A Little Marriage Tip from the Peaches

Last week it was time to harvest all of the peaches from our tree. They were tiny bites of heaven, full of sweet drops of gold that dripped down our chins as we indulged several times a day while supplies lasted.

As my husband and I worked together to slice and freeze what our family couldn’t eat right away, we once again proved how God made us different.

Matt is a perfectionist.

I am not.

We figure that no matter how different we might be in how we go about our work, together, we’ll still be able to make some great smoothies, and even better cobblers.

Look deep. There’s a little life lesson in there somewhere. :)


  1. Heather Scilling says

    So funny, Laura! My husband is a perfectionist and I am not. :) We’ve been married 13 years and have learned to respect the other’s way of doing things even though sometimes it’s harder to do than others. I remind him that I wouldn’t get near as much done if I took the time to do everything perfectly.


  2. Sarah says

    Love it! :) in our house I am the perfectionist and he is not. He helps me to relax, slow down, and just play more! OK I just bought a peck of peaches from a local farmer (first time ever). I want to prepare and freeze most of them i guess because i havent tackled trying to can yet. What was your process for this? Blanche them, pack them in something, & freeze them? Help! Lol. Thank you!


    Laura Reply:

    Here you go! (Although I don’t take the skins off anymore.) http://heavenlyhomemakers.com/freezing-and-canning-peaches-for-winter


  3. Steph says

    It is opposite in our house-I am the perfectionist & he is just wanting to get things done quickly! We have been married almost 5 years, so we are still working on respecting the differences in eachother–a daily task!! But seeing things like that make it apparent that God makes spouses different for a reason & it is important for each to respect the differences as well as similar qualities!


  4. Kim in IN says

    Those pics made me laugh so hard! That is my husband & I. He’s the perfectionist…and I am not,lol. 33 yrs of him trying to convince me his way is best,lol. There is a little life lesson in there.


  5. Tami says

    I’m purchasing bulk peaches this month, but am curious- do you know approximately how many pounds you put up? I have no idea how to gauge this and want to make sure I buy enough!


    Tami Reply:

    and also, you said you don’t take the skins off- is that just when freezing, or do you leave them on when canning as well?


    Laura Reply:

    If you leave them on when canning, the just fall off on their own and sit in the bottom of the jar. Easy!


    Tam Reply:

    Oh sweet! So about how many pounds do you put up each year? I have a family of *almost* six and am buying 40 pounds… Need more? Or less?

    Laura Reply:

    I do different amount each year, depending on what I get ahold of. 40 pounds isn’t enough for my family, but it depends on what you’re doing with them. I freeze several gallons and can quite a few quarts each year. You may just want to stick with 40 pounds to start with though because that’s a lot to do all at once and they won’t keep long!

  6. Melinda says

    This is so funny. We had a couple from our church share apples with us this year. I made several pie crusts and then made small hand-held pies to freeze. My perfectionist husband rolled out the pie dough for these. We’d have been done much sooner, if he hadn’t felt the need to trim the crusts into perfect circles! It took me a while to realize why he was so slow at it! I did not complain and I am grateful for the help, but next time, I think I’ll ask him to chop apples!


  7. says

    I laughed at this because my hubby and I are the same way! This year though, I bought a bushel of peaches but we were also given 3 bushel of corn so we processed the corn first. I decided to wait til the next morning to do the peaches, that night I had appendicitis and ended up in the hospital. When they told me I had to have surgery I cried NO! I have a bushel of peaches in my kitchen! Peaches don’t hold over well and I ended up losing half of them. But my hubby just shook his head, only I would be more upset about my peaches then having surgery!


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