Azure Standard Sales and Specials – April 2010

Here are some of the best specials I found at Azure Standard for April. Be sure to read through this page to learn more about how Azure Standard works and to see if they deliver to your area!


Fresh Organic Produce

20 Pound Box of Organic Fuji Apples – $19.60 per box

Green Organic Cabbage – $1.20

51 Pound Box of Organic Red Potatoes – $37.00

5 Pound Bag of Organic Carrots – $4.50

9 Pound Box of Organic Mangos – $20.00


Great Deals on Groceries

Amy’s Organic Pasta and 3 Bean Soup – $1.82/can

Rudi’s Organic 100% Whole Wheat Bread – $2.91/loaf

10 Pounds Split Chicken Breasts – $44.50

Stahlbush Island Frozen Mixed Vegetables – $16.60/twelve 10-ounce bags

Stahlbush Island Frozen Cranberries – $30.85/twelve 10-ounce bags

Kamut Spiral Pasta – $13.85/six 12-ounce boxes

Nana’s No Gluten Cookies – $13.35/twelve 3.5 ounce package

Braggs Organic Olive Oil – $11.70/quart

Heirloom Seeds – $1.60/25 seeds


Click here to read through all of Azure Standard’s sales for April!

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  1. blair says

    Yay! Our order went in last tuesday and the truck will be bringing it tomorrow at 1pm! I am way excited!I ordered apples, oranges, pears, and sucanat!


  2. Laura says

    Last week, I had my first Azure pick-up (previously used United). Azure was great – easy pick-up, great products, delicious produce. I’m glad you post these specials so I get a heads-up on what to look for.


  3. says

    I just saw something on the azure website that really excited me. They have a very reasonable shipping fee. Even if I order less than $50, the fee is very small. So excited that their goodies can come to my part of the country. Rocking awesome!


  4. Kim says

    What would you do with that many potatoes, carrots or apples? I do regularly order from Azure. I’m interested to know how you would store them or process them for storage before they went bad.


    Laura Reply:

    Well, our family is big enough (and has big enough eaters) that we eat them all within a month. Actually, the potatoes take us two months, but as long as they are stored in a cool (but not cold) place, they’re good. We also have a lot of company to help us finish off quite a bit of food!


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