A Special Map to Send Your One Child Matters Sponsored Child

It’s been a while since I mentioned One Child Matters here. Last week at camp, I was wearing my One Child Matters t-shirt. This sparked several discussions throughout the day with other camp staff members about what One Child Matters does, who they are, and why we as a family are so excited to be a participant with the organization. It was fun to share with others something we are so passionate about. Oh that everyone would/could help meet the needs of a child in another country by becoming a sponsor.

This might seem a little silly, but based on an idea we had a few months ago when we were writing a letter to our little girl, Gladis – I put together a printable you are welcome to use for your sponsored child. We used a map like the one below, colored in where we live, then colored in the area Gladis lives. We prayed over this, then sent it in our letter to Gladis. This is fun for many reasons, in particular because most children in these situations don’t have maps of their own to look at.

One Child Matters Map

If you’d like, print one of these maps to use in your next letter to your sponsored child:  Download One Child Matters Printable Map

Not sponsoring a child yet? Can I encourage you to please look into this, pray about it, and go for it if you feel God’s leading? One Child Matters is an awesome organization, and I’m so grateful and blessed to be working with them to spread the word about taking care of these precious children.


  1. Katrina says

    This is great! I printed two since we sponsor a little boy in Mexico and a little girl in the Philippines. My daughter will love marking out home on this map and mailing it to them!


  2. Carolyn Stutz says

    Thank you for this idea. We’ve sponsored children through Compassion for over 25 years. We JUST “adopted” another little girl from India and I’ve not even had a chance to write yet. Honestly, I’m not very good at it, but Priya will give me yet another opportunity to try harder to get this down. Thanks for your occasional nudges!


  3. Gen says

    Hi Laura,
    This is a marverlous idea and a wonderful way to send educational material to kids we sponsor. I remember when I studied abroad in undergraduate school and realized that other countries have different names for the world continents than we do, including their own. For example I was in Italy which Italians call “Italia”. It’s a little embarrassing, to share now as it seems so obvious but nonetheless it hadn’t occurred to me until I left the US. I wonder if such a map would be available in Spanish to send to those sponsored children who speak Spanish? Thanks for all that you do on the blog, I’ve been a follower since almost the beginning and continue to enjoy it.


    Laura Reply:

    You make a great point. I would imagine there is one out there somewhere. I’ll have to look into it!


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