Bacon Wrapped Cream Cheese Chicken – A Family Favorite Freezer Meal

I don’t think it would matter how much I of this Bacon Wrapped Cream Cheese Chicken I made – my family would keep asking, “Can I have another piece of chicken?”  I definitely never can make enough.

Ah bacon and cream cheese…two of life’s happiest ingredients. Today, I made a batch of this chicken – serving half for lunch and freezing half for another day. It’s a super easy freezer meal to make, and great to pull out and cook quickly. You can even cook it from its frozen state – so having it on hand can save your neck if you forgot to thaw anything for dinner.

Bacon Wrapped Cream Cheese Chicken

What a great way to finish out this week’s freezer cooking challenge! I served this at lunch today with peas and smoothies (full of spinach, strawberries, peaches, and mango). It was a super easy lunch, packed with nourishment for my family. I’m excited to have more of this chicken in my freezer for another meal soon.

Have you made this chicken dish yet?  You’ll find this recipe in our {Healthy} Make-Ahead Meals and Snacks eBook (which is currently part of a package deal you can get for just $5). The recipes included in that package are some that we use all the time at our house to get ahead!

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Coming up next week, we’ll be filling the freezer with breakfast items. I’m so excited about this, as having quick, easy, and healthy breakfast foods on hands is such a life-saver for me!


  1. Karen says

    THIS is an amazing recipe. Easy and delicious. I made up a big batch of it and seared each piece in the skillet for two to three minutes and then laid each one into a large baking dish – I made 16 of these for a company dinner. I then refrigerated this until later. One hour before dinner, I put the cold casserole dish into the oven and baked it for one hour. It turned out perfectly well and everyone loved it. Thanks Laura for this recipe.


  2. Joy says

    What kind of bacon do you use? I have been paying more for the “natural” bacon from the store that says no nitrites/nitrates added (except naturally occurring in celery salt), but have seen some people saying the “natural” is not so good for you either because it can actually have more nitrates coming from the celery salt than what is allowed with the chemicals since it is more regulated. Now I am really confused! We do have some local farmers that sell their own bacon that is just salt/sugar cured, but not smoked. I am thinking, “What’s the point?” Isn’t that why bacon is so good – because of the smoky flavor? They are also much more expensive than store-bought, but I guess one would expect that because everything coming from naturally pastured animals seems to be?


    Laura Reply:

    Lately I’ve been using some really delicious bacon from our local farmers who are very careful about how they raise their animals. Yes, I think it is worth paying a little more for the “natural” bacon. I bought some of the cheap stuff a couple weeks ago just to make something real quick, and I could tell a difference. :)


  3. Kristina says

    I love your recipes so much! I bought your cookbook and then discovered my son has a horrible allergy to wheat :( I would love it if you could come up with a bread recipe for us gluten free families out there or even a quick mix! I have tried so many recipes and have failed every time. I know you have a ton of gluten free recipes which we use, but pretty please I need a bread recipe :)


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