Asa’s First Few Days in Ecuador

I mentioned a few days ago that our oldest son, Asa, is in Ecuador on a mission trip right now. It’s been fun to check our church Facebook page to see updates of the group’s work in Ecuador. Here are some pictures I grabbed to share…

This is the entire group of teens and sponsors. Asa is on the back row in a purple shirt.

asa ecuador 1

The first day, the men all worked to clear out brush and debris. Here’s Asa all decked out in work gear and eye protection, using what appears to be a machete. :)

asa ecuador 2

They seem to be quite proud of their work:

asa ecuador 4

Ah yes, now this is what I’m used to seeing:

asa ecuador 3

I loved seeing this next picture. Two of the girls are loving on some Ecuador children. If you look in the background, you’ll see Asa playing soccer with other kids. This was one of the activities he was really looking forward to doing while he was there. It was fun to see him in the midst of futbol with Ecuador children!

asa ecuador 5

If you care to pray for Asa and this group while they serve in Ecuador, we appreciate it. It’s great to see God at work in the lives of our teens!


  1. Margaret says

    Laura and Matt,
    I have been praying for them and will continue.
    Thank you for sharing the pictures.


  2. kentuckylady717 says

    Thanks for posting pictures and info….looks like Asa is having a good time….he will have lots to tell when he gets home….please share with us… sure and have lots of questions ready to ask him….. about the food, the way they do things there, etc…..would love to see pictures of their homes inside and out and pictures of the people they are helping…this is so interesting…..hoping they stay safe ……will be thinking about them and praying for them too… is the water situation there ? Look forward to seeing and hearing more…..btw,Asa is so cute…..does he have a girlfriend ?


  3. says

    I will pray that they have a productive, safe missions trip. :-)

    I was raised in a church who sends their kids to a week long convention. I went when I was of age, but was unimpressed.

    Then when I had a falling out with that church, I started going to the church my husband was raised in, met him, got married etc. but during our engagement, we went on a missions trip, because his church sends a group on a missions trip (like yours has) in place of the convention trip.

    I got SO MUCH MORE out of the mission trip than the convention trip…

    All of that to say this… even though it may not be easy watching your oldest as he grows up and moves into the next stage of life, this trip will be good for him. He will have fun, have frustrations (of course) but overall he will come away from this trip a better person (if he and the others on the trip have their hearts in the right place of course. ) :-)

    You’re doing good!!


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