Azure Standard Deals for September


 Here are some of Azure Standard’s great deals for the month of September. Read here to learn more about where Azure Standard delivers and how it all works!

Organic Ginger Gold Apples  $19.80/20 pounds

Fresh Organic Strawberries   $20.00/8 pounds

Fresh Yellow Flesh Organic Peaches   $24.00/20 pounds

AppleGate Farm Turkey Bacon  (new product!)  $3.10/8 ounces

Bionatural Organic Whole Wheat Pasta  $2.25/16 ounces

Bubbies Sauerkraut   $3.95/24.5 ounces 

Emerald Valley Organic Salsa   $4.95/30 ounces

Organic Jasmine Brown Rice  $7.65/5 pounds

Nancy’s Organic Whole Milk Yogurt   $5.30/64 ounces

Natural Value Yellowfin Salted Tuna  $29.85/case
$1.24/6 ounce can

Organic Prairie Roasted Turkey Slices  $4.65/6 ounces

Take a peek through all of Azure Standard’s sales!

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  1. says

    Man, I wish they delivered to the Twin Cities area!! :-( Such great deals.


    Emily Reply:

    We just started a drop in Owatonna.


    Amie Biebl Reply:

    TThey do deliver to the metro area. Route J-5 is your delivery and your driver is Gary –He is awesome! Just call Azure at (541) 467-2230 and they will give you your nearest drop point and the drop point number and you can begin ordering.


    Holly T. Reply:

    Wow, thanks for the great info Amie and Emily! I called Azuare last week and the woman who answered the phone told me they did not deliver anywhere near the Twin Cities because of traffic congestion issues. There must’ve been some confusion there. Thanks for the heads up and can’t wait to place my first order!


    Andie Reply:

    Hi Holly,

    We have a drop you could join in Mounds View, MN. Just started up 2 orders ago.
    feel free to email me. andrea dot eggimann at yahoo.

  2. Dawn says

    I just have to say that Applegate Farms turkey bacon is an awesome product for anyone wanting to avoid pork and/or nitrites/nitrates – and offered at such a GREAT price, too! Sure wish Azure Standard delivered in my area!


  3. Lorie says

    Do you know where the food comes from, where it’s grown? I knew someone who told me he stopped ordering from his co-op because they were giving him “organic” things from China!


    Laura Reply:

    Well, I know their produce comes from USA (at least what I’ve ordered). Most of the brand name items I order come from USA and their grains are grown mostly by the Azure Standard folks. Otherwise, you’d have to check the Azure Standard website to learn more specifics.


    grandma Homemaker Reply:

    If you call their offices, they will tell you, all comes from USA, most from their own farm. I have ordered from them for 10 years….


  4. says

    Please keep us all updated if you hear of Azure Standard expanding. I live in KY and I haven’t found an affordable co-op yet. I love the idea of ordering and then just picking it up!


  5. grandma Homemaker says

    I have ordered from them for 10 years, most is grown right on their own farm. Call them, they will tell you where they get their products.


  6. says

    Hello Everyone,
    My wife reads this blog and I saw the post about Azure’s produce prices. I thought since I work for Azure I might be able to answer some of the question I saw posted. As far as plans for expansion, it is something we hope to continue doing. Very soon we will be starting the M2 route which will deliver to Texas and some of the surrounding areas. The exact coverage has not been determined. We would like to cover the whole country someday but there are some significant logistical considerations so we will have to see. As it is, it is hard to keep some of the produce we sell fresh all the way to the far reaches of our routes. Still, the M1 route (Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas) orders more produce than any other. If you would like to show your interest in us coming to your area, let us know by contacting customer service. We keep a list of interested folks so we know where we might be able to develop a route.
    Regarding where we source our products. It is our goal as a company to support local, organic and family business as much as we can. Unfortunately, we cannot source the broad variety of products we carry strictly from those sources. Most of our products are sourced from the US. The fast majority of our produce is local. In fact, Azure is starting up a large greenhouse in order to grow produce over the winter that we hope to make available to our customers. Some out of season things may come from south of the border. All of the Apples, Pears and Melons we sell are sourced right here locally in Oregon or Washington. Oh, and I have to put in a good word for the Cantaloupe we sell. It is the best cantaloupe I have ever eaten! And Cheap!
    Some of the bulk commodities are sourced internationally and yes that includes China. We try to provide alternatives if we can. For instance, we carry organic domestic Sunflower seeds as well as organic Chinese sunflower seeds. The domestic are twice as expensive as the foreign. We understand that there are many people who do not want products that come from China and we try and provide for them as best we can.
    If you are ordering Soft White Wheat, you are getting wheat grown right here on Azure land. Any Azure Beef that you order was also raised right here on Azure land.
    Hope that was helpful and thank you for supporting Azure. It is our goal to make it affordable to eat healthy.



    Laura Reply:


    Thank you so much for addressing these questions! I for one have been so grateful for Azure (one of the reasons I share about them often here at HeavenlyHomemakers!). Thanks for all you do!


  7. Amie says

    I agree! I have had so many people join our group and they have stated that they can now afford to feed their children all of the healthy things they desired to feed them but could not purchase affordably at the local grocer! I love watching all of the families as they learn and grow toward healthier eating–Yeah!! God is good!


  8. JoAnn Fox says

    About the last four orders I requested organic, domestic sunflower seeds and they were not available. Are you not carrying the domestic anymore?? I don’t want any from China!


    Laura Reply:

    I’m not an Azure Standard employee, so I can’t tell you. You’ll have to go to the Azure Standard website to inquire about the seeds. I’m just a blogger who loves Azure Standard and shares about them with my readers!


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