Berkey Water Filter – The Reason We Had a Water Drinking Party at Our House

It was an exciting day at our house. It was a day in which we were standing in the kitchen, drinking water, exclaiming phrases such as, “Wow!” and “Seriously!” and “Can I have some more?!”

Don’t you wish you could be here partying with us? Oh you know you do.

Water is something we don’t typically have a party over. Milk? Maybe.  Homemade lemonade? For sure. But water? Well water is just…water. Until today.

This week, More Than Alive sent us a Berkey Water Filter. Today when we tried it for the first time, well…we stood in the kitchen celebrating water. It can only be described as delicious. Smooth. Soft. Clean. Pure. Wow.

You’ve gotta love it when I go on and on in a post about something as simple as water. But well, I’m pretty sure you’d feel the same if you tried it.

What’s incredible about a Berkey Water Filter is this:  It filters out all the contaminants, while leaving in all the good minerals our bodies need! It is powerful enough to purify raw water from lakes and ponds, making it a great choice for campers and overseas missionaries. Amazing. It reduces heavy metals. It rids your water of chemicals. This is all done with gravity – no electricity is necessary.

To say that I am impressed with our new Berkey Water Filter is an understatement. Head over to the More Than Alive site to learn more and to see what a great investment this is.

Guess what? If you come back in a few days, we’ll be having a giveaway for a Berkey Water Filter. Don’t miss it!



  1. says

    Agreed! This missionary wife couldn’t survive (literally) without one. Our water in Bolivia comes out of the tap reddish, brown and we would all be sick without it. We are SO thankful for ours!


  2. Irish says

    We’ve had our Royal Berkey for a year now and it’s GREAT. We also have the fluoride filters for it which is one of the main reasons we got it! I drink much more water since having it, there is a HUGE difference in the taste! We even take it camping! :)


  3. Janel says

    I REALLY want a Berkey…been trying to save up for one for a while! :) Can’t wait til the day when I can celebrate water like you guys!


  4. Emily says

    Does it filter out flouride?


    CJ Reply:

    You can buy additional filters (PF-2) that hang down to filter out fluoride. That’s what we did. As others mention, the water tastes awesome!


  5. Kymberly L says

    I’ve been wanting a Berkey. I’m waiting for our tax return to get one. I’d LOVE the chance to win one!


  6. Kathleen K says

    We’ve had ours about 4 years now. The only, and I do mean only, regret is that I didn’t order the larger size. We got the Royal and I wish we’d gotten the Big. Our family of 5 drinks a lot of water and we like to use it for cooking. It was well worth the expense, considering we were buying filtered water.


  7. Vicky Carlson says

    Saved and saved and I just got one and I love it! I found it was actually making too much water for just me so I took out one of the two filters and I’m going to use just one of the filters to slow down the production. I’m waiting for some plugs to be delivered. I can’t wait to start using it again. I would love to win one for my sons and get my whole family to start using these!


  8. Brooke says

    Our friends have one and it’s awesome! And they also have Berkley filter they set up with buckets for camping and we’ve used that when camping with them. Just take the hose and fill up the filter. GREAT WATER for drinking!!!
    I’m excited for the giveaway coming :)


  9. says

    Hmmm….we always take bottled water with us when we go camping. This might be easier if it isn’t too big (we’re in a pop up so space is limited). Plus we could refill it as needed.


  10. Jen says

    We’ve had our Berkey for about 3 years, and we love it too! Awesome water. I use it for drinking, making ice, and all cooking. We have the flouride filters too. I wish our city would stop adding flouride to the water! Enjoy your Berkey.


  11. Kristine A says

    We have been looking at the Berkley water filters for a while and it would be a blessing to be able to win one!


  12. Jamie Garcia says

    IYO do you think it would work to remove water softening chemicals? We either have our pipes, facets, and pans ruined by extremely hard water or drink the chemicals we use to soften it *blah.

    I’ve had my eye on an electric distiller, but this would be much more off the grid friendly :)


  13. Roxanne says

    Would love to win the Berkey. It’s obviously a fantastic product. We have less than tasty water in our city. We get our 5 gallon drink dispenser filled up weekly, and carry it back and forth from the store.


  14. Cindy G says

    Our family would get a lot of use out of this! Have never heard of them, but will definitely check it out. Would love to WIN it!


  15. Vernadee says

    Wow I was just looking at these online the other day! I also liked More Than Alive on my facebook More Than Alive Thanks


  16. kelly says

    I liked MoreThanAlive on Facebook!!!
    We are currently drinking icky water and, like many, have no funds to do too much otherwise.


  17. Deanna Kuhn says

    Water purification is one of the things I am lacking in my preparedness. This Berkey filter system would sure be the solution I’m looking for! Thanks for the opportunity to enter and thanks for your wonderful website. I always look forward to visiting :)


  18. Jennifer says

    I have been looking at these as a next step in our healthier eating journey. Wonder where I would keep it though. Thanks for the chance to win one.


  19. Teri says

    We’ve been trying to be healthier eaters also. We are really helping it helps with clearing up our 4 year old sons skins problems. Our water is something I’ve been wondering about, thanks for the great info!!


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