the way.) Instead, we came up with a better idea, in which you and I both win!

Peek Into Charlottes Web


Charlotte’s Web ~ Learning Through Literature

Charlotte's Web ~ Learning Through Literature
43 pages of learning activities, games, crafts, recipes, and fun! Use this eBook to encourage creativity and learning while you read Charlotte's Web with your family.
Price: $7.95

P.S. I’ve started getting requests for more learning packs like this Charlotte’s Web packet. I’d love hearing your literature suggestions! In the works so far: Boxcar Children; James and the Giant Peach; Indian in the Cupboard; Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Your ideas?


  1. Shannon says

    I had to go and read your story about burning down the barn. (I’m not laughing I promise ;) Oh the joys of burning trash. We live out in the country so we burn trash too. We also live in Oklahoma and the winds do “come sweeping down the plains”, so I can totally feel with you on the wind/trash getting out of hand thing. My son, so far has not caught any building on fire, but he has caught the grass around the burn barrels several times. Luckily, I can see the burn barrels from our bedroom window, so when Britton was younger and just starting to do this particular chore, I would watch from the bedroom just to make sure that it didn’t get away from him.

    Charlotte’s Web is one of my favorites and my son’s favorites. I wish I’d thought of some of your creative ideas when he was little.


  2. Hope Chinck says

    Hi There,

    We found your site through Build Your Bundle. So cute! Can you tell me how to go about getting our copy of Charlotte’s Web?



    Laura Reply:

    Great, welcome!

    With your bundle purchase, you also received a “Bundle of Bonuses.” That’s where you’ll find the info on downloading the Charlotte’s Web packet. If you log into your account and find your BYB order, you’ll find a rectangle at the bottom that says, “Don’t forget to download your Bundle of Bonuses!” Inside this, you’ll find the download instructions (plus a bunch of other freebies!) Please let me know if you try that and still have trouble!


  3. Jill says

    I loved Charlotte’s Web and read it a zillion times as a kid.

    But have you read it through adult eyes? Wilbur, I think, was actually kind of a jerk. He really took advantage of Charlotte and used her right until the end. She even died – for him – without being able to see her babies.

    And we hold Charlotte up as a hero for saving Wilbur…but really there’s a lesson in that book about allowing yourself to be used and used and used. It’s almost abuse. Yes, the book is about finding a true friend….but as an adult, I think their friendship was really unbalanced. I think it’s a good discussion point to have with our kids.

    I’m sorry if I’m ruining the book for everyone now. I still love the book though….


  4. Jessica says

    I purchased the bundle and am trying to figure out how I get this. Does it come in my e-mail after I subscribe or what? I have this book study through Total Language Plus for my older child so this would be wonderful for my younger ones to follow along as well! That is why I want it so much! :) I hope you can help me. I’m just scratching my head, and scrolling looking for a link or anything that says what to do.


    Laura Reply:

    I’m excited that you’re excited! :)

    With your bundle purchase, you also received a “Bundle of Bonuses.” That’s where you’ll find the info on downloading the Charlotte’s Web packet. If you log into your account and find your BYB order, you’ll find a rectangle at the bottom that says, “Don’t forget to download your Bundle of Bonuses!” Please let me know if you try that and still have trouble!


  5. Nicole says

    I’ve got the Bundle of Bonuses instructions with the password to get the Charlotte’s Web pack…but I’m unsure of where to actually download this. I don’t see a place on your website to put the password in or even download the pack. Is there a link to take me directly to input the password and download it??


    Laura Reply:

    If you click on the picture of the Charlotte’s Web ~ Learning Through Literature description that is in the Bundle of Bonuses, it will take you where you need to go to sign up with the password. Let me know though if you still have trouble!


  6. Monica McGill says

    I just saw about the bundle and the sale is over ;(…is there anyway to be able to purchase the Charlotte Webs bundle? I would love to do this with my nine year old this summer.


    Laura Reply:

    Yes! I just got it all set up. If you check out the post again, it’ll give purchase instructions. :)


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