Don’t miss all of Heavenly Homemakers special features, created to enourage you, save you money, an in general help you become the kind of Heavenly Homemaker you want to be! Be sure to contact us with any questions, suggestions or requests you might have.


Please plan to join us each Tuesday as we all share together how God has blessed us. If you have a blog, plan to write about what you’re thankful for, then come link up with us on our Gratituesday post. If you don’t have a blog, be ready to share how you’re blessed in the comments section. Be sure to visit as many links as you can each Gratituesday and be encouraged!


Listen each week as Laura answers your email questions on a podcast! Kick back and relax for 15 minutes or so…or grab some laundry to fold while you listen. From hospitality to sugary snacks to homeschool curriculum questions…you’ll be able to hear Laura’s thoughts. She’s trying to learn to say “um” and “ya know” less often.

Homeschool Curriculum Share Forum

This is a perfect opportunity to gain access to curriculum and books you need if you teach your children at home. The Homeschool Curriculum Share Forum allows you to request books, or offer books you’re finished with so that you can clear off your shelves and bless another family. All books are free – the recipient is responsible for paying the shipping cost.

Heavenly Homemakers Healthy Grocery Discounts

As much as we encourage healthy living around here, we thought we’d better work to find resources to help make it more affordable for all of you. Our Healthy Grocery Discount page is full of organic and natural food sources we trust and have found to be a great price. Some companies are even offering an exclusive Heavenly Homemaker discount above and beyond their regular great prices!

Heavenly Homemakers Shop


Through the years, we’ve created many helpful, downloadable resources for you at very reasonable prices (some are even free!). View our selection of healthy recipes ebooks, Kids Character Charts and Downloadable Recipe Cards here. We have recently released Learn Your Letters, Learn to Serve Curriculum Kit, a complete and thorough curriculum for early learners (ages 3-7). Plus, be sure to check out all of our beautiful, Hand Made Crocheted Items, perfect for making your homemaking endeavors heavenly!

Affiliate Program

Interested in earning a little extra cash? Promote any or all of our downloadable resources and you’ll earn 33% of each sale! Read more information about our affiliate program here and get signed up!


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