Heavenly Homemakers Affiliate Program Information

We’re so excited for you to join Heavenly Homemakers Affiliate Program! We hope it will be a blessing to you as your share our products with others and earn money for your efforts!

Read through all of the following information and if it all sounds good to you, click on the link provided and you’ll be well on your way! We sort of (but not really) apologize for the fact that we had to be a little “harsh sounding” when it came to all the MAYs and MAY NOTs because well…this IS kind of a big deal.

You must agree to, and comply with all of the rules of the following agreement in order to participate and be paid.

You must be at least 18 years of age to participate.

Heavenly Homemakers will not accept website affiliates who publish any of the following material (including pictures, links, or any other content):

  • any material which violates or infringes any copyright, trademark, trade secret, patent, statutory, common law or other proprietary rights of others;
  • any material that is libelous or slanderous;
  • any material which is or contains anything obscene or pornographic; or
  • distribution lists to be used via unsolicited electronic mail or other mass electronic mailings including but not limited to: mass-newsgroup postings, SPAM and unsolicited email sent from your server, or any other service on the Internet, which contains your domain name or any other domain name on our network. Participants who engage in spam conduct will be immediately terminated from the program and will forfeit any commissions earned that have not been paid out as of that date.

You will be paid 33% on the sale of every downloadable product that is generated through a link on your website or from referrals using your affiliate user name/number. Affiliates will be paid on a monthly basis via paypal. A valid email address for paypal must be on file to receive your payment.

You MAY NOT purchase e-books or products through your own affiliate link.

Banners and Text ads will be available for use on your website.

You may not use tools in conjunction with this program that have not been approved by Heavenly Homemakers. You may not alter the banner ads provided, and you may not create your own banners to be used as affiliate links for the Heavenly Homemakers program without permission. If you would like to create a banner for use in this program (or have a specific size/shape/design created FOR you), please contact laura@heavenlyhomemakers.com to request permission.

Heavenly Homemakers reserves the right to terminate the account of any person/affiliate who violates the rules stated in the agreement.

Heavenly Homemakers reserves the right to review and approve or reject any applicant.

Heavenly Homemakers will never sell, rent, display or otherwise make available any personal information you supply as part of this agreement.

These terms and policies are subject to change. You will be notified of any changes to the agreement no less than fifteen (15) days before such changes become effective.

You must agree to, and comply with all of the rules of this agreement in order to participate and be paid.

If you agree to the above terms, please click HERE, and continue on to the affiliate application.