Bone Broth Giveaway from Wise Choice Market


When it comes to nutrient rich food, it does not get much better than a broth made from chicken or beef bones. I love knowing that each time I’m making a soup or casserole with broth, I am giving my family lots of nourishment – especially since I typically add lots of veggies to the broth.

I try to have broth made and in the freezer at all times. After all, what’s the best food to eat when you’re sick? Broth. And what do you not feel like making when you’re sick? Well…everything. Including broth. :)  So if I happen to already have a rich broth made and in the freezer, wow, it’s a blessing!

Wise Choice Market has recently added Chicken Stock and Beef Stock to the items they carry. If you’re looking for a convenient, healthy option for bone broth so that you can have some on hand at all times – this can be your go-to source!

Their broth is made using real traditional methods, which I find very impressive:

Apple cider vinegar is added to pure filtered water for maximum nutrient extraction right into the stock. The bones are then gently simmered for 24 hours with sea salt and organic onions and garlic, and the broth is finished with organic parsley for the extra minerals.

This long and careful process results in a bone broth rich in flavor and with high levels of minerals and gelatin.

This broth is delicious!   Remember that soup I made earlier in the week? This was the broth I used. It was so handy to grab it out of the freezer in the morning and use it to make our soup for lunch!


Because this is a frozen item, they are only able to ship this to the 48 contiguous states within the US. And because of that, this giveaway is limited to a winner who lives within those states. 

Wise Choice Market is giving away four 24 ounce packs of broth (2 chicken and 2 beef) to one winner. To enter this giveaway, you MUST click to the Wise Choice Market site and enter there. Sign up for their mailing list for a chance to win this giveaway. Being on their mailing list will alert you to new product releases, ordering dates, and great health and nutrition information.

We will draw a random winner on Monday, February 4. Be watching for a post stating the winner as you will be responsible for contacting me if your name is chosen!

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  1. Dani says

    Would LOVE to win this! And probably the only way I’d ever try it, $30+shipping for 2 packs(48 oz), eek! Sounds amazing though and would be convenient to have on hand…..


  2. Danielle says

    Would LOVE to win this! And probably the only way I’d ever try it, $30+shipping for 2 packs(48 oz), eek! Sounds amazing though and would be convenient to have on hand..


  3. says

    I use this brand regularly and can say it’s delicious – made just the way I do at home.

    As a side note, they give you free shipping when you buy over a hundred dollars, so I just buy 8 packets at a time. It keeps for months in the freezer.


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