Better Than Costco? I Think So. Get $15 Off Boxed!


Unfortunately, my good feelings toward Boxed lasted about one day. Their website promised that you would get $15 when you signed up through my referral link. However, only five of you were allowed to use that code, even though there is no place on their site that says there is a 5 referral limit.

This turned into a big hassle. I emailed and emailed and emailed them. Some of you emailed them. I asked them to please make this right for you. They did not respond.

I am so very sorry, readers. I know you trust me to only share great options. I thought this was one but I no longer feel that way. They didn’t follow through on what their site promised. I no longer recommend that we support this company.

Thank you all for your patience as we tried to get this figured out. You are all dear to me.


Last night I came across Boxed – ever heard of it?


Boxed bragged that it was “better than Costco.” Seeing as the nearest Costco is about 100 miles from me, I clicked over to check it out.

If I had a Costco in my back yard, I’m sure I would love it. But I don’t, and even so, I really love the convenience of shopping online at home. Anything that is a good price and delivered (for free) to my porch? That’s pretty hard to beat.


  • There’s no membership fee.
  • Your first order ships free (plus you get $15 if you click through my referral link). Shipping on subsequent orders are $5.99 or FREE with an order of $49 or more.
  • Orders ship within 1 business day.
  • They carry items from grocery to office to babies to household cleaners – all at great prices!

I did some checking before I jumped on board, and certainly before I shared this with you. I found almost all of the prices to be very, very good – less than I pay locally. Free shipping makes shopping with Boxed more than worth it because it saves time and gas money.

There are plenty of processed foods to avoid, but quite a few healthy choices too. And don’t forget to look beyond the food. My favorite grab in my first order was batteries!! They were a very good price and they’ll get dropped on my porch. I got some Mrs. Meyers soaps and some La Croix Sparkling Water. Their office supply choices was impressive.

I decided that Boxed is definitely worth being a part of (since there’s no membership fee!) and worth telling you about. I’ll be using them from now on to save money on food and other items I don’t want to mess with picking up at the store!

Then get your own referral link to share with your friends and family! They’ll get $15, you’ll get $15! (Boxed did not follow through on this beyond 5 referrals. Please be aware of this if you do choose to refer friends.)

What do you think? Had you heard of Boxed before?


  1. Christine says

    I checked Boxed prices vs. Costco on a few items I buy regularly. Boxed cost more. Costco is 10 minutes away from me so paying the extra money is not worth the convenience.


  2. Deb says

    I agree with the above poster. Costco or Sam’s Club (in my case) is cheaper.

    You can compare the prices from Sam’s at the above link. I would still have to go to Sam’s to get produce and everything that Boxed doesn’t sell, so it really wouldn’t save me any money. Sam’s will also pull all your groceries for you, so you can just run in and grab your stuff without in store shopping, so it isn’t that bad and they have better hours than Costco with the premium membership.

    If you lived in a completely rural area, Boxed might be cheaper, and with the $15 off, the first order would be cheaper, but for my needs, it is not a good fit.

    Thanks for always finding interesting deals though. My favorite is the vanilla beans! ;)


  3. Karen H. says

    Thanks for those who did some comparison with Costco. I think I would check it out for stuff that Costco doesn’t sell and see how Boxed compares with Amazon Prime. Thank you for sharing your experience, Laura. Your posts are always helpful.


  4. Jessica says

    The closest Costco to me is 2 hours away so I will be checking Boxed out to see what their prices are. Thanks Laura!


  5. Pat says

    Sam’s is 5 minutes from my house and Costco is 15. Plus I really didn’t like the fact that you had to set up an account before you could look around


    Helen Reply:

    Yup, I like the idea of it but I won’t be looking around their site because I’m not signing up if I’m not going to use it.


    Deb Reply:

    I signed up to look around, promptly got an email “thanking me” and then had to unsubscribe. ;)


    Emily Reply:

    I feel the same way. Hate signing up to look around!


  6. says

    I already shop Sam’s once a month or so (1 hour away) and Amazon subscribe-and-save, as well as Azure Standard and another local co-op — all to avoid buying everything at Walmart or the pathetic small local grocery stores. I’m excited to look into another option – surely some of their stuff is a better deal than what I’m paying already! But… when I tried to click through your referral link, it said all your codes had been used already. If I wait a few days or a month, will you get the referral reward?


    Laura Reply:

    That’s strange that it’s giving you that message! When I click through to test it, it is showing me the original message which is still offering credit. Is it offering you the $15 off?


    Rachel Reply:

    Yes, it’s offering me a different coupon code for the $15 off. But I wanted you to get the credit… :) Oh, it showed me the message offering credit at first, but after I created an account, that’s when it said you were popular and all your codes were used up…


    Laura Reply:

    Thank you so much for being in touch with me about this. I’ve been in contact with Boxed because of this (and I wish I could say I was pleased with their customer service via email, but phew, I am not). Anyway, I’ll get to the bottom of it, but really, go right ahead and use your $15 credit now if you like, even if I don’t get the referral credit for it. You are SO sweet to care about that on my behalf!! :)

  7. Jocy says

    Have you heard of I have shopped there couple of times but I have not made comparison with costco since I don’t have a membership. The prices looked good to me and it even has some kirkland products


  8. sarah says

    I don’t know if it applies to all Costco items, but we don’t have a membership, but have ordered some things online. Thought this might help someone. We have a Sam’s Club much closer so I like it for convenience. Never heard of Boxed but am curious about it.


  9. Melinda says

    You will LOVE Google Express then! It has Costco items (as well as Wholefoods, Walgreens, and multiple other stores) shipped to your door NEXT DAY for free (with the 3 or 6 month trial) or $5 flat rate shipping! You can look around and the search function works great. I love using it for like salsa (two large jars for the price of one small jar locally) and chips (four times cheaper than local), paper plates, maple syrup, etc.

    Costco orders delivered to your house for $5! We recently discovered Google Express shopping – there are a few “stores” available on there, but the most exciting one to us is Costco! This is different than shopping on or Costco Business Delivery. It’s kind of more like Amazon Prime, but through Google. They don’t carry produce, cold or frozen items – but any dry goods can be bought for the same in-store price (including sale/coupon prices) and delivered to your house for only $5 – NEXT DAY delivery. They carried all the items we usually get plus some things we can only find at the Business Costco in Lynnwood. Baby wipes, cereal, bread and paper products were just a few items in our recent order. Plus, if you are a Costco Executive member you’ll still get your 2% cash back. Minimum order is $15 (so, like 2 Costco items). Check out the details for yourself. We were just excited to find it and wanted to share if it would be useful to anyone else. $5 delivery? We can’t even pull our van out of the driveway for less than $5 it seems – let alone get through Costco without some “growing opportunities” as parents. Use this referral link and you save $10 on your first order (we get $10)

    Free 6 months shipping code:


    Angel Reply:

    I wanted to point out that the shipping costs are $4.99 PER STORE.


  10. Melinda says

    Google Express also has great customer service in my experience. I forgot to check the box to have my $10 applied to my order and they kindly sent me a credit. I also made some sort of weird error and re-signed up with a lesser number of free shipping months and they took care of that as well via live chat.


  11. Angel says

    I placed an order with them yesterday. I clicked through your referral link and it credited $15.00 and I saw that your id was there for the referral. I received my items today. In my opinion, I got great prices on what I ordered. Amazon is very inconsistent with their pricing and I find myself buying things I don’t necessarily want just to qualify for the free shipping through Prime Pantry. Prime Pantry has been very inconsistent. Prices change, some of my items show up completely destroyed (Pepsi can busted open, flour all over the place, nearly all of my can goods dented like they came from a dented and damaged sale yet still being charged full price for them). I once ordered a pillow and paid $20.00 for it only to have shockingly received someone else’s used, slobbered on, stinky pillow. I am not joking! They check nothing before they ship it out. (I have pictures) Just a few examples. As far as Amazon Prime or the Subscribe and Save goes…HA! Some of the prices are ridiculous. And when I subscribe, I think the price should stay the same as when I subscribed.

    Boxed was very good prices, super fast shipping, careful packaging of my products and they even included a hand-written Thank you note.

    I don’t care for Sam’s simply because they charge an annual membership, they don’t ship everything they sell and their prices are getting too high. Not to mention the nearest one is too far from me to justify the drive. I have never been to a Costco, it is similar to Sam’s from what I have seen online.

    So far, I like Boxed. I will probably cancel my Amazon membership and stick with them for awhile.


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