A Jar in My Ceiling Fan

I’m not sure how long it was up there without me noticing it. Finally, Matt pulled me into the kitchen and asked, “Hey, have you seen the new addition to our dining area?”

Let’s see…fresh crumbs and a chunk of scrambled eggs under the table. Surely that’s not what he’s referring to. Tablecloth is the same. Scattered paper pile under my Bible, same. I give up.

“Look higher,” he suggested.



Does my husband know me, or what?

He had seen the idea online somewhere to replace our regular light bulb cover with a quart sized jar. Knowing my love for and obsession with jars, he took the opportunity to make the switch while I was out with the boys one afternoon.

Love that guy.

Apparently, it was as easy as finding a jar that fit, and screwing it in where the regular cover had been.  In our case, a regular-sized mouth (not wide mouth) jar worked perfectly.

If only all of our home improvement projects were this fun, easy, and jar themed… :)


  1. says

    Hoiw cute! I love Mason jars. They seem homey. Love seeing them full of fresh-canned green beans or filled with ice and tea or ice and lemonade ready to go to the field for thirsty harvesters. My farmer man can drink a LOT of iced tea and hauling it can be tricky. I {finally} had the brilliant idea to use a quart jar with one of the white plastic screw on lids. Works great!


  2. says

    Love it! My husband just made me two mason jar chandeliers. :-)


    Sherry Shchaefer Reply:

    oooh Stacy – can you post a pic?!


    Stacy @Stacy Makes Cents Reply:

    I don’t think I can post one here.


    Sherry Shchaefer Reply:

    oh right. in my excitement to see it, that little point escaped me. : )

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