A Happy Mother’s Day Discount From Budget Focus

I’m pretty sure none of us really cares about being rich. But I do know that most of us appreciate financial security – the peace that comes from knowing that bills are paid and needs are met.


This week, BudgetFocus is offering Heavenly Homemakers readers a lovely Mother’s Day gift:  They cut the price of their annual budget plan to just $19.95.

Did you do the math on that? That’s only $1.66/month – incredible! Buy this for yourself for Mother’s Day. Ask your husband and/or kids to buy it for you. What an amazing price on an amazing resource. I think you’ll really love their online envelope system.

Hooray for getting the budget in line so that you can live in financial peace. Happy Mother’s Day, and thanks BudgetFocus!


  1. Carol De Vito says

    When I make these & the French toast rollups, I fill with cherry, apple, lemon or raspberry pie filling. Then I roll them in a mixture of cinnamon & sugar after frying them. I spread cream cheese on them before using the pie filling. YUM!!! My husband loves them.


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